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Adding To My Story: Me + A Motorcycle + Riding Around The World = BADASS CHICK

There she is… that badass chick with long blond hair blowing in the wind, smooth sunglasses on making her look all kinds of cool, and sun soaked skin even though she always puts her 45 on. She’s cruising around the globe… maybe just around town where she lives, maybe from one side of Thailand to the other, maybe along the narrow streets of a small Riviera town in Italy. There she is, sitting on her classic motorcycle as the most free, most badass, most content girl in the world.

That cool, badass chick… well, that now can be me, my friends.

Yesterday, I finally achieved the first & most important step in achieving that vision, and took the course to learn to ride a motorcycle and get my license. That vision for myself… and let’s throw a sexy Italian boy on the back of that bike when I’m in the Riviera shall we… well, it can finally come true! I DID IT!

It feels GREAT.

A few weeks back I wrote a little bit about telling my untold story, and so in the name of doing so and taking more crazy action to turn my life into a hit blockbuster, best selling book turned into multi-season TV series, I thought I’d talk a little bit about what I learned in the process of achieving this badass dream that will surely add some excitement to future chapters and cliff hangers. (Hopefully no cliff hangers on my bike! … I’m referring to life there!)


Being A Badass

There are actually all kinds of badasses out there. Being a badass in life doesn’t have to mean you’re going to go break the law and smash a bottle on the ground to show how freaking bad you are when you’re mad. Being a badass in life simply means that you’re going to go your own way, you’re going to take the route others would think is “dangerous” and then you’re going to show just how safe it really is to take risks.

Think about who you are at your root and the person you know you’re meant to be, and figure out the kind of badass you want to incorporate into your life. Example: You can be

  • The badass web designer that brands “authentic cool” into all of their work
  • The badass parents that take their kids on adventures around the world
  • The badass entrepreneur willing to risk it all to make a status-quo-crushing dream happen
  • The badass chick on a motorcycle riding across the globe

Those 4 bullet points are actually a few examples of how I want to be a badass chick in my own life (no kids yet!), and I take steps each and every single day to create those visions.  Some days being harder than others, some days I’m rocking it… but through it all, having the vision and believing in it is really the most important part at the end of the day.


Remember… To Be is To Do, and so in order to be the things we see for ourselves, we must make the decision to do the things that will create that vision. We must put ourselves in situations that maybe even force us to do these badass things.

Even back when I was 16 years old I bet all of my friends one night in my basement that if I didn’t get my motorcycle license by the time I was 18 I’d owe them each $5. Well, thank goodness they forgave my bet since I took a bit longer, but it was at that point that I DECIDED.

And what do ya know?… The decisions we make in life, well, they’re pretty important. They’re pretty much the only thing that separates the people that commit to decisions and take action, and the people that talk about the decisions and then decide that taking the action just isn’t possible.

That’s not us today. We’re too badass for that dammit.

Whether you want to be a cool chick on a bike, a writer that always publishes his/her authentic word,  a polyglot that can curse out anyone in 10 different languages it’s all about what you do that let’s you be those things.


I’m telling you, once you start putting check marks next to items on your Mad To Do List it becomes an addiction as powerful as the desire to travel to every country of the world, the urge to have another handful of Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, or the relationship between a blogger and his/her laptop!!!

My next badass item: Well, actually it’s a bit of a surprise and I’ll be announcing it this week! I’ll give you a clue though… It has to do with you, me, a bit of travel, and some badass action that’ll lead to some world changing stuff for people that deserve it.  (I can’t wait to tell you guys!!!)

The Biker Babe: I do, of course, still need to get the bike! I’m looking at some classic looking rides made by Triumph like the Bonneville… I’m all about the badass, cool, retro look… the whole nothin’ but black leather on a gigantic flame-painted  Harley… well, I’m just not that type of badass.

Until then, be the freaking awesome, sexy, inspiring badass you know you are. And if you have a bike, let’s go ride across America together or pick up hotties in Italy!

What about you and what you do is badass? And what are you going to get yourself into to be even more badass?

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  • Elope with me, Laur. You are one classy babe. The Bonneville is beyond sexy.

    • Haha I DO! Let’s ride our bikes off into the sunset Lach LOL.

  • Nice post! I love bikes, I love travel, and I love chicks on bikes! I really miss riding and am super jealous. 🙂

    Keep up the badassness!!

    • Hey Matt!!!! haha you need to go out and get yourself a bike and do some film shorts of you traveling around on it! It’d be badass!!!!!
      – Laur 🙂

      • That would be pretty awesome! I’m not Matt but you can call me whatever you like. 😉

        • haha ADAM! I honestly have NO clue where I got Matt from!! 😛

  • Laur, let’s get real. We’re meant for each other.

    I’m a badass writer, you’re a badass designer. We’re both badass badasses so what’s the hold up?

    I want you to be all over me….me blog matey! (Pirates are badass too) because my next couple of posts may mean something to you.

    PS. Just finished my undergrad so expect more badassery.

    • Hey Dan!!!
      hahaha you are hilarious! I will so be your blog Pirate first mate LOL.

