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I Have No Special Talents. I Am Only Passionately Curious.

Einstein once told us, “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.

Passionately curious. I love that.

My in-depth consideration of what curiosity does for us all started a few weeks ago with an intriguing comment a man named Archan left me in response to my guest post on The Skool Of Life. He said to me,

Einstein on Bicycle “Have you ever seen the old picture of Einstein riding a bicycle and enjoying an ice-cream cone? Einstein was child-like: what a fabulous state of mind. People like that are beyond fear, they just follow their curiosity wherever it leads them.”

After I read Archan’s comment I couldn’t get curiosity out of my mind.

If you think about it, it’s not so hard to ignore the opposite spectrum, which is the fear of trying the things that aren’t ordinary, the usual or the same, if we’re embracing and having fun with our child-like curiosity. It almost takes the scary out of life, or at the very least makes it a bit more fun and intriguing.


I’ve always had a big curiosity to try pretty much everything. And while I love being a Jill-Of-All-Trades, sometimes it gets to the point where I spread myself too thin. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I couldn’t imagine my daily life without diving into into my curiosities like designing awesome websites, taking Zumba classes, learning a new classical guitar song, practicing my Spanish, researching my stock picks for the week, brainstorming and taking action on my entrepreneurial ideas, writing GOOD blog posts, painting that Picasso replica, planning my next big trip around the world, saying more than hey on Twitter, calling the people I love, meeting up with my booty call ;-), taking out my Digital SLR, completing my one-book-a-week goal, writing the next chapter of my own book, and the list goes on and on and on. Of course I need sleep and to eat as well although that gets second priority. Sometimes I like to watch Law & Order: SVU too.

Yea, I may sometimes be killing myself just like that cat did with all this curiosity to try, see, and experience every little thing that intrigues me, but I can’t fight my love for trying new things. And when I do, I put my heart into it. I’m passionate as hell about it.

There’s just no other way for me, and so I embrace my curiosity instead of fighting it like I used to.


Curiosity has taken you and I to some far and wide places…

Curiosity sparks our intrigue and fascination with the world that brings us to explore its countries, place ourselves in its cultures, and live in locations so different than the ones we grew up in.

Curiosity inspires us to dive into any new interest we desire to expand on, be it learning a new language, starting a business, or brewing your own beer.

Curiosity get us into trouble, but it also gets us into a whole lot of fun – the kind of fun we never regret and always remember with a huge smile.

Why Not Embrace It?

The trick here is to remember that embracing curiosity can lead you to all the places, people, activities and experiences that spark the fire in your life. These places are far and wide and they go beyond anything you could ever imagine, if you let it.

And the best thing about it is by letting your curiosities guide your actions, you move beyond the fear. It’s no longer an uphill battle against yourself in which you’re constantly having to prove yourself, but rather it’s now fun. When you’re beyond fear, you’re learning, you’re experiencing, you’re open to everything, just like when you were a kid. Back in the day, we weren’t so scared, remember? It was all a mystery. And that’s what being passionately curious is all about.

The passionately curious people of this world are the ones seeing, doing, feeling and being what their wildest dreams are. They’re the ones that create the change, that chase after their wild and crazy goals, that have been around the world and back again. Being passionately curious will take you to, well, anywhere feel like going. Why not embrace it?

And when you do embrace it, be passionate as hell about it.

What are you passionately curious about? What new things are you trying and why? And if you’re like me and you’re passionately curious about an endless array of things, what’s your advice to fit it all in?!

I reply to every comment with love and thought, and nothing is cooler than the discussions that gets going after these posts, so don’t forget to share your stories and insights, and Subscribe to the Comments! I love hearing what you have to say.

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  • carole

    I find that people who are passionately curious are much more interesting to be around. People who don’t have a lot of curiosity seem to be kind of narrow-minded, and that makes them dull. It’s much more fun to have a conversation with someone who is full of wonder, than with someone who thinks they already know it all. My conversations with people often involve me asking them lots of questions, because I’m not comfortable talking about myself, and in doing so, I have learned all kinds of interesting things. So I guess I would say that I am passionately curious about…well, anything!

