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How Drinking Local Beers on a Road Trip Inspired Your Next Mad To Live Passion Project: A Local TED Talk

The delicious delicacy of local craft beer has taught me three very importantlife  lessons since arriving in California to begin this Mad Life Roadtrip of the West Coast sponsored by FoxRentCar:

1.) Passion and deep interest can be found anywhere and turned into anything from a hobby to an empire, from local to world wild, from beer to basketball to babes.  I found a new one that springs from getting a buzz drinking local craft beers and learning about the intricacies and complexities of brewing.

2.) Chocolate Covered Strawberries & Chocolate Stout Beer is AMAZING and I will now be spending my Saturday nights stopping at Godiva Chocolate and getting a 6 pack. (This is fuel to the fire that is my sweet tooth… I am doomed.)

3.) Passion and Enthusiasm for Life is so contagious that we’d be crazy not to do all we can to spread it. By the end of this post I’m going to let you in on my next Passion Project to do this, and I hope you join me in it!

Speaking of beer, passion, and travel… let’s explore this obviously kickass combination for a moment, shall we?


Have you ever watched someone talk about something that they LOVE? Their face lights up, their hands are moving, they’re speaking faster than normal, and you can literally see, hear, and sense the excitement in their presentation. It’s inspiring to see. It’s amazing to experience in ourselves as well.

Last night at the Four Points LAX hotel bar Brewsters that hosts over 110 craft beers I had the pleasure of meeting Tom “Hop Caen” Dalldorf and several other beer enthusiasts and brewers at our Fox Road Trip Kick Off party. I don’t think I will ever forget the authentic love, interest, and passion these cool guys with beards and scruff had for their local brews. It was inspiring.


I’ve gotten many emails and comments from fellow Mad Ones who have been on a quest for a long time to discover exactly what their passion is. Believe me… I’ve been there! I’ll never forget the period in my life when I felt completely lost and in a rut because I for some reason couldn’t figure out what really made me feel ALIVE…

I think we all go through that but at a certain point we have to make a decision to commit to finding it through trial and error, accepting that maybe having one passion isn’t possible, and also letting ourselves dive into a passion enough to both succeed and fail.


The Local TED Talk:

With that said, I thought it would be kind of cool to take a little action in terms of finding a way to give people the opportunity to let this really shine and inspire others.

I recently was inspired by an idea to plan an interesting and fun event that lets people share their passion with their local community in a really unique way (and drink some delicious brews at the same time!) We’ll do this by organizing a local event in our current destinations in which 10 people present in no more than 10 minutes their passion. It’s a mini TED talk, but done locally and celebrating the passions, interests, and movements people are doing on grassroots levels.

How It Works:

Each presentation should be crafted to teach and inspire. What’s so awesome about this is it offers people a chance to celebrate what it is that makes them feel ALIVE, and by doing that it inspires others to dive into the things in their own life that make them feel alive.

For instance,  you may have someone like me who would talk about how I turn wold travel and entrepreneurship into passion projects, to someone like fellow roadtripper Matt Kimberley who might talk about how to get a book published while living on a small island like Malta, to someone like Srini Rao who would teach us how he let his passion for surfing navigate his success in social media!

I will be adding this to my MAD TO LIVE PROJECT SERIES when I return from my west coast road trip! So, if you want to wait a month I’ll be posting about it in July and we’ll kick off a world-wide Local TED talk event! It’ll be badass.  I’ll be going all out designing graphics for us to use, creating an event site where you can direct attendees to, and much much more. If you have any ideas or want to collaborate on it feel free to get in touch!

I’ll end on this final note to celebrate the cerveza that inspired this post:

Jack Handley once told us, “Sometimes when I reflect back on all the beer I drink I feel ashamed. Then I look into the glass and think about the workers in the brewery and all of their hopes and dreams. If I didn’t drink this beer, they might be out of work and their dreams would be shattered. Then I say to myself, it is better that I drink this beer and let their dreams come true than be selfish and worry about my liver.”

CHEERS! To living a life we’re mad to live,  making passion contagious, & helping others to make their dreams come true!!!! 🙂


1.) So, are you in to do this with me? What do you think of the Local Ted Talk?

2.) What piece in your life is currently or has been “stay-up-all-night, feel-alive, I-can’t-get-enough-of”? Let’s spread some passion in the comments! I want to hear all about it!!!!!

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  • Great post, and I love the quote at the end. I’ll have to pass that along to a few friends 🙂

    I have been traveling for about 8 months, and I was just discussing an idea for a passion project of my own. Still in the early stages, but I think it is something that will give me that feeling you talk about in this post.

    • Hey Stephanie!!!
      That is awesome!!! Where have you been traveling the past 8 months?!?!?! I see in your most recent post it’s somewhere in South America?1 I lived in Buenos AIres, Argentina for 5 months a few years ago! I love south America! And the Spanish language… MY FAVORITE!

      So, any ideas on your passion project! I would so love to hear about it and help you brainstorm or anything!!! 🙂 Being you’re in south america & traveling there are so many cool, out of the box ways you could do it! Are you learning Spanish? – you could start a blog where you write your posts in Spanish as well? Or a volunteer project? Photography portfolio if you do that. I’d love to hear your ideas! 🙂

      Enjoy the Gato Negro!!!! And enjoy a cold beer while you’re at it too!
      – Laur 🙂

      • I started at the end of October 2010 and worked my way through Central America and then jumped down to Argentina. I have been in Buenos Aires for something like 10 weeks! It’s so easy to stay here (except for the prices). I plan to travel south, then back up through Chile, then Bolivia, and Peru. That is…. if I can ever get out of Buenos Aires 🙂

        I am trying to learn Spanish, but it’s hard when you live with people who speak English. I took a month of classes when I started my trip and just assumed I’d pick up the rest on the road. Wrong! I actually am starting classes again tomorrow.

        I’ll keep you posted on my passion project.

        • BUENA SUERTE CHICA!!!! 🙂
          And I know what you mean! BsAs sucks you in!!! I could so go for some tasty jamon y queo empanadas right now btw!

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  • I am all for all things TED! But let me hark on a more important note… tell me more about that beer! I recently became addicted to the Double Chocolate Stout. Of course Guinness will always have a soft spot for me.

    Finding your passions is a must must must must do for everyone! I can’t believe folks would go through life uninspired. It is tragedy tragedy tragedy.

    • Hey David!!!!

      Oh man! There are many tragedies in life.. not getting to try Double Chocolate Stout Beer & not taking big crazy fun chances to discover passion! haha 😛

      So, if you were going to do a 10 minute mini TED talk what would you talk about? Lessons from beer? Life lessons in restoring an old motorcycle? The path to the true bohemian lifestyle?!?!?!

      PS – sent you a TWEET about possibly meeting up! You’re in SD right?!?!?!
      – LAUR 🙂

  • Meg

    Just so you know it’s official craft beer month in San Diego. The mayor made an announcement on the news that from here on out, the official beer month of San Diego will be June. You came at the right time. I am a huge Guiness gal, he won’t admit it but I got David drinking those dark brews.

    • Hey Meg!!!!
      haha wow that is PERFECT!!!!! We had some awesome STONE IPA and Currant near Gaslamp the other night that I loved! And their happy hour was amazing! You guys should check it out! 🙂 :

      Guiness gal… I need to catch up! 😛 But I’m getting there!!!

  • Some of my best conversations and thoughts were while I was drinking a beer. It is almost as satisfying as that amazing cup of coffee awaiting you on a cold, rainy winter day. LOVE IT. Beer can and does change the world. 😛

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