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Self Awareness and Growth

Learning a New Skill Until It Means Something to You

Should all else fail, or simply as another outlet, the cure for sadness is to learn something new. On top of that, a foundation for happiness is to learn a skill until it actually means something to you. Learning new skills, hobbies, or trades to the point where they mean something to …

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Do You “Get” The Following: A List Post

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your ideas? Do you you give yourself the credit that your actions and words can impactful on the lives of those around you, for better and for worse? Do you have any damn clue how capable you are of greatness? Do …

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Is there a cap on love?

Cap on Love

There is no greater gift in this world than to give and receive love. This does not mean taking love, nor does it mean forfeiting it to someone attempting to steal it. Are you giving love to those around you, and those you interact with on a daily basis? Are you giving …

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