    • Hey Carole!
      Well first of all you have quit a lot of wonder to share about yourself as well! But it’s always great to engage someone with thought-provoking questions. Those are my favorite kinds 🙂
      I know what you mean though about people that seem to “know it all”. I mean, not all of us were born playwrights and were putting on plays and singing show tunes at age 7, and not all of us were developing ponzi schemes to beat mom and dad at monopoly as a child. Most of us are curious about thousands of things. And I think that curiosity and wonder is invaluable. There’s nothing wrong with being an expert, but I prefer to be just really really good at everything 🙂
      I’m glad you’re passionately curious! It’s the only way to be 🙂 But don’t forget to share your curiosities with others! 🙂

      • WOW – I think I need to cool it on the use of happy faces haha 😛
        … there we go again!

  • Hi Lauren – you’re just not going to allow the members of this community to stay in their little comfort zone, are you?

    That’s a good a thing because anything new, exciting, and adventurous is typically not found in the routine of things, which is precisely what people get ‘locked’ into.

    Curiosity will move you beyond the mundane and excited about what future holds for you – limited only by your imagination. Be like Einstein – think as a child again : )

    Cheers to another great post!

    • Hey Mark!
      Haha oh no. There will be no staying put in the comfort zone over here. Every once in awhile I’ll let it go – but everyone best be doing something wild and crazy on their own scale at least once a week 🙂 Beesides, who doesn’t like a little adventure?

      One of my biggest fears is getting “locked” into that routine. I may even avoid it a little too much. Everything in moderation right? But I want to look back and read my story and say, “Wow, I really learned some things about life in my time.”

      I hope you’re living like Einstein these days too Mark! What things are you passionately curious about lately?
      Thanks Mark!
      LAUREN 🙂

    • I’m very predictable and consistent in my thinking Lauren… Most likely I’m thinking about business, startups, entrepreneurship – and how to improve as a person and/or professional and the next country I’d like to visit : ) — geez, kinda “boxy” thinking here!

      I’m actually still a child I think – I mean, I’m older – but I still have a tendency to throw temper tantrums, I still trust everyone and believe all have the best intentions, and every now and again I play air guitar or drums (musical instruments of choice : ).

      I really enjoyed my “kick in the pants” this AM – I plan on sharing with others often 😛

      Have a wonderful day Lauren!

      • Haha best song to play air drums to: Phil Collins – “In The Air Tonight” (Just for that 10 beat progression right in the middle) Best song to play air guitar to: hmmm… Derick & The Dominos (Clapton) – Layla. But I’m not sure if that’s the BEST. It’s the 1st that came to my mind though! 😛

        I don’t think that a.) being focused on a few key things and b.) being focused on everything that crosses your path, outweigh one or the other. Everything in moderation of course. I too have a group of things I primarily think about that are very similar to yours actually, but then there’s that other part of me that makes my mind wander constantly. In all honesty, I spread myself too thin sometimes, but that’s just how it is for me. I think if there is anything one person is going to be ‘boxy” about in terms of routine it’s thinking about how to improve as a person. Oh and of course the next country they’ll visit! 🙂

        I too trust everyone and believe everyone has the best intentions. Well, every once in awhile I find myself doubting, but it’s comments like yours that remind me that I’d be a fool o do that.

        ROCK ON MARK! 🙂

  • I like this, Lauren:-)

    How do we fit it all in?

    Two words: Polyphasic sleeping lol.

    Well, I need to do that – instead i’m just running on the fumes of no-sleep lol.

    Me? I can relate heavily to this…my curiousity is my greatest strength and weakness. Right now i’ve got so much going on I feel like that buddhist monk who set himself on fire while meditating to protest the vietnam war. I feel like when we burn like this, that we are conduit for something greater – maybe even divine? – to flow through ourselves and into the universe…like a tiny copper wire with a million volts coursing through it. I want to keep going until I burn out, and then beyond that again. And further. I’m falling further and further down the rabbit hole, and for me the biggest challenging is maintaining the commitment to keep falling – because the world just doesn’t make sense anymore. Not even a little bit. Normal conversations with friends and family seem mired in this thick, treacle-like set of false imperatives. Maybe i’m going slightly crazy – I don’t know. But in a world where sanity seems to have little to do with all that is good and right, i’m probably proud to be insane. Proud to be useless to this world even:-) The world is broken, that much I know. And perhaps in distancing myself from the world as it is now, that brokenness will be kept at arms length from me.

