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I’m Going on a Sponsored Road Trip of the US! Who’s Coming With Me?!

By chance… might you have “Take a Road Trip through the US” on your Bucket List? By chance… might you like to do that for pretty much free? By chance… might you have an interest in places like San Francisco, Phoenix, and Las Vegas? By chance… might you want to check that off your bucket list, do all that for practically free, and visit those places with a crazy, sexy, cool chick you know who goes by the name of Lauren Rains? … hey wait… that’s me!

Well, guess what? YOU CAN!!! … and it doesn’t even rely on chance! It simply relies on YOU seizing the day by submitting a 30 – 60 second video to Fox-Rent-A-Car who is planning a 6 city, 16 day road trip throughout the west coast of the United States this June! Tell us why you deserve to go or come up with some other crazy way to convince us in your video!(no nudity please… we do not want to see your very large… toe). CLICK HERE TO ENTER.


Who: The lineup so far is myself and the wonderful Matt Kimberly of Get a Grip. However, as you know, there are 4 seats in your typical sedan, and the other 2 spots need to be filled! That spot could be yours! (Otherwise it might get awkward between Matt and I… ;-P)

What: In each location we’ll be doing some sort of crazy, sponsored adventure activity be it Hot Air Balloon Riding in the deserts of Arizona or Sky Diving over the mansions of Hollywood! We’ll also be hosting a MeetUp/TweetUp in each location for those of you nearby to come out and do the event with us as well as get together at a local coffee shop / restaurant / bar to have some fun, do some networking, etc.

Where: The West Coast of America: Los Angeles, San Diego, Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Las Vegas, San Francisco.  We’ll be like Johnny Depp in Fear & Loathing (minus the mescaline of course), Flashdance show girls in Vegas, and then we’ll blast that terrible Katy Perry song California Dreams down the coast from San Fran to LA. It’ll be badass.

When: June 7th – 22nd beginning and ending in LA. (Just after World Domination Summit my friends… which I hopefully will be attending!!!!!)

Why: On our end – This is the opportunity of a lifetime! The stories that will be told come the end of this trip will be ones you’ll never forget and will be able to look back on forever. On Fox’s end – this is a brilliant way for a travel-industry company to not just get in touch with their customers, but to do something fun and connect with them in a bigger way!

How: Fox is hooking is up with a different car in each destination, hotels like the Luxor in Vegas, covering gas, and making this whole thing happen. All events will be sponsored and we’ll be writing about everything we’re doing on our blogs, taking ridiculous videos, and going only 5 miles per hour over the speed limit.

• For even more details you can listen to my interview on Blogcast FM with the always awesome Srini whose working to coordinate this trip with Fox!


Of course I can’t write a post on here without talking about some sort of life lesson. So, before you run off thinking this is too good to be true, think about this for a second…

A lot of what happens to us comes down to pure chance and luck. However, luck does not come from luck. It comes from YOU.

The only way people are lucky is if they create the conditions for good luck in their life.

Rather, it’s a person’s ability to acknowledge and seize an opportunity. It’s a person’s ability to recognize that a change is knocking on their door and this is their chance to take the leap to grab it. It’s a person’s ability to put their life into their own hands and truly LIVE it.

I was “lucky” enough to travel throughout China and South Easy Asia because I took a risk, did the legwork to get a job there, and put my money where my mouth was.  Right now I feel like the “luckiest” person in the world to be going on this trip, but I proved myself along the way that I deserved to go.

Matt Kimberly was “lucky” enough to get his self-help blog picked up by publishers to be turned into a book 2 weeks after launch because he put everything he had into it and knows how to sell.

Fox-Rent-A-Car was “lucky” enough to meet their brilliant Social Media coordinator Srini because they took action to go to a travel seminar that Srini was “lucky” enough to speak at because he’s given 110% effort into becoming an expert in the industry.

Life and Luck are about seizing opportunities. Luck has nothing to do with roadblocks, and everything to do with your ability to go up, below, or around them. It has everything to do with seeing an opening and then simply taking it.

NOW GO MAKE YOUR VIDEO AND COME ON THIS ROAD TRIP WITH ME! .. I need someone to get “lucky” with in Vegas! 😉


“Good Luck!”

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  • This sounds pretty cool. I might just have to join you, but if not, I’ll see you in San Francisco. We’ll catch a mosh pit, talk to a few hipsters, and then eat really awesome thai food.

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  • If we were back in the states I would have totally bothered you to take us with!

  • Congratulations Lauren! This sounds like it will be an amazing adventure. I can not wait to virtually join you on this trip through your blog posts and videos!

  • AWESOME! How *lucky* for you!! (haha)

    Wish I could join you, as this is definitely on my list of things to do. Good *luck* in finding someone awesome! 🙂

  • That sounds amazing! Have a great time and good luck to all of the participants. I’ll be in Hawaii having adventures of my own.

  • I did a cross-country road trip two summers ago and recommend the experience to everyone and anyone… It’s a one-of-a-kind trip that I think all Americans should take! I also love what you have to say about luck, chance, and opportunity. So many of the possibilities that are opened to you in your life are by your very own doing. It may not be a direct consequence of any decision you make, but just deciding to read a blog like this one ro picking up a certain book can enter us into a whole realm of possibility we thought previously unimaginable. Good luck to everyone who enters to win the trip and thanks for offering such an awesome opportunity to readers!

  • I look forward to reading about the road trip! It sounds like it’ll be a ton of fun.

  • Sounds like a great trip. Just a question? We will look at submitting, but if we get in we will need two seats. We are off to make a video for you now! Super excited!

  • Hey! You left the nicest comment ever on a guest post I did for Meet, Plan, Go. So now I’m here… and your site is awesome!! We share some dear mutual friends, so are we just now connecting? I hope I don’t miss you when you hit Vegas. Please tell me it’s not June 10-13?!

    • Hey Abby!!!!
      What’s up?! I loved your post and have to say that you are AWESOME!!! So glad that we’ve connected!!!
      I am not 100% sure where we will be and when but I am nervous that those actually may be the dates!!! Ut oh!!! I’ll let you know b/c if its not we should get together or come out w us on w/e event we end up doing there or something!!!!
      PS – when I know I’ll have to shoot you an email b/c I see you’re the editor in cheif of Vegas Magazine!!! We’re booking events with clubs, companies, tourist destination bizs, etc in each location! I’d love to hear if Vegas Magazine would like to do something with FOX?! Who knows!!! I’m not sure if you’ll get this Comment Reply so I’ll shoot you an email!!!

      I’m super excited to connect with you Abby!!!!
      – Laur 🙂

  • Damn jealous! You best hit me up when you make it to SD! If you crazies need a spot to crash, let me know! My gf and I live in a dope little warehouse in a rough industrial part of downtown.

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