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Do you have the GUTS to ask yourself THE Question?

Questions… their answers can easily reach well over 1,000 words and we oftentimes still won’t know if we got it right.

It’s important that we ask these questions though, because our lives would be boring as hell if we took everything at face-value. But what about questions aimed at ourselves? What about the ones that make us confront demons, or our buried past, or the things we just prefer to not think about anymore.

Think about it like this… not asking the right questions aimed directly at ourselves is like not asking yourself, “What’s really in this Big Mac … this big,  juicy…thing… that should I let sit for 1.5 years in my windowsill would still look the same at the end those 1.5 years?” If you didn’t ask yourself that, you might eat that Big Mac and you wouldn’t think about how terrible it is for you and how ridiculous it is. Eating it would be a “Big Mac-stake” (hah hah).

So, let’s do this…


In a recent post, intuitive, life-shifter Bridget Pilloud once asked, “If you could ask yourself any one question, what would it be?” It was that very question that really got me thinking about this…

  • What question would you ask yourself knowing that whatever answer you come up with is 100% right no matter how much your heart, gut, and head are disagreeing with one another?
  • What if  the answer to it is something you simply can’t look straight in the eye?
  • What if the  answer might prove that what you’ve been doing with your life is not really what you’re meant to be doing?
  • What if the answer would finally make you admit that a person you’ve loved or thought you’ve loved is not supposed to be in your life anymore?
  • What if the answer you find would force you to create some major changes that would ultimately be the best thing you could ever do in your life?

Whoa… this is getting kind of heavy! But that’s okay. Because you know what? If we really, truly want to live the life we’re meant to live, we have to ask ourselves these questions. It’s part of living life on purpose as the wonderful Jacob Sokol at Sensophy would say.  It’s part of not living a fat, nasty, unhealthy Big Mac life!


It was not too long ago that I wasn’t asking myself any of the questioned I needed to be asking. I was simply floating around in limbo hoping that they’d come to me on their own. Well, let me tell you something… none of the answers will come unless you put effort into finding them… unless you actually ask them!

So, one day I finally asked myself…”Why am I stuck? Why am I unhappy? Why do I feel like I am simply existing day to day and not truly, deeply living? Why don’t I feel ALIVE?”

And when I finally let myself ask that, I realized at that very moment that I wasn’t ALIVE. (Because I am a Vampire ;-D) I wasn’t staying true to who I was. I wasn’t challenging myself like I needed to be because, what do you know… I was scared.

Let me tell you something… The only certainly in life is uncertainty, so you may as well embrace and make it your best friend. Because if you don’t, you’ll never let the answers to your questions guide you in the right direction.

And I’ll tell you something else… Believe it or not, it is pretty freaking fun to finally accept an answer and then beat that sucker out of the park. Personal victories… they’re pretty great. And once you experience what one feels like, you just want more. Kind of like the travel bug I’ve also fallen in love with!


And one last note… life and the questions we must answer throughout it is not as complicated as we make it. It’s not a full-page word problem with lots of variables in there just to trick you unless you let it. While they may be disguised as that, they’re really just a fill in the blank.

And so I ask you to ask yourself, “What’s my question?”

Share your question & answer / thoughts in the comments. Not only will it get you thinking, but it very well may inspire someone else to get thinking & asking as well. 🙂

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  • You know the question that always comes back to haunt me, the one that I never want to allow myself to think about, the one that scares me…. “Am I really good enough? Will I really make a difference?”

    I have never really failed at anything, but then I am starting to think that the reason is simply because I have never taken on anything that I knew I couldn’t do.

    Thanks Lauren, I guess it’s time to jump in

    • Hey David!
      You know what? I ask myself the same damn question! Sometimes I feel like I’m almost being egotistical.. like “Who do I think I am that I can make a difference… what makes you so special?” … I mean what a f*cked up way to think, right? haha

      But that’s when I tell my bitch self talk to shut up and I stop listening to my head and start listening to my heart! (I know I know, that sounds corny lol)

      For the first time in my life I’m truly taking on everything I can that could lead to failure. But now that i’m seeing results, I can’t stop. I finally am like… as long as I give 120% I can do anything I truly dream of!

