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Mindset Shifts: That Moment When You Realize There’s a Simpler Life

In the summer of 2014 I worked on a small, family-run organic vegetable farm in Midcoast Maine. I didn’t grow up in the country, nor did I ever have a huge interest in becoming a farmer. There was nothing really bringing me except this gut, instinct feeling that I wanted to feel what it would be like to live a simpler life, void of laptop screens and days spent running from place to place. I also wanted days spent outside in the hot sun with my feet touching the earth, using my body, using my hands.

I have a feeling most typical citizens in Westernized countries don’t know much about this Simple Life. Hell, it seems people look down upon it, yet subconsciously and secretly wish they lived it. We’re supposed to want more. We’re supposed to do more. We’re supposed to multitask. We’re supposed to book our schedules full. We’re supposed to seek the finer things in life.

Consider the fact that we have it backwards.
Consider a life where you wake up at sunrise to work until sunset and go to sleep in pure, nourishing tiredness. This is not the kind of tired/exhaustedness you feel after a busy day full of this and that and you’re simply brain dead when your head hits the pillow. This is the tiredness that lets that moment when your head hits your pillow lead you immediately to the greatest sleep of your life, when you feel every part of your body sink into the mattress. This is the kind of tiredness a “hard-day’s-work” used to be in books and movies from past generations.
Consider a life where our days are not meant to get us closer and closer to the goals of our ego, or the pressure to keep up with the Jonses, or when you don’t always have to be proving to the world that you’re worth being here. This simpler life doesn’t care about that. Sure you have goals, but they’re your own, for you and only you, and your growth, self-awareness, hobbies and passions.

I know we can’t all be farmers. I loved farming, but it’s not what I want to Do with my life. That’s not what I’m suggesting here.
What I am suggesting, is an evaluation of just how complicated we make our lives with our endless pursuits and commitments to possessions, schedules, promotions, upgrades, entertainment, people we don’t give a shit about, and all this crap our lives.

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