    It’s funny too – thinking on what Carole said above, about people who aren’t curious, and how that belies a fundamental arrogance in them that they presume to know everything – or at least everything that matters. The most curious people seem also to be the most humble imho…it feels like the more we learn about the world, the less we know. And in that confession to ourselves, we free ourselves from dogma and ideology and make room inside ourselves to grasp on to larger, more universal truths…like love, balance and peace.

    I need a dog. And a cuddle. And a bansai farm. Maybe all that will calm me down lol.

    Good work, Lauren:-) Curiousity can kill the cat – but that’s why they have 9 lives:-) I wonder what we are saving ourselves for?

    • haha Kristin you are AWESOME! I first have to say you are a fabulous writer. There is so much substance packed into your words, and I can tell it just comes naturally.

      Oh I have so much to say in response to your comment that if we were to have this discussion in person I think we’d sit for hours diving into these topics.

      “I want to keep burning until I go out.” That is the best attitude one can have. There are so many people in my life that seem uninterested in letting themselves get even close to the flame. I want to keep burning until I go out too, Kristin. I want to be so tired at the end of my days not because I let my life get so complacent that it has lulled me to sleep, but because the fire has roared and I’ve used up every last bit of wood to keep it going. That’s the only way to live.

      As far as the world being broken, I’m definitely curious to talk to you more about this. You mentioned this briefly on FB and it sparked my curiosity to find out more of your opinions. Sometimes I look around and it seems like all that is good and right is gone. You start to see the way people can treat one another, that respect, honesty, and fairness are often not granted even when deserved. You start to wonder, was Machiavelli right. Is man inherently evil?
      I’m not sure if that’s where you were going, but that’s where I started going with it because it’s been on my lately. But I do think that even though there are parts of this world that are broken, that with enough people creating positive change and staying true to what is good and what is right, that we can mend things.

      I’m looking forward to finding out what both of us are saving ourselves for. Whatever it may be, I know it’ll be full of fire and life.

      I have so much more to say and so much more to ask you, but will leave it at this for now.

      I need a dog too haha.

      • What a thought-provoking reply, Lauren – thank you! And thank you for the compliment lol:-)

        Yes! I think we could quite easily chew up an afternoon in insightful banter! And what fun it would be:-)

        You’re spot on Lauren, and I know exactly what you mean. The flame analogy is PERFECT. More than getting close to the flame, we ARE the flame. We flicker and crackle: we are the light and life of the world. I think sometimes people allow themselves to be hurt by interactions with us (flame-types) because the change we represent – the channelling of an egoless self – is a threat to the ego based world we’ve built. And in that sense, this is a lonely road – as you have noticed.

        But the change we represent puts us in direct opposition to stagnation, indifference and conservatism: in short, authority. And to the extent that the world is “broken” we are necessary.

        There is much, much more than our own happiness riding on our ability to remain true to ourselves and channel this force. Metallica said it best: “ride the lightning.” Intensity knows no destination but itself.

        I relate strongly to what you say about the world, Lauren. In terms of the world being “broken”, I am referring to the world we’ve built – our “reality” – that communal pool of fear, hopes and expectations that coagulate around our insecurities to form a particularly warped sense of imperatives. The kind of world that applauds the logic of sending fifteen million dollar planes of war to drop three million dollar bombs on people who themselves have less than a dollar. I exclude this world of expectation, fear and story from the material world (which has it’s own strange signs).

        Though, having said that I have – and still do have – a very strong sense of the unreality of this place. This world – this life – seems so foreign and unreal to me. It is writ large in everything I see – both in the natural and the man-made world. That I am here at all feels like some sort of administrative error. Nothing here makes sense the way it should. Part of my purpose in being here is to channel the “rightness” – all that is good – from that other place to here. To change here to be more like there, and to bring some measure of peace into the world. Sanity.

        And in that knowledge, I catch myself wondering if perhaps “the Mad to Live” aren’t the sanest of us all? 🙂

        The world we’ve made is a reflection of the world inside ourselves. It is no accident that the turmoil in the streets is mirrored by the turmoil in our hearts. The relationship is causal: to the extent that the outer world is a reflection of our inner world, this world is broken. We are broken. We are holding on too tight. Much too tight.

