Questions… their answers can easily reach well over 1,000 words and we oftentimes still won’t know if we got it right.

It’s important that we ask these questions though, because our lives would be boring as hell if we took everything at face-value. But what about questions aimed at ourselves? What about the ones that make us confront demons, or our buried past, or the things we just prefer to not think about anymore.

Think about it like this… not asking the right questions aimed directly at ourselves is like not asking yourself, “What’s really in this Big Mac … this big,  juicy…thing… that should I let sit for 1.5 years in my windowsill would still look the same at the end those 1.5 years?” If you didn’t ask yourself that, you might eat that Big Mac and you wouldn’t think about how terrible it is for you and how ridiculous it is. Eating it would be a “Big Mac-stake” (hah hah).

So, let’s do this…


In a recent post, intuitive, life-shifter Bridget Pilloud once asked, “If you could ask yourself any one question, what would it be?” It was that very question that really got me thinking about this…

  • What question would you ask yourself knowing that whatever answer you come up with is 100% right no matter how much your heart, gut, and head are disagreeing with one another?
  • What if  the answer to it is something you simply can’t look straight in the eye?
  • What if the  answer might prove that what you’ve been doing with your life is not really what you’re meant to be doing?
  • What if the answer would finally make you admit that a person you’ve loved or thought you’ve loved is not supposed to be in your life anymore?
  • What if the answer you find would force you to create some major changes that would ultimately be the best thing you could ever do in your life?

Whoa… this is getting kind of heavy! But that’s okay. Because you know what? If we really, truly want to live the life we’re meant to live, we have to ask ourselves these questions. It’s part of living life on purpose as the wonderful Jacob Sokol at Sensophy would say.  It’s part of not living a fat, nasty, unhealthy Big Mac life!


It was not too long ago that I wasn’t asking myself any of the questioned I needed to be asking. I was simply floating around in limbo hoping that they’d come to me on their own. Well, let me tell you something… none of the answers will come unless you put effort into finding them… unless you actually ask them!

So, one day I finally asked myself…”Why am I stuck? Why am I unhappy? Why do I feel like I am simply existing day to day and not truly, deeply living? Why don’t I feel ALIVE?”

And when I finally let myself ask that, I realized at that very moment that I wasn’t ALIVE. (Because I am a Vampire ;-D) I wasn’t staying true to who I was. I wasn’t challenging myself like I needed to be because, what do you know… I was scared.

Let me tell you something… The only certainly in life is uncertainty, so you may as well embrace and make it your best friend. Because if you don’t, you’ll never let the answers to your questions guide you in the right direction.

And I’ll tell you something else… Believe it or not, it is pretty freaking fun to finally accept an answer and then beat that sucker out of the park. Personal victories… they’re pretty great. And once you experience what one feels like, you just want more. Kind of like the travel bug I’ve also fallen in love with!


And one last note… life and the questions we must answer throughout it is not as complicated as we make it. It’s not a full-page word problem with lots of variables in there just to trick you unless you let it. While they may be disguised as that, they’re really just a fill in the blank.

And so I ask you to ask yourself, “What’s my question?”

Share your question & answer / thoughts in the comments. Not only will it get you thinking, but it very well may inspire someone else to get thinking & asking as well. 🙂

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