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I’m Holding a Funeral For Your Untapped Potential Unless You Stop Me

Okay, I’m just going to go ahead and say it… I don’t care how much “untapped potential” you have. It means nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Your “untapped potential” means less to this world than the daily lives of those stupid Kardashian sisters.

As the saying gooes, “Potential” is nothing more than a French word that means ‘You ain’t done shit’.”

And since this world needs more room for people tapping into the potential, I’ve decided to hold a funeral for all that frustrating “untapped potential”.  Either do something about it, or we’re going to put it to rest.

Because you know what? Leaving your potential untapped leaves you as dead as a dried up jelly fish on the beach unless…


So, are you?!?!


A couple weeks ago I was chatting with the brilliant and wonderful Mars Dorian about all this and you know what he said to me?

He said, “Lauren, you are so brilliant, beautiful, and bodacious I wish to come over to America from Germany immediately to sweep you off your feet!

Okay no he didn’t say that… but we did have a great chat simply about living the dreams we’re currently chasing after… the potential we’re doing everything we can to live up to.

It made me think of the famous Bobby D. (a.k.a Robert DeNiro) quote from the classic movie A Bronx Tail. In the movie, he looks at his son who is beginning to look up to Mob Boss, Sunny, and he says to him…”What do I always tell ya?“..

“The Saddest Thing In Life is Wasted Talent.”

And that’s what it really all comes down to my friends. If you aren’t living up to your potential, you’re committing one of the saddest things that can happen in life… you’re letting your talents – your gift to the world – go to waste.

Let’s look at a few hypothetical situations of three amazing people that without them this world would lack a certain beautiful luster had they not chased after all they could do to fulfill their potential… to embrace their talents… to live their lives to the fullest and be who they are meant to be.


Bernardo Mendez of YourGreatLifeTV.

You know how certain people come into your life and from the very second they enter into it you are now a better person? That’s Bern. It is his greatest potential to give the gift of hope and self-love to others, and he’s fulfilling that potential every single day with his daily video series on Your Great Life TV. Bernardo is one of the most authentic, sincere, and REAL people I’ve ever met – a true friend – and he even has that Spanish accent you guys know I love!

The world we live in would not include all the happiness and positivity possible if Bernardo weren’t doing what his beautiful potential offers.

Mars Dorian of mardorian.com

Mars will not take NO for an answer. You will live awesomely. You will make an impact on the world. You will blaze your own trail. You will kickass. And he does it all by focusing on how you you live and how you work… two things that should go hand-in-hand. You see, aside from fulfilling his talent as a brilliant designer, Mars’ other real potential is being that rock-solid push that gets you to take that leap of faith, start that business, define your niche and then rock it, be AWESOME. He’s a living, breathing call-to-action!

The world we live in would loose someone that inspires us to think, do, act, and be BIGGER than we ever imagined if Mars wasn’t doing all his potential has in store for him.

Sally Hope of sallyhope.com

Sally is a life coach that I just recently came across this past week and I have to say that I am already in love with her stuff! If we were neighbors, we’d be hanging out all the time! She’s one of those girls that is just badass, and she wants you to be the badass self that you know you’re meant to be too! Whether it comes to your career path, your relationships… in and out of the bedroom haha, and your personal growth, she wants you to be GREAT! She truly, whole-heartedly believes in you and every single spec of potential you have!


I could go on and on and on listing all the wonderful, inspiring, badass, sexy people I am so lucky to know that are fulfilling their potential and their talents, but let me cut to the chase… this isn’t about them as much as it’s about YOU!

As beer aficionado and good friend Dan Z over at Break The Walls Now once told to me in a comment here on The Mad To Live, “Potential is like a keg… why aren’t you tapping it?”

So now it’s your turn. You see this blank space below… that’s where you’re “Living Potential Paragraph” goes.

It can say anything you want. It can say, “I am Anita Shower and it is my greatest potential to live in Africa and help to teach those in need how to sustain themselves” It can say, “I am Positive Pam and it is my greatest potential to create a media empire that is a meaningful resource to help others create their own media empires.” It can say, “I am Pablo and it is my greatest potential to inspire the lives of 10 Million People”

Now is your chance. Don’t hold back. Nothing & no one is telling you “no” in that spot below.


This Blank Space is Infinite. This Blank Space is your Potential.



So, what’s your potential? What’s your talent? What are you going to do all you can do to offer to the world and live the wild-crazy-meaningful life you’re meant to live?