        And to none of the things that matter.

        I know exactly what you mean, Lauren – and it is very easy to fall into that conclusion – that we are evil. But I don’t think we are. Although I am compelled to accept the existence of evil as much as I acknowledge the existence of absolute good, I feel inside me that we are good. Good to the very core. Our default state is beauty – and I saw that when I was on my ride. When you unplug from the modern world for long enough, one day you wake up and remember what people are supposed to look like. And we are beautiful, Lauren. Achingly beautiful. Every last one of us. Exactly as we are. It is an intensely humbling experience to realise just how much beauty we are surrounded by, and to realise just how much of it we carry inside ourselves. The dirt we cover ourselves in is not our essence, no more than a piece of fine china abandoned in an attic is made from dust.

        We are Good. I know this to my core.

        But sometimes on the way to someplace better, we get lost.

        A voice fluttered into my mind last night, on the edge of sleep. And it told me this:

        “We are angels. One and all.”

        But it is hard to remember though, when heaven feels so far away.

        We cannot take our heart with us when we leave – as surely we will. So why not leave as much of ourselves as we can here? Why not waste our beauty on all that matters irrespective of whether others see it or not? It is the grimmest irony of all that those who hope to save themselves the most have no idea exactly what they are saving themselves for.

        Life is to be spent. Wasted. Lived in glorious error and impulse. Smash the good china – every day is a special occasion! Leave the selfish lover – too many people miss too much sex for you to ever suffer loneliness! Smack that naughty child that isn’t yours in the supermarket cue who won’t shut up! He’ll thank you when he’s older! (even if his mother threatens law suits now!)

        And chase every whim and fancy like your life depends upon it.

        Because it does!

        And always keep burning, burning, burning. Because others need the light to see:-)

        (Am really glad to have bumped into you! Look forward to watching and engagin in your conversation with life, Lauren:-)

        • Kristin I love what you have to say. You dive so deep into the topic and bring up with you so much substance and the depth itself in which you’ve dived.

          I could go on with endless words here but I’m going to force myself to keep it down.

          “Intensity knows no destination but itself.” – This is how I want to live my life. It goes along with the burning and the flame. And I hope through whatever means other people will be inspired to live their lives like this as well – with pure intensity for the things that ignite their passion.
          Because I think when we finally let go of all that fear and push aside the broken pieces on the inside, then we can start mending things. And therefore the outside world begins to mend. And this happens really for one simple reason: Because we’re happy. Even if in mending those pieces and leaving some of them behind brings us despair, the result in the end is happiness. It’s a process, ya know? And nothing worthwhile ever came easy.

          I will continue to chase every whim and fancy like my life depends on it!!! You do the same Kristin! 🙂

  • You touched on something I’m deeply passionate about and that’s embracing the kid mindset. Kids are phenomenal creatures but only before the outside world makes them self conscious, scared, and “proper”. But before all that tainting, they are the most curious, quizzical, adventurous, explorative, passionate, pleasurable beings. I constantly long for my long-lost child mindset to return.

    It never will.

    Instead, I try to remember what it was like to be a child and leave my ego behind as I go out into the world and play. For me, it’s as simple as climbing trees in the park, jumping over bike racks on the sidewalks, shouting out animal noises to see people’s reactions, and doing random handstands in random places. I do these things for no other reason than they are fun. And I feel like being playful. And it’s these exact times that I allow myself the freedom to fully express my inner child that I feel my best. As soon as I feel restrictive, self conscious, or scared to unleash my inner child, I am worse off for it.

    Great post, Lauren!

    • Hey Collin!
      Haha I love your attitude man. If you and I were together in public I think we’d end up starting a flash mob of people running around doing handstands and cart wheels.