      David you gotta jump! You’re too awesome not too!!!!! I’m jumping with you too my friend. We’ll take a running start too haha
      – Laur 🙂

  • Woah, wheels are turing now. I’ve been able to, for the most part, identify my emotions. Great starting point, but I’ve never really challenged them.

    For me, lately I’ve been feeling like I’m living an unfulfilling life. There is this dissonance between my intentions and my actions, and it defaults back to that common theme that you talked about – fear.

    I write about it, read about it, talk about it, but when it actually comes to doing something fearful, it’s much tougher then reading a book or writing a blog. But I love the idea of challenging our thoughts with the question of why. I think it is most certainly a stepping stone from complacency and certainty into unknown possibilities.


    • Hey Chris!!
      Oh man I feel like you’re describing my very life to me sometimes too haha. I love reading about lifestyle design and personal development and challenging yourself and life-long learning! But finding the answers to our questions I guess are a lot easier than doing what the answer tells us!

      I think it ultimately lands down to our root values, ya know? For instance, with lifestyle design – there are lots of kinds of it… some people are all about the money, some about the freedom, some about the growth… and how you go about achieving that is totally different too… so you gotta get to your root and figure out what action you uniquely need to take. I’m kinda just talking out loud right now trying to figure it out on my own, but you know what I mean?

      Complacency… that’s like limbo for me… and I hate being there! So, what do you think is causing the dissonance between your intentions & actions?

      • Great question Laur. Intentions are always unknown, otherwise they’d be actions of the past. I guess it’s a fear that putting a lot of effort into my intentions, may turn out to be a waste of time. There is no guaranteed success. I think that is what scares me. Not knowing where to focus my efforts.

        It’s definitely something I’m still trying to figure out, but what I keep reminding myself is that no matter what happens I’m better for it. And so at those points in my life when I am faced with failure followed by wreckage, well, those are the points that have shaped the life I have now. From that perspective, nothing can happen to me, or anyone for that matter, that is not positive. Every situation is one to grow from.

        Preaching is one thing, but it’s time to start practicing!

        PS I’m going to Portugal in a few weeks! Might just be my stepping stone into the unknown.

        Thanks for the feedback Lauren!!

        • Hi Chris,

          I hear you when you say “Will all my efforts be a waste of time?” That’s something that my mind throws at me when I start to dwell on that question that I sidestep all the time “Am I really good enough? Will I really make a difference?”

          My thoughts go something like this:
          – my efforts may be a waste of time, my intentions may not bring success, but what if I don’t try, then I will never know.
          – what if I am heading in the wrong direction? well then you will turn down a different street when the time comes
          – what if I don’t make a big difference out there? well what if you do? what about making small differences in people’s lives that otherwise wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t act
          – consider the effect of dropping a stone in a pond, the ripples travel far and wide. We don’t always know how much of an impact we are actually making.

          We all must take the steps or even jumps into what that unknown

    • Hey Chris, saw your response, had to put some sense in…

      Yea dude, if you are feeling unfulfilled you just got to figure out what NEEDS to be in that void. Do you love reading? Do you LOVE learning? Do you love making music? Or anything else that you are passionate about?

      That’s the stuff that makes you feel fulfilled. Doing something everyday that you ABSOLUTELY FREAKING LOVE… I guest Lauren would say, “something that makes you Mad to Live”

      For me… Surfing, Making Music….. My Biggest Passions, so I am 112% dedicated to learning, developing, and creating a business online that gives me more FREE time to do the things I LOVE SO MADLY….

  • Big Mac Stake….that’s awesome!!!

    My question would be finding what excites me everyday. What projects can I do that makes me happy everyday. That’s the answer I’m searching for!

    • Hey Benny!
      Haha I’m so glad you enjoyed my PUN lol. I’m all about a good pun hah.

      You know what? I’m a passion project addict. There is nothing more fun than working on projects that excite you. And the best part is there doesn’t have to be just one of them at a time or one kind in general. THey can be all over the table. 🙂

      You’ll have to let me know what project you get started on next! Maybe a kick-ass eBook or something for your blog as something to start and build the momentum?! 🙂
      – Laur

      • That’s the freedom we have. To be able to work on passion projects even if they’re not related to each other.

        And yes that’s something I do want to do for my blog. An ebook or something. Just have to figure out what. Maybe the answer is obvious about what topic I should write about but it’s not coming to me right now!

