My reasoning behind tossing out 75% of my clothing is two fold. On one hand, it has a lot to do with my journey into minimalism and doing more with less. On the other hand, it has to do with my decision to change the way I dress.

In terms of minimalism, my goal is to get to a point where all of my possessions, can fit in one 60 Liter Backpack (I use this for all my international travel and backpacking trips) and one very large brown box weighing no more than 40 pounds that I can easily ship around the country for around $50 – $80 depending on location.

brown box60 L Backpack

(Note – I do have stored in a closet at my Mom’s house in New Jersey 4 year books, a few travel souvenirs, about 1,000 photos I took with disposable cameras back in high school, 2 guitars, and a few paintings of mine. For the sake of transparency, and because I am not a stickler for rules, I personally, am okay with this! My main focus right now, is what I am carrying with me in order to live my day-to-day life.)

In terms of my style, I want to dress in a way that reflects who I am, that lets me express myself, and that makes me feel more like the woman that I am. I grew up a Tom Boy, wearing plaid shirts and muddy jeans. And until recently, I’ve always worn clothes that didn’t stand out, that were comfortable but not stylish, and that lacked personality. I’ll always love a classic jeans and a plaid shirt day, but it’s time to up my style.

That being said, I went on a mission to get rid of every piece of clothing that A.) simply was taking up space and rarely being worn, and B.) didn’t suit my style or personality anymore.

Below, are the 5 steps I took to accomplish this that made this task, actually, incredibly fun.

I invite you to join me on the challenge!


Yes, this sounds counterproductive. But in fact, this made it incredibly easy for me to tell the difference between the new-me, and the old-me when I was sifting through my clothes. All I had to do was glance over at my new look, and it couldn’t have been more clear that the old piece of clothing I was holding in my hand no longer suited me.

I encourage you to take a moment to consider the following: What do your clothes say about you? Do they reflect who you are?

I’ve never been a fashionista. Like I said, I was a Tom Boy to a pretty hardcore scale when I was a kid. But, I do believe that clothing can be a wonderful way to express yourself. Why not take that opportunity? Think about it.


I can’t tell you how many shirts I owned that I didn’t even like. I wish I knew why I even purchased them in the first place.

Yet, I have moved 3 times in the past 2 years, and have decided to bring them along with me.

If you look at the piece of clothing and you don’t think to yourself, “Damn, I look and I feel good in this,” chuck it.


I had about 4 pairs of running shorts, 5 pairs of leggings, 3 pairs of sweatpants, 20 oversized t-shirts, 3 pairs of boxer shorts, etc.

There is absolutely no reason to own so many multiples of so many things.

  • Pick your favorite one (at most 2) out of the piles
  • If it’s for a task you do a lot (many running shorts because you run several days a week) you can be more lenient.
  • Look for any that have holes, don’t fit well, or are clearly aging. Get rid of those.

I kept 3 of the oversized t-shirts because I love them, I wear them to bed, and a few of them have sentimental value to me. I chucked one of the boxers, and donated 4 of the leggings.

As far as my running shorts went, I kept the 2 that had zippers on them and donated the other two. Sometimes, if they all look good to you, judging based on utility and usefulness can be a good deciding factor.


Get rid of any article of clothing that is ripped, worn out, has holes, etc.

For me, I am aiming for all of my possessions to be of high quality. I don’t want to wear sweatpants with a giant rip at the bottom, or an old cotton shirt that is pilling. Why would I do that, when I can replace it or already own something that is of higher quality and suits me better?


Before I left for my 3 month trip to Guatemala I went through all of my clothes doing this exact process. From there, I created a maybe pile that I decided I’d go back and check upon my return.

It turns out, nearly all of these clothes, I had forgotten about, and it was that much easier for me to get rid of them.

So, if there are a few you aren’t sure of, consider putting them in a box and not returning to that box for another month. Then, a month from now, when you open it up and there are pieces you find yourself saying, “omg i missed this!!!” or “oh, I didn’t even know I owned this thing” …well, you’ll know what to do.

Good Luck!

My next step is going to be Triple3 Challenge: 33 clothing articles for 3 months. This kind of challenge requires you to get good at mixing and matching, and teaches you how to live with less.

I find this stuff so exciting! I love the idea of only owning and using and wearing that which I need. And furthermore, it is of the best quality as well, so I feel good when I’m wearing it, and I know it will last.

And finally, by doing challenges like this and by tossing out your unloved clothes, it makes it a lot easier to know when an object (in this case an article of clothing) is really worth your money and time.

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