11079653_10103347763841283_2217678322891566332_nWHAT IS M2LIVE & WHO IS LAUREN?

My name is Lauren Rains. Late Twenties. Serial-Entrepreneur/Project-er/Creative. Writer. Introspective. Enjoys Laughing, the journey of Life, self-growth & awareness, and peanut/butter banana sandwiches.

The Mad to Live is here for these reasons:

1.) A place to Share my Projects, Story: (Microadventures, Entrepreneurial Ventures, Philanthropy, Collaborations, Artwork, Writing, etc.) I do this by writing on life reflections, sharing helpful resources based on my projects, and highlighting unmistakable individuals that are taking world-changing strides with their time, skills and minds.

2.) A Place to Connect with Like-Minded Individuals: Thank you for being here – my top intention for The Mad to Live is to connect with like-minded individuals in this community. Find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Email. Send me a note, be it to share your story with me, ask for some feedback and brainstorm power on an idea, request some wisdom on an area of your life, or just to tell me something that will make me crack up.

3.) A Place to Be Of Service: Every single thing I post on this website is for you, the reader. I believe so firmly the importance of people sharing their own story, of putting their ideas out into the world, of doing the hard work of discovering who they truly are and living their life with Purpose. That, to me, is what makes the world go round. You are not alone in this. There is a community of people dispersed around the world listening to their guts and doing the things that scare them. This website is for you guys.