Feel free to sing it out loud in the comments below and let your energy get contagious.

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  • Danka for the shout-out!

    I’ve been having this conversation with so many of my friends as we approach our graduation day. They say things like “I don’t know what I’m going to do!” All I can respond with is “open up the floodgates of your potential, don’t hold back.”

    • Hey Dan!
      I had to mention you b/c it was your comment that got me thinking about potential! I wrote it down on a sticky note that said, “Write about this!” with your name on it hehe 🙂

      But I’m with you man. The best thing you can do is pretend there’s not a damn barrier in your way and then just start DOING. Suddenly, before you know it, you’re at a place that you had never even imagined. Most of the things we’ll do in life at some point or another we would have never in our wildest dreams thought we’d be doing it… and then there we are… in that moment… doing it!

      Cheers, to tapping that Potential keg! Let’s drink a lot of it and get a good buzz goin hehe
      – Laur 🙂

  • Hi Lauren, you hit the nail on the head so to speak.

    I have felt like for so many years I have let my talents start to rot. I am just starting to find a way to use some of my skills and lucky for me, they haven’t deserted me, well not yet anyway.

    Thanks for the reminder. Talent is useless unless we use it.

    • Hey David!

      Well being it’s clear to me that writing and inspiring people with your writing is one of your talents, I have to say I’m pretty damn sure that it’s riper than fresh picked berries.. or something like that haha. Lame analogy lol.

      I don’t think they’ll ever desert you as long as you keep using them my friend 🙂
      – Laur

  • Javi

    The sad thing is: what are you supossed to do if you don’t know what your potential is?

    • Hey Javi,

      I really thank you for sharing this particular question in the comments, and I think that maybe I’ll write a follow up post to this article just about that.

      In fact, I struggled with that very question for a long long time. Sometimes even my self-talk gets the best of me and might even say that I’m not doing enough, or I’m putting all my efforts into the wrong thing b/c how can I really do what I envision. etc. Negative self talk… what a bitch haha.

      But I think that when someone doesn’t really know, then they just need to get out and start doing and trying EVERYTHING. SOme things they will suck at, some things they will not like… but suddenly without even really realizing they’ll fall into something that they just love, sets them on fire, and they are naturally talented at. They’ll just “know” i ahve the potential to be GREAT at this.
      But it all strats with action… even if its blind action 🙂

      Thanks for the thoughtful question Javi,
      Laur 🙂

      • Javi

        It’d be delightful reading your thoughts about my question. You seem to have such amazing things to offer the world.

        Lately I spent a lot of time thinking about that. Actually, I think so much, that reading guys like Mars makes me feel anxious bucause my mind is not clear at all, and they have such pure thoughts.

        I guess you’re terrifying right: when you don’t know what your potential is, you ‘only’ need to keep on trying things until you find your own one. Easier said than done, hehe.

        Nice, Lauren!

        • Just want to jump in here and say- yes! Potential by itself isn’t enough, but it’s really important to think about how people become empowered to act on that potential, too. Experimenting is a HUGE part of it, but we also need to find more deliberate ways of becoming inspired and inspiring those around us.

          To be honest, Lauren- I appreciate the passion and spirit in this post, but I’m a little wary of denouncing potential when most people seriously don’t even realize how amazing they really are and how to develop an unpolished vision! “Just ship” is overrated if you haven’t lit the fire to ship in the first place!

          • Hey Tessa!!!
            Right on and thanks for bringing that up. If we just went about ‘experimenting’ without always doing it on purpose we night not even realize that we’ve just had an epiphanie. Instead we’re just like a junkie experimenting with another drug and we don’t even know what’s good for us haha. In a way, it needs to be a little pre-meditated.

            And about your second point – haha I totally agree with you actually. It was more of a title to attract attention hehe. But it is so frustrating to me to see certain people in my life with SO MUCH POTENTIAL and they don’t even see it or believe it or worse, care to do anything with it! It’s when they know it’s there and they don’t care to use it that truly kills me. I know there’s a deeper reason for that – maybe they’re stuck, maybe they’re lost, maybe they’re going through something – but I just wish I could see everyone follow their dreams and their potential, ya know?!
            I’m glad you’re out there helping people light their fires Tessa! 🙂

  • yes girrl, this is an important reminder.
    My father’s a totally talented person when it comes to designing and drawing, but he wasted that potential because he was afraid to follow that life. Fear destroys careers, and NOT following your gifts is the worst thing you can do in today’s world.
    Execution beats talent anytime, because the person that’s constantly shipping is the person that’s going to win in the end.