      THe more badassery the better baby! Let’s bring that shit on!!!!

  • I loved this post! I totally want one too! I would be totally stoked to have a moped while in the city though…it wouldn’t be so badass in a pastel color, but I’d still feel pretty cool!

    For me, I want to be a financially literate badass. I think a lot of people, myself included are afraid to learn about what scares them, and so they just kind of shuffle through life, putting a few bucks in a CD or saving for retirement. I want to be one of few women I know that can talk about money and the financial markets seriously…I know that’s not as cool as a motorcycle but I can just see myself, at a nice restaurant, Scotch and cigar in hand… telling some guy that walks up to hit on me “hold on a second, I just have to email this person…OK, just invested in a startup company that’s going to kick ass and rule the world….you were saying?”

    Ya, I have some interesting ideas in my head.

  • I have no idea what I want to be a badass at but you have definitely inspired me to be a badass at deciding what kind of badass things I can get up to!

    The fact that you just got proposed to three separate times blows my mind. You are more badass than anyone could ever imagine!

  • Awesome idea! And you better make it happen! If you need any advice on old motorcycles or you want to bounce ideas off of me, just drop me a line. I’m all for it! Do this trip! PLEASE!!

  • Meg

    My boyfriend and I are doing a motorcycle trip across the US, he just bought a silver wing something or other. 🙂 I am super excited and I get to pick the new paint color for the bike. Obviously the best part. Good luck in your motorcycle adventures!!!

  • I have to be honest here… the whole “not that kinda badass” ruined my mental picture. There’s just something about a chick in black leather…

    To answer your question, I’m about to go on a road trip with some bad asses… I think you might know em 😉

    • yeah I like the black leather on a Harley look – thats my look on the back of my boyfriends Harley!

  • Shaun misses his bike so bad.

    If I can ever find a bike where my feet touch the floor when I come to a red light I may buy it. At 5’3″ it leaves very few choices.

    • Hahah… hey there was a guy in my bike class that was 6’3… he had the other problem! No bike would fit him… it was kind of funny to watch him ride though ;-P

  • Utter awesomeness, Laur! I simply love the quote with the photo above…the most badass thing I’m doing right now is being my own self and not comparing my dreams and adventures to anyone else’s.

    My friend Cliff got his motorcycle license last year at age 55. One thing about being your own kind of badass is it’s NEVER TOO LATE!

    Rock on, my friend, you’ll be the epitome of coolness on a Triumph 🙂

    • PS, will you be at WDS?

  • DAMN, you are so one MADASS BIker Chick!!!

    I was just visiting my family in South Florida, my dad has an AWESOME motorcycle that was my grandfathers in Italy back in the early 60’s. I am talking CLASSIC… Read and white paint job. If I rode it I would want a white scarf, brown helmet, and round goggles to go along with it. Hopefully I can get that thing running and be your riding buddy…

    Buddy system…. BUDDY!!!

    • Hey Sal!!!

      Hell yea baby! You are lookin at one Madass Biker Chick LOL
      And WOW your Gpa’s bike… I LOVE IT. I want it haha. That sounds so nice. White Scarf, Brown Helmet, Round Goggles… hahaha you are awesome. When you get that baby running I’ll definitely be riding right next to you 🙂

      ANd did you just quote Heavyweights? Because if you did you just became the most badass dude I know 🙂
      “Come here you Devil Log, You!”

      • I will get a picture of it soon and post it on your wall… Its a gorgeous old ass bike!!!

        and YES that is STRAIT from Heavy Weights hahahaha “Gerald Gardner, age 11… 187 pounds… GET OFF THE SCALE”

        p.s. Ride side by side…… or One bike with side car?

  • Thanks for the early morning inspiration. I love the badass attitude and espouse it regularly. I have my motorcycle permit but still need to take the course. I admit I am a bit nervous but hope to overcome someday. for now I ride on the back of my boyfriends Harley and yes, we wear black! 🙂

    Congrats on the motorcycle license!

    • Hey Liane!!!
      Haha the black leather is definitely badass!!! Rock it girl! Biker Babes… Motorcycle Mamas… we’re the best haha 😛 THis class is super easy and really fun! Mine was basically 3 days long, 2 of which was learning to ride the bike and the instructors teach you everything!!! Taking the class honestly took away all my fears! Now i just need to start getting more comfortable in making sure using the damn thing is more like second nature when I’m with traffic! It’s great your boyfriend will be able to help you though!
      Ride on badass woman!!!!
      – Laur 🙂

  • I’ve got dibs on backseat!

    • hahha It’d be an honor! 🙂

  • Wow Laur, you sure do have a lot of guys that are already asking for your hand!

    Last summer me and my Paps (pronounced like the soda), took a ride around the US and it was one of the best adventure/learning/meditative experiences that I’d recommend to anyone, go be a badass and do it!

    We went as far as making a banner for our trip, we went all in 😉 http://jagtourusa.com/images/jagtourusafun_medium.jpg

    And no, that wasn’t the bike we rode!

    p.s. If you want route recommendations, just ask! P.S. Skip Kansas.