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Entrepreneurship Portfolio

The following are entrepreneurial ventures I’ve embarked on in the past. I grew up running lemonade stands around different neighborhoods in my town, and created an empire of babysitting clients as a teenager. Running my own business as an adult takes a bit more inner futzpah and is chock full of “Can I really pull this off?” triggers that are scary as all hell. But it’s 100% worth it for the will-power, creativity, freedom, and ability to make an impact that truly resonates with your soul.

Here are some of the businesses I started. If you’re thinking about going the entrepreneurship route, I’ve got your back! Keep Going. One step at a time, one push forward at a time, and don’t forget your heart in the process.

Wild World Creative [complete]

Wild World Creative is a small website design and digital strategy agency working with individuals and companies doing big things as they make a difference in the world. Some of our clients included Asa Firestone of BEYONDGear and Boulder’s A-Lodge, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year and Activist Shannon Galpin, Host of the Unmistakable Creative Podcast Srinivas Rao, and published travel writer and globetrotter Spencer Spellman. Thank you to everyone who I worked with throughout the years as collaborators and clients.



Outdoor Minded Mag is dedicated to sharing the personal stories of the wanderers that find themselves in and explore far and wide between the cliffs and the seas the wide open spaces, winding open roads, and diverse culture, and never-ending beauty of this earth. OMM showcases their writing through journal entries and personal essays, their artistic expression through film and artwork, and their desire to nurture this world through philanthropic pursuits.

The folks I met through running Outdoor Minded Mag, be it writers to the OMM team, changed my life. Thank You for being so bold, creative, and adventurous.