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Let’s Color Our Lives with the Chaos of Trouble

If our lives were a coloring book, would you color in the lines? Would you color in each section and space perfectly? Would the Cinderella cutouts be shaded in her fitting pink pastels alongside her knight in shining, silver armor? Would every background be shaded with blue skies and white …

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How To Ignite Imagination In Pleasantville

This post was inspired by this perfectly mixed montage + music of the movie Pleasantville. The imagery and meaning behind it speak volumes. Lately in my life I’ve been discovering a lot about who I am and what I want my life to mean. And in doing so, I’ve not …

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What’s Your Destination’s Destiny? PART 1

Being that this blog is all about how to “Live the Wild, Crazy, Meaningful Lives We’re All Meant to Live” I guess you could say that I’m talking a little bit about our destinies here. The things we’re meant to do. The people we’re meant to be. The places we’re …

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The Traveling Philosopher’s Roundtable: Message In A Bottle

This Week’s Roundtable Discussion: Message In A Bottle Introduction: When I was in Vietnam I found an empty vodka bottle on a deserted beach I kayaked to in Ha long bay. I took that bottle back to my my little room where I then sat in the hamock overlooking the bay and I wrote out a message. I wrote a message of hope, lessons, and inspiration. I wrote about some mistakes I've made and some things I've learned. I did my best to share a piece of the wisdom I seek to gain each day. Later on I threw the message in a bottle over the edge of our boat, hoping it'd get caught in a current and end up on the coastline of some other continent at the right time for the right person.

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Link Journeys With Mad Ones #2

Ah the lazy Sunday, I love it. There are good and bad ways to be lazy though. Bad might be spending all day watching CSI marathons (guilty) and sleeping in until noon (guilty!). But a good kind of lazy is making yourself a nice cup of brewed coffee, staying in …

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