  • Lauren-
    The other day, someone said to me, “Questions are more helpful than answers”. That stuck with me.
    And my good friend, Jennifer says that If you get okay with uncertainty, life gets so much more interesting and fun. I’m working on that.

    the Am I really good enough question? That’s a toughie! I ask that question too. The only logical answer I have is that Yes, I must be, because I have this incredible urge to do my work.
    The other thing- when I was worrying about being good enough one day, a kind soul said gently to me, “Oh Bridget, the work you do, it’s not about you. It’s about them.” That took the pressure off in a weird way, like my ego got out of the way. I don’t know if that’s how you experience that question.

    Anyway- Really happy that you’re asking people to ask questions!

    • Hey Bridget!
      I totally love what your friend Jennifer said! I couldn’t agree more. Lately I’ve been learning to embrace the uncertainty and just believe that as long as I give it my all, it is CERTAIN that what I envision will be 🙂 And if it doesn’t.. well… I’ll learn from it!

      I also really love about it being “about them, not you”. That’s so great. I have that same mentality in my life too. There’s honestly nothing that makes me happier than seeing someone glowing with happiness or pride or surprise or confidence because they’ve achieved something they at one point had doubted they could achieve. And if I can help them along that path, well how cool is that?

      Thanks for getting me asking Bridget, and inspiring this post!
      – Laur 🙂

    • Hi Bridget,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me. My experience with the question: “Am I really good enough? Will I really make a difference?” is part fear, part uncertainty and possibly part lack of commitment.

      I like your comment though: “Oh Bridget, the work you do, it’s not about you. It’s about them.” Sometimes when we take the focus off ourselves, we see things much clearer 🙂

  • The question that works best for me is “What do I need right now?” As someone whose work is about helping others, I sometimes forget to look after my own needs and desires, which then leads down that slippery slope to resentment. When I stop and ask “What do I need right now?” I create an opening, a space to become very present and in my body. And that, is always a good thing!

    • Hey Sandi!
      What’s up my Lola? 🙂 I’ve been learning to ask myself “What do I need right now?” as well. I can get so caught up in my to-do list that suddenly it feels like I’m not really feeling what I’m living but I’m just doing it with a certain numbness.
      That’s when I take a pause and I say… I need to take myself on a walk on the beach or go grab a drink with a friend or work on one of my own projects!

      It’s great finding purpose in helping others to achieve their dreams, but it’s also essential that we don’t forget to let ourselves follow ours as well 🙂

  • Sarah

    Very interesting post, Lauren. I’ve been avoiding these questions for a while now (and by that I mean hiding under a rock wishing my fairy god mother would magicly make my life better or at least more interesting lol). I think my question is probably “What do I want?” Very simple, but something I have not really asked myself. What I want may not be something I worked for my whole life and I need to accept a new direction. I need to scare myself with new challenges and not force myself to be someone i am clearly not. So thanks Lauren….your a life guru…and cheaper than a shrink! =)

    • Hey Sarah!!

      Haha ” a life guru… cheaper than a shrink ” … I like that!
      I think it can definitely be hard to accept a new direction. It means letting go of a lot of things you may have worked hard for in the past and also going in a path with a lot of uncertainty… but it’s totally worth it! The best decision I ever made was to cut ties with the things I finally admitted I didn’t want or need, and then start on a mission to fill that gap with the things that I really truely did want and need.

      So, what is it that you do want Sarah? I’d love to hear about it! 🙂
      Thanks for sharing!
      – Laur 🙂

  • My question would always be along the lines of “What if I fail? What if I’m not good enough? What if I’m not as good as I think I am?” because failure is my biggest fear and I’m a perfectionist. I HAVE to be the best and I usually operate under the assumption that I’m pretty awesome. But there may be the harsh truth that I’m not really as good as all that, that I’ve always just had great, supportive friend and family that kinda lied to me and told me I was the best.

    • Hey Jessica!!
      Ah yes… those questions… I know them all too well as well 😛 But i mean, how great is that you already have enough belief in yourself that you operate with the assumption that you’re pretty awesome! Think of how many people operate on a daily life with the assumption that they totally suck!
      It’s almost like… if you build it, it will come concept… if you think you’re awesome enough to deserve it (which you are!) then there is no way that you are not good enough dammit!!!!
      – LAUR 🙂

  • Whatup, Laur. 🙂

    Enjoyed the post, and I’ve been enjoying the comments as well.
    After seeing comments from ListenFeelBreathe.com, then ThinkChooseLive.com…

    I was all like: “Man. I need me a cool web site name!” Kudos, fellas. I’m heading over to peruse your blogs next.