      I often catch myself reminiscing about my childhood days. The good times of playing manhunt and hide-and-go-seek, when I built the tree house in my back yard, when I didn’t know all the terrible things that happen in this world.
      And while we’ll never go back to those days because those days are long gone, I think it’s important to hold onto them and remember them. It’s a reminder to us that at one point in our lives everything was just FUN and it was all just a giant adventure and mystery where the obstacle course had exciting surprises and fascinating paths, rather than the dark corners and dead-ends the un-childlike person sees.
      The moment we loose that child-like curiosity, we’ve lost the mystical labyrinth that life can be, and it turns into a dark maze.

      I’ll also never understand people that don’t like kids. I love spending time with them. They help me to remember and release my inner-child.

      When we get together, whenever that may be, let’s get a game of hide-and-go-seek going, shall we? I shotty hiding first! haha 😛

      • And a game of Capture the Flag! I love that game…

  • Hello Lauren,

    As a time reader and commenter, I’m excited to have discovered your blog.

    This post is further proof that like attracts like and that there is something greater in the cosmos.

    I’ve been backpacking Europe for around 3 months now. When I left I told people that “I’ve learned how to learn and now I’m learning how to live.” I said this without any insight as to what this meant. As I travel I am learning. Right now I’m in Toulouse, France, staying with a meditation guru from Iran. I’ve been meditating every day for the past four months but he has brought me to a new level. It’s been so simple.

    His words come to me like water to a cactus. Their simplicity and clarity is penetrating and is changing the foundations of my paradigms. One of the most significant bits of wisdom I’m trying to internalize is living in the moment and doing things because you enjoy them. I feel like I’ve always lived this way but now I feel that it’s justified because it doesn’t need to be justified. I CAN JUST BE.

    Anyway, I’m sorting out all of these thoughts in a post I’ll publish within the next few days but I’m glad to read that others are making progress along similar paths. Do you ever meditate?


  • Hello Lauren,

    As a first time reader and commenter, I’m excited to have discovered your blog.

    This post is further proof that like attracts like and that there is something greater in the cosmos.

    I’ve been backpacking Europe for around 3 months now. When I left I told people that “I’ve learned how to learn and now I’m learning how to live.” I said this without any insight as to what this meant. As I travel I am learning. Right now I’m in Toulouse, France, staying with a meditation guru from Iran. I’ve been meditating every day for the past four months but he has brought me to a new level. It’s been so simple.

    His words come to me like water to a cactus. Their simplicity and clarity is penetrating and is changing the foundations of my paradigms. One of the most significant bits of wisdom I’m trying to internalize is living in the moment and doing things because you enjoy them. I feel like I’ve always lived this way but now I feel that it’s justified because it doesn’t need to be justified. I CAN JUST BE.

    Anyway, I’m sorting out all of these thoughts in a post I’ll publish within the next few days but I’m glad to read that others are making progress along similar paths. Do you ever meditate?


    • Hey Roamin Ross!

      You know what? I’ve always had a big curiosity in meditation. I do it here and there but it’s been in my plans to really delve into it this year on a deeper and more personal level. My best friend of all friends is very much into meditation and she’s been inspiring me lately to harness it’s powers.

      It is not always easy to JUST BE. Living in the moment and truly FEELING exactly what is happening to you in your own skin in that precise nano second as it turns into millions of nano seconds, well, it’s enlightening if you will.

      I’m definitely looking forward to reading about how you sort out all these thoughts. Keep me posted!

      I’m curious as to how the meditation guru you’ve been learning from has taught you to take it to a new level. How did it click?

      Thanks for sharing Ross,

      • Thanks for approving the correct response!

        Of course it’s not easy to ‘just be’, lol. Doing nothing is the hardest ‘something’ that we can do! But after practicing for a while it becomes easier.

        What do you mean ‘click’? I’m CouchSurfing and he said ‘yes’ to my couch request :). We talk for hours over every meal and do a meditation most evenings. He’s a really chill dude, you can imagine.

        I’m fascinated with your blog. How long have you had it?

  • I think curiosity is what drives me in life – or, what has made me decide to try and be a long term traveler. How can I be satisfied when there is an entire world out there waiting to be experienced and learned about first hand.

    Not to mention that I have wikipedia on my tool bar since I’m always looking things up to find out more about subjects, people, or anything that happens to catch my curiosity.

    It baffles me that my niece and nephew don’t ask why about anything. I think I used to drive my parents crazy with my incessant questions about why and how the world worked.

