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What’s Your Destination’s Destiny? PART 1

Being that this blog is all about how to “Live the Wild, Crazy, Meaningful Lives We’re All Meant to Live” I guess you could say that I’m talking a little bit about our destinies here.

The things we’re meant to do. The people we’re meant to be. The places we’re meant to go.

I know, I know. The word “destiny” is kind of a corny word. But hey, even Justin Bieber sings about it in his “Never Say Never” song and movie, so, it must be the real deal!

If you’re a traveler, are you traveling and exploring? If you’re an artist are you creating art? If you’re an entrepreneur are you shipping out projects? If you’re a juggler are you juggling? I don’t care what it is you’re meant to do! But I do care that you’re actually doing it!

In all seriousness, without letting the cliché of the word destiny “Beiberfy” the message of this post, sit here for a moment and ask yourself, “What is my destiny? Who am I meant to be? Am I being it? What am I meant to do? Am I doing it?”

And finally, ask yourself, “Am I really heading that way now with everything I’ve got?

Yes, it’s a loaded question. No, it’s not the easiest to answer. Yes, it is absolutely worth it to ponder this for some time.

If it weren’t for bigger questions like this we’d never think or act more deeply than a Justin Bieber song about cupcakes or something.


Earlier today Srinivas Rao of The Skool Of Life asked, “What’s been the greatest  challenge of 2011 so far?” It got me thinking…

I can hands down say that my greatest challenge since we’ve kicked off this year has been A.) Accepting the hard reality that I wasn’t going in the direction I was meant to go in. (i.e. I was unhappy). B.) Making some tough decisions and difficult changes in order to start on a new route. C.) Wait a second. There is no C …

There is no C because suddenly I finally made the change and made the decision and took action on those initial steps in A & B. And when I did that, well, that big challenge of 2011 dwindled away. The momentum starting to gather. I started living rather than just existing. I started believing instead of doubting. Everything changed.

And I realized that when it comes to doing what we’re meant to do, be it chronicle our journeys seeing 100+ countries or start a business that helps 10,000+ people,  it’s really those first few big steps that are the tough ones. After that, the challenge becomes fun and exciting mixed with a little scary rather than just daunting mixed with a whole lot of scary.

It’s kind of like jumping out of a plane:  It’s scary going up, it’s scary as hell looking down, but the second you leap out you’re still freaking out, but you’re having a blast flying to your destination!


So, what are you meant to do? Who are you meant to be? Is it your destiny to be a revolutionizing entrepreneur, inspiring author, impossible doer, citizen of the world, wandering free spirt, status quo crusher?

There are people out there that are already chasing after and grabbing all the things they know they’re meant to do and be, so why not join them?

That’s how you live a wild, crazy meaningful life my friends. So, don’t let the word destiny dumb down what’s supposed to be a thought exercise of a blog post. Think about it! Are you living the life you’re meant to live?

And whether the answer is yes, no, or maybe-so start thinking about what would do even more to live it even better. We’ve got nothing to loose except pieces of our lives that are so not wild, crazy or meaningful. May as well replace them with pieces that are, right?

Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week because we’re going to dive a little bit deeper!

What’s Your Destiny? Are You Chasing After It?
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  • Hey Laur,

    I love your contemplative nature. It shows your “passionately curious” personality.
    You are such an inspiration and I wish you would have been around 10 years ago when I was totally lost to Kick my Ass to live the Mad Life.
    My path would have been a little more clear and easier with your posts to guide me.
    The important thing is I did find my way and I have no doubt that you are well on your way too.
    From one wandering spirit (Thank You :D) to another I look forward to reading about all the adventures I know you will have until your wandering feet bring you this way.
    I’m looking forward to Part 2.
    Thanks for keeping me on my toes and thinking about what to do next on this Wild, Crazy and Mad Life 🙂


    • Hey Jessika!
      Haha thanks for the kind words! Hopefully my posts and bring a little inspiration to those that are needing a Kick In The Ass right now! 🙂
      After reading your blog posts lately its a huge inspiration that you’ve found your way and are doing the things you love! You reality is so many people’s dreams! That is awesome 🙂 And it is always great to see people that truly are living their destiny!

  • carole

    hmmm, “What is my destiny? Who am I meant to be? Am I being it? What am I meant to do? Am I doing it?” those are REALLY tough questions. I envy those of you who have actually figured this out, and with so much of your life ahead of you to accomplish it. but these questions apply to us at any age. living your destiny would be the antithesis of living a life of laziness and apathy. and who wants to do that? so these are indeed excellent questions, a little anxiety-producing to contemplate, but definitely worth the effort. thanks, lauren, for pointing this out. i’m off to do some thinking now….

    • Hey Carole!
      yes they are some crazy questions! And I would say they should only be thought about when one is ready and in a positive mood. As in I wouldn’t want to think about this if I was stuck waiting in line at the DMV on a cold winter day in February in NJ haha. But if I was on the beach sipping a cold one and eating some grilled fish then I love to think about my Destiny! 🙂

  • Where I started and where I’ve ended up are miles apart BUT I love where I right now professionally and in my personal relationships. I’m even at the point where I can finally think about having children (which was something that still seemed really far away just a year ago). I may not be leading a glamorous life, but I’m leading the life I want to live and I think most of my friends/family are pretty impressed with what I’ve been able to do so far.

