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Do You “Get” The Following: A List Post

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you believe in your ideas?
Do you you give yourself the credit that your actions and words can impactful on the lives of those around you, for better and for worse?
Do you have any damn clue how capable you are of greatness?
Do you realize that your story and your creations have the power to spread across this world in a ripple affect of grace and empowerment and beauty?
Do you acknowledge that you have a one-of-a-kind story unique to you and only you that is worth sharing?
Do look in the mirror and see how incredibly beautiful you are? Do you see the depths of that beauty go inward when you look into your very own eyes?
Do you love yourself? Because let me tell you right here and right now you are worth all the love in the world. You are.
Do you let your light shine?
Do you understand that it is a fact of life you will be hurt, you will fail, and you will make choices that don’t serve you, and that doesn’t mean a damn thing about what you do and who you are in the present or who you are becoming as your future unfolds.
Do you understand that your fears do not identify you?
Do you embrace the fact that you can start over at any moment, that you be whoever it is you want to be?
Do you notice how much you put a smile on others’ faces, how much you can brighten someone’s day, and how much you can help someone believe in themselves.
Do you allow yourself to see what your made of? Let me tell you, you are made of so much more than you could ever begin to quantify.
Do you get that if you let yourself be seen by & be vulnerable with those around you, that you will inspire them, assure them, and comfort them.

Do you believe in yourself?

About Lauren Rains

Life gets pretty f*cking nuts sometimes, doesn't it? Every day I wake up more to myself and more to this world. This website is an expression of that.

Space Travelers is multi-layered exploration of our existence here on this rock we call Earth. We're going to talk about the matrix, UFOs, and astral travel, and explore our awakening into the divine masculine and feminine. We'll discover our bodies both the physical and subtle body. We'll contemplate the sacredness of mother earth and the concept of who/what the hell made this place in the first place?

I also aim to keep this website rooted and grounded, referring to topics that are effecting us in the here and now, such as fighting against the oppression of women worldwide, pealing away layers of social conditioning greedy capitalists are using to turn us into consumers, and navigating this insane technological revolution before the AI take over. I can geek out on consciousness up in space all day, but life happens here on the ground and this is the time we were born into.

This website is about integrating into our full human experience, aligning with ourselves and with each other, shedding skins and transcending into the unfolding layers of ourselves.

My wish for you, and for myself, is to unfold and evolve into our highest selves. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We need not sell our souls to the status quo.

I'm on the journey too. I write this blog to speak to others who are waking up, or who desire to wake up. Because we can't do this alone.

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