This post was inspired by this perfectly mixed montage + music of the movie Pleasantville. The imagery and meaning behind it speak volumes.

Lately in my life I’ve been discovering a lot about who I am and what I want my life to mean. And in doing so, I’ve not so slowly but surely have been painting a very different picture than what some of those around me would like or understand or feel comfortable with.

And just as their opinions and judgments and my own self talk was beginning to wear on me, I saw this musical montage from the brilliant film Pleasantville that somehow visually tied everything together I’ve been practicing believing in.

I think there’s a message for all of us to learn from this five minute clip…

No matter where you are in this world, what culture you’re immersed in, what language you speak, what social circle you run in, what religion you do or don’t practice there is one truth and one practice we should all take to heart each and every day:

To Be You, and only You.

This includes your imagination, your perfectly imperfect flaws, your passions and curiosities, your motivation and your weaknesses. It includes your past and your present and your future. It includes everything that when added together makes up YOU.

Because if you’re you – if stick to who you are at your root – then you’re perfect. If you’re not afraid to let your wild, vivid colors show in a world that’s becoming lost in a sea of grey – then you’re perfect. If you let who you are inspire others to be who they are – then you’re perfect.

No matter what anyone says.

We can either blend in with the grey world, or we can show it and teach it and inspire it to come to life.

Because when you do that – when you let your unique colors surprise and ignite this grey world – well, it’s pretty simple really – you’re changing the world – just by being you, and only you.

Who are you?

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