    Here’s to unleashing our creativity and taking MASSIVE action.

    I salute you fellow digital crusader !

    • I believe Mars nailed it. Personally, I have the issue with thinking too small and mentally listing why and how I will fail at something. I think this is amplified if you have experienced serious failure before.

      It’s tough overcoming the biggest obstacle in your path, which is normally you.

      • Hey Mike!

        Ah.. the good ol’ list of “why and who I am going to fail at something”…. been there done that. And you know what? It gets me nowhere haha. Unfortunately, telling our minds to shut up is about as difficult as telling a crying baby to shut up lol.

        But you know what? At least you know that thinking on a too small scale is your obstacle. You’ve tackled the issue. Now you can pay attention to it. For your next project as Consiglieri you better thing BIG my friend 🙂 Screw the failure… the worst that could happen…well, it usually doesn’t! 🙂

      • Whatup, Mike:

        You’ve brought up a magnificently important point.
        I myself have MAJORED in major failures in the past… ha ha!
        It can be hard to find a way to climb up out of that dark hole, look people in the eye, and point to the mountaintop once again.

        One thing that REALLY helps?
        Is surrounding yourself with people who believe in (drum roll) you.
        Maybe not necessarily in your potential (potential is like an inheritance)…

        But people who believe in your purpose and your perseverance.
        (these things are like the ability to earn money. They can always replenish a bankrupt account.)

        Sometimes when the inside voice isn’t acting right…
        Having voices outside your head to set you straight (kinda like training wheels) is essential.

        Also – saying your inner thoughts out loud usually shines the light of reality on them.
        As a wise man once said: “It’s usually not as bad as it seems, or as good as it seems.”

        I just add to that: “I choose to see it as good as possible. Because even if it isn’t, it’ll eventually swing back that way.”

        Don’t forget – Thomas Edison failed 10,000 times.
        At that point, his potential, his talent… that was all irrelevant.
        But his perseverance? And belief in his destiny? Priceless.

        We all need to work on our perseverance muscle. 🙂
        (See Lauren’s story about the blind Chinese guitar player.)

        All the best!


  • Love this quote…which is floating around twitter. As the saying gooes, “Potential” is nothing more than a French word that means ‘You ain’t done shit’.”

    Yes – a very good reminder to do want you love to its fullest…and enjoy the journey!

    • Hey Lisa!

      If there is one single good piece of advice out there it’s do what you love to the fullest & enjoy the journey of it. We way too often in life get so caught up in getting from A to B that we forget that there’s a huge adventure in between. This can be said in business, in world travel, in a love interest, etc.
      – Laur 🙂

  • I think you should apply for a job to be a business school professor. Apparently there’s lots of untapped potential in business school 🙂 HAHA. I think this needed to be said and I’m glad you said it so eloquently. Too many people are busy hiding behind their untapped potential and not actually doing anything with it Fortunately you are not one of them and you’re going places. Glad to be along for the ride.

    • Hey Srini!!

      hahaha… if I was a bizness school teacher I’d give those kids somn to think about. In all honesty, when I’m a lot older I wouldn’t mind being a college professor at a business school. There aren’t enough teachers today showing kids how to think out of the box or as Seth Godin would say, “Poke the box!”. Too much of college is a giant standardized test. I want to help to change that! That is part of my potential hehe.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment Srini! I owe a good amount of my “going places” to you being with me along the ride so I thank you for that!!!! 🙂
      Laur 🙂

  • Sweet Laur,

    Aside from your super kind and sweet words in your post (thank you so much), I love the premise behind your post because it speaks about the bottom line of what a lot of what we all try to say sometimes. Life is a place to live not a place to simply prepare to live. It’s so funny to read your post now since I recorded something along this lines for my friday 60 second video last night so we are on the same channel my friend! I guess my greatest motivation to do what I do every day (relative to my blog) is facing the last four years of my dad’s battle with cancer and experiencing the fragility and shortness of life.

    Two months before he passed away I decided to plan my blog in order to share my life with others on a more consistent basis. As he was laying in his bed tired from chemo I told him the concept and he glowed with excitement, he never got to see my first video but I know that he knew where I was going with this.