    • Oooo kids on the way in due time! that’s great 🙂 I can’t wait to be at that point in my life although I’ve got quite some time before that comes. Just the fact that you are where you want to be right now is amazing. Think of how many people are everywhere but the places they want to and are meant to be 🙂

  • Destiny… an interesting word with many interpretations.
    There have sometimes been the most strangest events pushing in the direction I am now, is that coincidence or destiny or just life?
    I suppose I believe in Destiny and the most random things that have lead me to this exact moment in time.
    I feel that I am “fulfilling” my destiny though there has of late been something else niggling inside telling me that there is something else (in the sense of something additional) that I have to do.

    • I know the feeling! Its kind of a “limbo” feeling – like something is missing, ya know? But as long as you believe and yo udo everything you can do to go in the direction you envision yourself to go in, well, then I think it’s those coincidence that become the little stepping stones that create our destiny 🙂

  • Lo, I have a confession. I have a crush on your blog! This is great and excited to see part two. Also thrilled to hear and see the changes that are taking place with you!

    What is my destiny? I’m still figuring that one out, as it changes so often. I know one thing, that it involves travel and writing. It was Martin Buber that said that “all journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” That’s the fun of it. Sure there may be a target you’re aiming for, but it’s all those rabbit holes on the way that make it such an adventure.

    • HEY Spencer! Haha I have a big crush on your blog too! Always good when the feeling is mutual haha.

      Anyway I love the way you put that. I love the rabbit holes! Sometimes that can be a little tricky but I love the adventure of them. The destination of our destiny is important, but your definitely right…the journey as we get there is just as if not more important! 🙂
      Thanks Spence! -laur 🙂

  • Thanks so much for the link to our post. I think questioning what your destiny is is an important part of our lives. if we don’t work to find the answer to this question, we have no purpose and with no purpose we tend to find ourselves unhappy and walking down dangerous paths. A better you and me means a better world. Great reflective piece

    • Hey Caz!
      I couldn’t agree more. It’s crazy how many people simply ignore asking these kinds of questions. I mean, I understand why…it’s scary…and sometimes it forces us to accept that our realities are not what we had dreampt they’d be when we were young. But we can always change our realities!
      And yes, well said, a better you and me means a better world 🙂 That’s wonderful!
      Thanks Caz!
      – Laur 🙂

  • Hi Lauren,
    Yup sure am doing what I was destined to do. My daughter works for Southwest airlines. I have the opportunity to travel for free. I’m leaving Friday to visit my 2 daughters and grandchildren in MI. 10 days…we’re celebrating my birthday and doing crazy, wild fun during my visit. I’m just putting up my free ebook and am beginning another. Yippeee!

  • Hi Lauren,
    Great inspiring article about questioning whether or not we’ve got our purpose figured out and if we are running for it or just walking.

    I want to inspire others to find the freedom in life to let go of what’s holding them back from liiving their dreams in every moment. I hope to inspire thousands of people to live inspiring lives. And then I hope that countless other people are then inspired by each one of them.

    Too much in life holds us back and too many people are unhappy. Taking the first few steps is always the hardest but the opportunity that comes from moving with the momentum that results is incredibly rewarding.

    Well done for making your decision and taking action. I wish you great momentum in every moment.

    • Hey David!
      Wow I LOVE LOVE LOVE your mission! 🙂 It is inspiring just to read it! I have to say that it makes me so happy to know there are people in this world like you. People that believe in themselves and in others. There is not enough of that!
      And you’re right – it’s those 1st few steps that build the momentum – and then suddenly we’re running through life and having a blast while doing it. Sure we got cramps sometimes, but we can always fight through them 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words and inspiring comment David!

  • First off, what’s with your hate on Bieber? Just ’cause you have a fever doesn’t mean you can all of a sudden go hating on the poor dude.

    Second, this post reminds me of one of my favourite quotes:

    “Destiny is not a chance; it’s a matter of choice. It’s not a thing to be waited for; it’s a thing to be achieved.” – William Jennings Byron.

    This series is off to a solid start. I’m looking forward to see where you take this, Lauren.

    • Hey Collin!
      hahhaa nah I’m just playing! I admire his success. He’s a hardworker. But I do think his hair is insane and apparently it costs $500/hair cut. I don’t know why he just doesn’t grow it out and put it in a pony tail up in the front of his head and then do headstands? hahah 😛

      That is an awesome quote and thanks so much for sharing it. I’m going to write that one down and keep that in mind! Our Destiny really is a matter of choice – and its a choice we can choose to avoid and ignore, or one that we can embrace with open arms.
      I couldn’t imagine ignoring my destiny. What’s life if we aren’t achieving what we’re meant to be doing.