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Nathan Agin life Audit

For The Doers Out There: Nathan Agin Gives Me a Life Audit

The first line in my about page is, “I like to DO stuff”. Sometimes, this little addiction can be get me into trouble.

There’s never too much that I can bite off, and I’m normally left with far too much to chew. And while I always find a way, it can get a little stressful at at times. If I had it my way, I’d never have to sleep, but that’s just not possible.

So, when Nate Agin came to me from NonStopAwesomeness and offered me a Life Audit to help me streamline my day, I couldn’t say no. It’s a service he offers on his blog to clients, and after hearing about some of the results he’s helped people to achieve, I knew it would be valuable.

Not to mention that Nate is definitely one of The Mad to Live. In fact, he just achieved a Kickstarter goal to launch his own show called Trave. Eat. Thrive where he takes people on a journey of travel, eating, conversation, and nutrition. His goal was $7,000 and he raised over $10,000. I think that speaks for itself.

We decided to film the Life Audit, and so below I share with you a condensed version of about 15 minutes. And while Nate is talking to me about some of my specific hurtles, I think you’ll find it worthwhile to watch yourself being that you guys suffer from the same “I want to do EVERYTHING in this one wild and precious life I have” mentality.

Get Objective – NO FLUFF!

One thing I loved about this life audit was that Nate didn’t feed me any fluffy bullshit. He gave me small, actionable steps I could implement as soon as we got off our call.

People like us don’t have time for “fluff”. I’ve read a billion times the same personal development tips that of course our important, but they’re so general and common-sense, they all start to blend together. If you want to do things, you have to get specific.

That means actionable steps, getting black and white, figuring out which decisions you’re going to say “yes” to and “no” to and not look back on.

Tweaking Is Key

Oftentimes, when we want to make a change, we feel like we need to do this gigantic grand show where it all happens at once. But that’s not always the best way to go about it.

Starting off small, and then tweaking until it’s streamlined is really the best way to do it.

For instance, when I first launched Outdoor Minded Mag, the initial version of the website got the job done, but it wasn’t perfect to me. However, I knew it would take time to get the overall vision established, to build the foundation, and to gain momentum. And so, step by step, I built it up to what it is today.

Or lets say you want to do a huge expedition where you walk across America like the amazing Nate Damm. To get a taste, do a microversion of that. That’s part of why I did the 2 day, 50 Mile Walk for Tomorrow’s World Changers!

Whether it’s planning something big out by starting small, or taking your day and tweaking it so those big things are more attainable, the only way to do it is to DO things that will get you closer to it!

Putting the 2 Together

These 2 lessons were key in Nate’s Life Audit for me. By getting specific and focusing on how I can make small changes that would bring big results, Nate truly helped me. This “do stuff addict” is going to get to do even more now!!

And so, without further ado, check out Nate’s Life Audit of me in which he helps me fine tune my day so I can DO even more and still get enough sleep at night!

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