    It’s funny – because so much of life is like watching the movie “The Matrix”. (Props to David Crandall at Heroic Destiny for fleshing this out, in his post “The Fallen Kingdoms”.

    You feel like something’s not right with this everyday routine that you’re subscribed to.
    But no one else around you appears to feel like anything’s awry.
    And so anytime you start to draw up the courage and gumption to stray from the path more commonly traveled – conventional wisdom (and the Lizard Brain, as Seth Godin puts it) scramble to put you back in your place!

    For some reason, I’ve always had a deep conviction that I was going to do incredible things to change the world for the better.

    But settling into the “template life” (another David Crandall-ism) became easy.
    The pay was REALLY good.

    All I had to give up was a sense of fulfillment, health (crazy stress levels, politics, and drama in the corporate world), and purpose.

    I recently said: “Enough.” After asking myself the question: ‘WHEN?”

    WHEN was I going to escape the Rat Race?

    WHEN was I going to do things that mattered? In a truly large fashion?

    WHEN was I going to start getting closer to the potential I saw for myself, in my head?

    WHEN was I going to live up to my own high expectations for my own life?

    WHEN was I going to stop settling for mediocrity?
    For an unrocked boat?
    For “the good life”, “a good job,and “earning good money?”


    WHEN was I going to stop letting the fear of failure drag me down, catching me in the undertow?

    WHEN was I going to stop making myself small, to make others comfortable?

    I’ve been racking up failures all my adult life.

    I have been attempting grandiose things all my adult life.

    The difference between then and now?

    I would typically turn back after falling over the first hurdle.

    Now? I know for a fact that I will cross the finish line to my most important race.

    Even if I knock every single hurdle over doing it.

    Thanks for the post, Laur.


    • Wassap Bolaji!!!

      “WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN WHEN?!??!!” I have to say, THANK YOU for asking yourself that!!!
      There are so many people that go through life and simply ignore these questions!
      “When will I finally do what I know I’m meant to do?” they’ll ask themselves… and then they’ll decide that it just can’t be… that they just cant have that.
      Not you though mr. rat race escape artist! I truly admire your passion and courage!!!

      I also really love the metaphor of an “unrocked boat” when it comes to living our lives. Let’s go Perfect Storm on this life of ours… except, come out alive of course and all that haha.

      And you know what? Here’s to the the finish line!… and learning from the hurtles we knock over along the way 🙂

      Thanks so much for sharing Bolaji! You’re courage is contagious!!!!
      -LAUR 🙂

  • Loved your post and will not retweet it because I am going to post here the one question I still ask myself all the fucking time & I know the answer but it scares the shit out of me because I know i shouldnt feel that way.

    I am 100% happy with my life now, its unbelievable I wouldn;t change a thing. I have quit the job eI hate to travel that world and see as much as I can, but I can’t stop thinking about one thing. So my questions that I always ask myslf is “Why do I keep thinking about him (my ex)? We have been broken up for over 3 years, yet I just cant seem to get him out of my mind. Sometimes I want to tell him that I miss him so much but I just dont do it… I just can’t. I know we broke up for good reason but I keep doubting myself. Maybe I was just being childish I was young after all… but i think its just my mind tyring to make it right and make it okay for me to tell him that. I dont know… I know all the other comments have been about more important things but for its about love… Sometimes I feel I am never going to find it. OMG why am i still typing…

    • Jaime! Ah honestly I can relate to you SO MUCH in this! I don’t really write about Love on the mad to live too much for some reason. I mention it here and there, but that’s really it! Letting go of someone that’s truly been such a big part of your life and has helped you to become who you are today is just freaking hard! I just got out of a 4 year relationships that still isn’t really over!
      Sometimes I think about him. I’ll be off exploring and I’ll think, “I wish Mark was here to see this with me” or I’ll just want to relax at the end of the day and wish he was there to relax with me.

      But what is meant to be will be! I actually didn’t want to type it in this post but really the one question I really need to ask myself is… “Why do I think I’ll be alone forever if I don’t make things work with him?… b/c what if they’re not meant to work out?” – and other such things that relate to the topic.