    • Hey Erica!

      How’s it going over yonder? I hope quite wonderfully!

      When it comes to the “who, what, where, when, why” I think Why is my favorite as well. I mean I love the other ones, and they add to the why, but its the why that answers the questions and leads to even more questions as well.

      You’ll have to start showing your nice and nephew more of your travel photos and sharing with them your crazy stories to get the questions out of them! It wasn’t until I met one of my best friends Adrien and his family that I started asking questions in middle school and high school. They had traveled and lived all over the world. Beautiful souveniers and artwork was all around their house, and they speak 4 different languages! And so once I met them, I never stopped asking.

      And as for the people that stand firm in saying they don’t have a curious bone in their body as to what’s outside of their home country’s borders… well I’m not sure my bias mind could ever ever ever understand them. That is a “why” I’ll never get!

  • You’ve gotta watch out for Kristin Low. He writes a blog post to your blogpost!

    The very title of this piece hit home in a big way for me. Most of my anxieties, my Walls, if you will, revolved around the fact that I didn’t feel like I had anything to offer. I’m not an expert, I’m not experienced, I’m not this, I’m not that. I am, though, curious and adventurous. I love expanding and get restless quite easily so I often delve into many projects. Jack of all trades I guess.

    Much of what I’m going to start talking about on BTWN is going to be about curiosity and constant expansion. If you’re always growing, it’s hard for those walls not to fall down.

    • Hey Dan!

      Jack of all trades ey? Well I guess we’re meant to be because I’m definitely a Jell of all trades haha. There are a few things that I tend to focus on more than others, but I’m always off pondering what I can do or try next. Sometimes it’s something easy sometimes it’s breaking a wall.
      I used to actually hate being like that though. I felt like because I had too many interests in too many things I’d never really find that ONE thing that’s for me, or that I’d just end up hopping around nonstop and never getting settled. And then I realized that I actually wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being curious and adventurous about everything. It makes life interesting. And it makes for all sorts of inspiration for unique projects.

      I am so glad to have come across your blog lately because I think what you’re doing is awesome. Let’s break down some walls together, shall we? I’ve got your back 🙂

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  • Thanks for sharing this post Lauren.
    I can’t imagine a life not infused with curiosity. How boring would that be? By being “passionately curious” about so many random things in life is how I learn what my passions are in the first place and also which paths to choose on my journey.
    If I wasn’t curious, I would never have explored this whole other world that blogging has introduced me too and would not be reading this post.
    Love the picture of Einstein and thanks for shedding a light on this topic and I’m sure it will encourage others to turn on their curiosity as well….What are you waiting for?

    Jess 🙂

    • Hey Jessika!
      A life without curiosity would be as boring as standing on a never-ending line for a rollercoaster that everyone else is having a blast on and you don’t even understand why! That’s how boring it would be haha
      I recently came across Emilie who writes PuttyLike and calls those that are “Passionately Curious” multipotentialites. I like that.

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  • Thanks for this post! Curiosity and creativity – two areas that were so much a part of our childhood, but tend to get lost along the way for many of us. It’s so important to get them back as a part of our everyday living.. because truly, that IS living!

  • Shanky Tyagi

    I am glad by reading this post.
    Thank you Lauren to make me feel incredible and please be in touch with me .
    Well i have something to say to everyone ,why should we stick with one thing with our entire life while we do have more option as mentioned in this post.
    It’s not what you think now until you go for something new , to expand your life , to feel those moments you thought never exist but fortunately they are .
    Do whatever you think sounds good or beyond your actions which you made so far because whether situation is good or bad , you will always gain something ….

    I believe experience can be measured by nothing but a WOW !!! wow those feelings …THAT would be the original moments of your life.

  • Nitiraj Daby

    Hi Lauren. Great post. I found your post by researching on curious. Yes I am curious about curiosity. Laughs. If I had to describe myself within a few words, it would be introspective, self-aware, curious and liking my freedom. My questions to you is how has curiosity helped you in your journey ? How curiosity helped you become an entrepreneur ? Do you hate working for others and always liked working for yourself ? How has curiosity helped you with your entrepreneurial ideas ? Also, how do you think people who are curious are perceived by other people ? Do they seem childlike ?