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About The Mad to Live

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Bienvenidos To The Mad To LIVE. Does the following resonate with you?

The Mad to Live is a blog written for the ambitious, curious, adventurous, and creative folks of our world. It is about turning ideas into realities, and making sure those ideas make the reality of our world a more joyful, more positive, more incredible place to live.

It is written for people who strive to show up as their authentic selves, and who are in love with the journey of discovering who that is. The Mad to Live is written for those who love the feeling of being alive, and exploring, and camaraderie, and love.

It is written for those who love to embrace their grit and determination to make changes or hard choices. It is written for those who believe in a beautiful present and an event better future, for themselves and for others.

It is written for those who fail and try again, and fail and try again, and fail and try again. It is written for those who appreciate the inexplicable beauty of creativity, imagination, and collaboration.

The Mad to Live is written for human beings who understand that we’re all human, and that life is too damn short and sweet to spend it like the gas tank isn’t full and we don’t have a shot at the night.

The Mad to Live is written for those who want to be a force of nature, a powerful leader, an inspiration for others.

My name is Lauren Rains, and The Mad To Live is






She has always known that the only life for them is a self-made one.

She loves the idea of hand-crafting their world, one where they have complete freedom to explore, create, grow, and connect.

It’s never made sense to him/her that life should be a painful struggle, or lack-luster, or predictable.

But He/She is stuck right now.


Sometimes she’s stuck in their head, fill with self-doubt and fear.

Sometimes she’s stuck on an idea, but they can’t seem to take it to the next level.

Sometimes she’s stuck in a circumstance they know isn’t serving them, but haven’t found the courage to get out of it.

she looks around at the world and wonder why he doesn’t fit in?

Why can’t they just be happy with what everyone else seems to be content with?

They hear that ignorance is bliss, but when they try to embrace that, they know themselves too well to fake it.

So what are you supposed to do about it?


If you can relate to this, you are not alone.

You were born into a society that fosters mediocrity and embraces a single status quo the majority of the population blindly follows.

You were born into a world where being different makes you the black sheep, especially when you see your difference as a strength.

You were born into a culture where feelings are stuffed down, and where men need to be adorkable or assholes and women need to be bitches or ditzs.

But you never bought into that world.

And you’re ready to begin shaping a world you do buy into.

But are you ready? Truly ready?


It all started with a fire building up inside you.

You’ve began to realize that it was now or never.

You’ve began to accept yourself and your true nature and capabilities.

And once you’ve stepped into that, it’s your time to embark on a path to fully discover and create your life.

You want to inspire others.

You want to be a force of nature.

You want to create gifts for this world.

You want to have true connections with others.

You want to be self-aware, self-actualized, self-made.

You want to expand your potential, your comfort zones, your skills.

And you want to see what it feels like to get to the next level, and the next and the next.

You want to love deeply and receive love just as deeply.

You want to experience what it’s like to go all in on a passion, on an idea, an project you love.

You want to collaborate with others who are on your level, and whom you learn from.

You want to surround yourself with people who ask themselves real questions and search for real answers.

You want to live this life to the damn near fullest that you can, because this is your only life, and being a human being is a gift you plan to embrace.


There are those in this world who at there root are mad to live. These are the people who live extraordinary, hand-crafted, rich and fulfilling lives full of love, and growth, connection, and feeling.

You are meant to be one of those people.

Today I want to give you the opportunity to step into that side of your self, once and for all.

Today could be the day that it all turns around. Today could be the day where the old story ended and the new story began.