      Jaime if you love him tell him! There’s a reason he’s still in your mind after all this time 🙂

  • Hi Laur!

    Man, it’s been awhile since we’ve been here. 🙂

    We both go through so many questions in our minds every day. Most of them revolving around this one: “Am I doing things right?” Now right is subjective for everyone. We don’t mean what’s proper or safe, more of what’s on purpose for us. Are we doing what we’re meant to do? Is this the path laid out for us? Like the protagonist in The Alchemist, we’re currently following Good Omens, especially after plenty of prayers. It helps answer the questions we’ve asked ourselves.

    Oh and about the question “Am I good enough?”, I read someone’s reply somewhere on the web: “Why the hell not?”

    Tariq and Shaheera

    • Hey T&S!!!!
      Hey it is so great to see you on here again! I’ve missed you guys hehe 🙂
      And as for your comment… I think if I could only choose one statement I most believe in it is that we must do what we know we’re meant to do. And I think when it comes to that, you just know it!! The Alchemist is one of my favorite books and I think reading it several years back helped to teach me taht lesson! I really admire the two of you for embracing the fact that what is meant to be will be… and it surelly will be WONDERFUL! 🙂

      “Am I good enough?”… WHY THE HELL NOT?!?!… haha I LOVE THIS!!!

      Thanks T&S! YOu are are so inspiring!
      – Laur 🙂

  • I think you may be one of the only people I know that thinks about questions like this as much as I do. I like to ask myself questions like these. If you’re not trying to better yourself daily, what are you doing?

    The question I have to remind myself of is, “Am I living my life with no regrets?”

    Which is what ultimately lead us to the trip we are on today. It helps me keep motivated to learn new things,

    • Hey Erica!
      Haha so glad I am not alone! You should see me once I have a few drinks in me! I get into “life talks” with everyone around me and start asking them these kinds of questions LOL. Although, this particular set of questions can be debbie downers for a night out if one doesn’t like their answers… but you know what I mean! 😛

      I try to ask myself that all the time too. Funny how at certain points I can sit there and say, ‘ no – no regrets right now!” and then time goes on and suddenly I’m thinking, “I’m not liking where I am”. That’s why asking that all the time is so important.
      B/c when I’m all sexy when I’m 80 I want to look back on my life and be like… man I lived the shit out of my life! 🙂
      You guys rock!!!!! I think its this very question that’s motivating me to work so hard so I myself can go abroad again! 🙂
      Here’s to no regrets!
      – Laur 🙂

  • Elle

    What an amazing article! Kudos to you! In my situation, I already know what I want to see, do and accomplish. I know that I want to get out there and see more of the world. The main question for me is, how am I going to go about reaching my goals? Will I work for it or find a sugar daddy? 😉

    • Hey Elle!!!
      hahha… go with the sugga daddy 😛
      Actually I am really on a similar plane as you right now! I’ve gotten past a lot of those initial “finding yourself” questions (So glad!!) So, now it’s all about asking myself HOW am I going to do it. It’s more about asking myself Do I Have What It Takes?! Because I, like you, want to see more of the world and I know what I meant to do, so all that’s left for us to do is to DO IT!!!

      Hey, if your sugar daddy ends up being a total loser w bad hygiene, I’m here for you in anyway to help you do what you’re meant to do!!!!! Let’s do this!
      – Laur 🙂

  • WHEN? The question is how will I achieve everything that I want out of this life. Facing your fears head on and jumping in head first is the way to accomplish all your goals. Failure is inevitable and it is how you deal and learn from you mistakes which will make you stronger. Great post!

    • Hey Anthony!

      haha right on. HOW is definitely one of my questions too. I have an ongoing list of everything I want to do in this life of mine and I must say, when I look at it, I think to myself, “How the F*ck Am I Going To Do ALL THIS?!?!” haha. But it’s a good kind of HOW!
      Like travel to every country in the world… I don’t care WHEN i do it… but it’s the HOW that’ll get me there! 🙂
      We won’t get em’ all done, and some we’ll fail at, and some we’ll blow out of the water 🙂

  • I am constantly dealing with these questions: am I doing the right thing, am I happier, will this all work out, am I running away.

    The answers change from day to day.

