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I want to make a difference in the world.

I want to make a difference in the world.

I found myself thinking, “That’s who I want to be like.” Watching Barack Obama’s Farewell address today I determined I want to be a human being with that exceptional caliber of integrity, vision, and hope. He is the warrior fighting for a people’s wellbeing and has taught us what we could potentially create with one another. He has taught us to be brave, and never run away.

I want to be part of passing the that baton.

Humans have boundless potential to live lives of peace of mind, wellbeing, vitality, love, affinity, wholeness, and completeness.

For many years, I have not seen in myself how powerful I could be. And I think many of us could say the same. I think many of us don’t realize what a difference we can make.

When Barack paid homage to the people who’ve been part of his presidency since the beginning, I realized that I want to be the people in the stands in the future celebrating the triumph we’re still fighting for. In my lifetime, it is my mission that I will stand with those who fought the good fight and we will know that we succeeded.

Of course, what is life without growth? And so there will always be a reason for human beings to fight that good fight as new circumstances arrive. We fight now so we can hand the baton to those who come next.

As the world gets smaller and smaller we have increasing power to see one another, help one another, and connect with one another. In the process, we are realizing that we are not so different. That in the state of the world we live in, we’re all left living in fear. Every single one of us.

We are at a point in our human history where we are standing at a crossroads. It is possible for us to destroy ourselves just inches from the gold we’ve been digging for. We have just as much power to create a space of growth as we do to create a space of demise. There is no law that says human beings can’t destroy this earth and one another to the point of no return.

Like Barack said, we can, should, and are free to argue, debate, and challenge one another to solve these problems. We can use our words to invent possibilities for how our communities, countries, and global society can function.The power of language and discussion are one of the greatest gifts of being a human being. Pair that with the gifts of creation and imagination, and we are limitless.

We are not there yet. But we are getting there. And we need to fight for or fellow man in every from every corner of this world along the way

That’s what it comes down too.

So here is where I stand:

I am declaring my involvement in this pursuit. And I will not go gently. I want the best for every single one of us, and I will fight for everyone.

The underlying intention of everything I create, share, say and write from here on out will be rooted in the belief that one day, in my lifetime or not, all humans beings will live lives of inner-peace and wholeness. I believe that is possible. And I believe it is worth fighting to create a possibility for that.

Step by step, I will strive to break down the stories we have in our heads about the way things are, and represent all the possibilities of what we as humans could be.

Standing here, right now, I’m inventing for myself, my life, and this world I love, the possibility of being and acting boldly, with integrity and with my heart forward for the rest of my life.

In reference to wording relevant to these times we’re living in, let’s make being human and being alive, great again.

What do you declare, today? 

About Lauren Rains

Life gets pretty f*cking nuts sometimes, doesn't it? Every day I wake up more to myself and more to this world. This website is an expression of that.

Space Travelers is multi-layered exploration of our existence here on this rock we call Earth. We're going to talk about the matrix, UFOs, and astral travel, and explore our awakening into the divine masculine and feminine. We'll discover our bodies both the physical and subtle body. We'll contemplate the sacredness of mother earth and the concept of who/what the hell made this place in the first place?

I also aim to keep this website rooted and grounded, referring to topics that are effecting us in the here and now, such as fighting against the oppression of women worldwide, pealing away layers of social conditioning greedy capitalists are using to turn us into consumers, and navigating this insane technological revolution before the AI take over. I can geek out on consciousness up in space all day, but life happens here on the ground and this is the time we were born into.

This website is about integrating into our full human experience, aligning with ourselves and with each other, shedding skins and transcending into the unfolding layers of ourselves.

My wish for you, and for myself, is to unfold and evolve into our highest selves. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We need not sell our souls to the status quo.

I'm on the journey too. I write this blog to speak to others who are waking up, or who desire to wake up. Because we can't do this alone.

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