    Remembering that moment keeps me going some nights when it’s late and I’m so tired but yet feel that urge to say something out to the world. You my friend are a true giver and I love the excitement and the passion you pour into everything you do. I have no doubt you will never face the problem of untapped potential. I am honored to be your friend and watch your blog grow and your soul blossom 🙂
    Thank you again for your post.

    • Hey Bernardo!
      Thank you so much for your kind words and sharing this with me Bernardo. There is a way about you that everything you say is inspiring! I was actually telling some friends about you the other day and I said, “I know this guy Bernardo from online and I have never seen anyone pour so much authentic passion into what they do in my life.” It is not just the lessons within your words that are things we can learn from in your videos, but also just your way of being.

      I have to say that I am sure that your father is watching down on you from up above and seeing all that you’ve been doing and giving and creating and he is probably the proudest father in the world. He’s like, “That’s my son! He is wonderful.” 🙂

      Thank you Bernardo!
      Your friend Lauren 🙂

  • You’re right, Laur, potential means nothing unless it’s released. But when it’s released WHOOSHH, you feel it… Gotta say I felt some of it from you in this post! Awesome job!

    • Hey Ryan!!!
      Ahh… I love that “WHOOSHH” feeling hehe. It’s like making that half court shot and its nothin’ but net baby hehe.
      Here’s to releasing our potential!
      – Lauren 🙂

  • GIRL…I FREAKING LOVE this article and not just cuz I’m mentioned (which made me blush btw…and…let’s be neighbors so we can hang out!!!!!) And I’ve never heard a better quote than this: “Potential” is nothing more than a French word that means ‘You ain’t done shit’.”

    You’re my hero. Can we make little egg people together when we hang out?

    Sally, your new bestie.

    • Hey Sally!!!

      I know I love that quote! I actually owe that same quote to Dan Z from Break The Walls Now b/c I’m pretty sure he mentioned that one in the same comment haha. He’s the one that sent a Tweet out earlier in the week that said he wanted to merry you after hearing your About Me Dramatization haha.

      I love that quote too b/c it’s a “Not gunna sugar coat it for ya” kinda quote. Sometimes, you just have to get a little shit to get your shit done haha.

      I’ll bring the eggs & marker you bring the food coloring! haha
      Laur 🙂

  • Right on! Sometimes I too feel like yelling, “Stop Wasting Your Talent” in a microphone. I work with so many talented individuals who just aren’t motivated. And I’m not really even talking about work wise, I’m talking about life pursuits. They go home, sit in front of the tv and veg out until they go to sleep. That’s no way to live your life.

    Achieving something great is one of the highest pleasures, because you’ve worked hard, overcome challenges and have earned it. Watching TV just makes your life go by faster.

    Thanks for the motivational post.

    • Hey Dan!
      I couldn’t agree more! There are a people in my life that do the same thing. They go home, flick on the tube, eat their TV dinner in front of it rather than talking with the person next to them, and watch endless reruns of Law & Order all night long.
      … okay, sometimes I get sucked into Law & Order SVU… but no one is perfect haha.

      There’s no better feeling out there than working your ass off and giving 110% to what you’ve dreampt of achieving.

  • This goes back to friends that think I’m funny or strange for constantly talking about/working on my list. But I think THEY are strange for just drifting through life with no interest in seeing, doing, feeling, thinking, tasting everything in life!

    • Hey Jessica!
      haha I RELATE SO SO SO SO MUCH!!!! I literally can’t comprehend the people that let life pass them by. Jeez… even if you work your ass off and it didn’t go to plan, at least you experienced it and you were really living! It’s like what Dan Cristo said up above in the comments,
      “Sometimes I too feel like yelling, “Stop Wasting Your Talent” in a microphone. I work with so many talented individuals who just aren’t motivated. And I’m not really even talking about work wise, I’m talking about life pursuits. They go home, sit in front of the tv and veg out until they go to sleep. That’s no way to live your life.”

      … I’m glad there are people like you & dan out there who are seeing, doing, feeling, thinking, tasting EVERYTHING IN LIFE! 🙂
      – Laur

  • I think a lot of that potential that’s inside will come out if you believe in yourself. Too many people doubt their capabilities and think they can’t do something. Of course if in your mind you believe you can’t do something then you’ve already lost!

    I agree with Dan that too many people go home and veg out in front of the TV! That used to be me completely. Now I realize if you want to get anywhere in life, watching TV isn’t going to do it for you! Yet so many people do that daily and then 2 years later wonder why their life or work situation hasn’t improved.

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