    • Hey Ayngelina!
      “Am I running?” – I have to say this has been a big one for me in my life. Even when I packed up my bags up north and moved down to the beach I wondered if I was just running away form it all. And the fact I don’t want to go back up there kind of tells me that I am hah. But sometimes we have to run I think.

      The answers definitely change day to day…life is crazy… but that’s why we love it, right? It’d be boring if we knew everything would work out.

      I really liked your post the other day about “Am I happier 1 year after Travel”. It seems you’ve already answered one of these questions and what you found was pretty great 🙂

  • Wow, Lauren! Awesome post, and this is one of the most enlightening and thought-provoking comments sections I’ve ever seen! I love it 🙂

    I’ve been working with Lach as my coach for several months now, and in some of our earliest correspondence I told him about wanting to let go of my fears, and my unfulfilled dreams, some of which were decades old. He asked me a very simple and very important question: “what’s stopping you?”

    At the time, what was stopping me felt like a pile of huge rocks a mile high and as wide as Hadrian’s Wall. So I began by moving one rock. Then two or three. Each week, a few more. I faced my fears, and let my dreams see the light. I’ve begun walking the road I wanted so much to see in my younger days, and it feels freakin’ brilliant.

    There are still a lot of rocks to move, but there are also rocks I don’t really have to pay attention to. What matters is that I’m no longer blocked, I’m MOVING! At the end of May, I’ll be leaving a 16-year career in the sign business and beginning the life of my dreams; i.e. living my freedom as an artist on my own terms. Lots and lots of uncertainty, and I’m scared and thrilled in equal measure. But dammit, I’ve never felt more ALIVE. 🙂

    • Hey Laurie!!!
      Wow all I can say is that I am so so so so excited for you and extremely happy to connect with you so now I can join you in your “epic reinvention”!!! 🙂 I like how you’ve worded that so much! It’s like a mantra… and it makes all the scary change and uncertainty feel more like this adventurous revolution!

      I’ve definitely been right there with you in removing rocks one by one. I still have a few I need to move that are really wedged in there! What’s more, is as we remove the rocks on the wall thats stopping us, we now have room to rebuild it with prettier, shinier, stronger rocks that we we’re placing one by one as well. It’s almost like a trade… and we definitely get the better end of the stick 🙂

      It is so awesome you’re working with Lach! I can only imagine he is one of the greatest coaches out there and that you will continue to achieve your dream with him right there behind you cheering you on! 🙂
      Here’s to living the dream on our own terms, because we deserve to dammit!
      It’s great to meet you Laurie!
      – Laur 🙂

      • Great to connect with you too, Laur…you can bet I’ll be back here often, I love your blog!

        “Epic Reinvention” is from Lach’s Fear Smashing 101…and yes, he is an awesome coach. 🙂

        I love your take on the prettier, shinier, stronger rocks. I’m all for that!

  • Damn… I had such a TERRIBLE middle of the week, dealing with being in my own head, hearing these questions fire off…


    In some sense I might have to disagree, or maybe just another point, that sometimes instead of asking questions, just be more BLANK… Like a blank slate, exploring, and discovering, then perhaps you can find answers for questions you NEVER even thought of…

    I definitely question everything, as I feel it is best too… I mean its my nature, and I am sure you and a lot of other people’s here are the same. Sometimes I feel that I can beat myself up mentally with my questions though and that can’t be good either huh?

    So what was your breakthrough??? Are you feeling ALIVE and STOKED all over again? Maybe a little mad to live? You are 1,000,112% right that “uncertainty is the only certainty” so I feel for me it is natural to get into these moods…. It is almost negative self talk… Jacob at sensophy posted a good video about that little demon voice in your head a little while back…

    The most important thing is awareness… when I realize I am talking to MYSELF negatively, I can change that… You obviously became AWARE of this feeling of consciousness that was not exciting to you, so then you can put attention to it…

    OOO MAN… Its not even 8 am, why did you have to drive me so Mad so early? Okay, I am going to paddle out now!!!

  • My question is, “Am I rocking hard enough??” And unless I can answer it like Homer Simpson, I know it’s time to make a change.

    “Sometimes I nod my head yes, and I’m like, YES! YES! THIS ROCKS! And other times I shake my head no and I’m like NO! NO! DON’T STOP ROCKIN” – Homer Simpson