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When You Got Rhythm You Hate

What thoughts do you carry with you as you go about your day? Think about it like this …if you were to log your thoughts, say, every 10 minutes from the moment you rise to the moment you lay your head to rest again, what patterns would you find in …

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The Only Book You’ll Ever Need to start a Passionately Curious and Successful Business

First up, I’m excited to tell you that in this post you’ll be getting Chapter 1 FREE of Renaissance Business, perfect for all you mad to live and do people out there with a knack for entrepreneurship. You’ll also find a video interview on here with the author of it, …

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The League of Awesomeness – AKA: First Ever Coastal Blogger Round-Up!

We live in a melting pot of a world, and because of that it can at times feel like no one in your given zip code understands what the hell you’re talking about or who you are. People come and go and there are endless views and to do's that at times it can feel like a whirlwind. A big part of who I am revolves around this little gem of a blog you're reading right now. ;-) But sometimes its hard to meet people "IRL" who are also into the blogging community. Hell, sometimes it's hard to meet people that are dedicated to living with passion!

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