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100K People Tweet #Adventure4Good: A Don’t Just Watch Project

Is it possible to inspire 100K people to retweet #Adventure4Good in 24 hours? In this next Don’t Just Watch Project, which is happening today, Tuesday December 18th, myself through Outdoor Minded Mag, and Asa Firestone, founder of BEYONDgear are teaming up to find out.


Our goal: To promote awareness and bring in donations that will bring the first ever climbing wall to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. BEYONDgear has raised over $12,000 for a climbing wall in a secure community sports center in a shantytown of Rio. However, more is needed to build it and expand their organization, The Centro de Escalada Urbana. Each tweet brings awareness to their campaign, and helps us get closer to making this happen.


ACT NOW: Be part of 100K people to RT #Adventure4Good in 24 Hrs to bring the 1st ever climbing wall to Brazil’s slums http://bit.ly/XzwFZl

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A Don’t Just Watch Project: This social media experiment was created to show that it only takes a little bit of action (in this case 1 single tweet) to make a huge difference.

When we’re done with this campaign, not only will the climbing wall be possible for these kids, but it will also be a profound example to showcase the power of people joining together to make something happen. What’s more – doing it through twitter proves that amazing and powerful good can come from social media.

And so, I leave you with just a few final call to actions.

  • Send out this tweet to your followers
  • Email your friends and get them on board. Ask them to tweet and share it.
  • Like this post and share it on Facebook
  • Head over to the campaign and donate – $25 gets you one of BeyondGEAR’s trademark stopper necklace
  • Take a moment to think about some of the causes you’re passionate about, and think about how you can make an impact there

Thanks for your support guys,
Lauren Rains (OMM & M2LIVE) & Asa Firestone (BEYONDgear)[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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I also aim to keep this website rooted and grounded, referring to topics that are effecting us in the here and now, such as fighting against the oppression of women worldwide, pealing away layers of social conditioning greedy capitalists are using to turn us into consumers, and navigating this insane technological revolution before the AI take over. I can geek out on consciousness up in space all day, but life happens here on the ground and this is the time we were born into.

This website is about integrating into our full human experience, aligning with ourselves and with each other, shedding skins and transcending into the unfolding layers of ourselves.

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I'm on the journey too. I write this blog to speak to others who are waking up, or who desire to wake up. Because we can't do this alone.

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