Okay, I’m just going to go ahead and say it… I don’t care how much “untapped potential” you have. It means nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero. Your “untapped potential” means less to this world than the daily lives of those stupid Kardashian sisters.

As the saying gooes, “Potential” is nothing more than a French word that means ‘You ain’t done shit’.”

And since this world needs more room for people tapping into the potential, I’ve decided to hold a funeral for all that frustrating “untapped potential”.  Either do something about it, or we’re going to put it to rest.

Because you know what? Leaving your potential untapped leaves you as dead as a dried up jelly fish on the beach unless…


So, are you?!?!


A couple weeks ago I was chatting with the brilliant and wonderful Mars Dorian about all this and you know what he said to me?

He said, “Lauren, you are so brilliant, beautiful, and bodacious I wish to come over to America from Germany immediately to sweep you off your feet!

Okay no he didn’t say that… but we did have a great chat simply about living the dreams we’re currently chasing after… the potential we’re doing everything we can to live up to.

It made me think of the famous Bobby D. (a.k.a Robert DeNiro) quote from the classic movie A Bronx Tail. In the movie, he looks at his son who is beginning to look up to Mob Boss, Sunny, and he says to him…”What do I always tell ya?“..

“The Saddest Thing In Life is Wasted Talent.”

And that’s what it really all comes down to my friends. If you aren’t living up to your potential, you’re committing one of the saddest things that can happen in life… you’re letting your talents – your gift to the world – go to waste.

Let’s look at a few hypothetical situations of three amazing people that without them this world would lack a certain beautiful luster had they not chased after all they could do to fulfill their potential… to embrace their talents… to live their lives to the fullest and be who they are meant to be.


Bernardo Mendez of YourGreatLifeTV.

You know how certain people come into your life and from the very second they enter into it you are now a better person? That’s Bern. It is his greatest potential to give the gift of hope and self-love to others, and he’s fulfilling that potential every single day with his daily video series on Your Great Life TV. Bernardo is one of the most authentic, sincere, and REAL people I’ve ever met – a true friend – and he even has that Spanish accent you guys know I love!

The world we live in would not include all the happiness and positivity possible if Bernardo weren’t doing what his beautiful potential offers.

Mars Dorian of mardorian.com

Mars will not take NO for an answer. You will live awesomely. You will make an impact on the world. You will blaze your own trail. You will kickass. And he does it all by focusing on how you you live and how you work… two things that should go hand-in-hand. You see, aside from fulfilling his talent as a brilliant designer, Mars’ other real potential is being that rock-solid push that gets you to take that leap of faith, start that business, define your niche and then rock it, be AWESOME. He’s a living, breathing call-to-action!

The world we live in would loose someone that inspires us to think, do, act, and be BIGGER than we ever imagined if Mars wasn’t doing all his potential has in store for him.

Sally Hope of sallyhope.com

Sally is a life coach that I just recently came across this past week and I have to say that I am already in love with her stuff! If we were neighbors, we’d be hanging out all the time! She’s one of those girls that is just badass, and she wants you to be the badass self that you know you’re meant to be too! Whether it comes to your career path, your relationships… in and out of the bedroom haha, and your personal growth, she wants you to be GREAT! She truly, whole-heartedly believes in you and every single spec of potential you have!


I could go on and on and on listing all the wonderful, inspiring, badass, sexy people I am so lucky to know that are fulfilling their potential and their talents, but let me cut to the chase… this isn’t about them as much as it’s about YOU!

As beer aficionado and good friend Dan Z over at Break The Walls Now once told to me in a comment here on The Mad To Live, “Potential is like a keg… why aren’t you tapping it?”

So now it’s your turn. You see this blank space below… that’s where you’re “Living Potential Paragraph” goes.

It can say anything you want. It can say, “I am Anita Shower and it is my greatest potential to live in Africa and help to teach those in need how to sustain themselves” It can say, “I am Positive Pam and it is my greatest potential to create a media empire that is a meaningful resource to help others create their own media empires.” It can say, “I am Pablo and it is my greatest potential to inspire the lives of 10 Million People”

Now is your chance. Don’t hold back. Nothing & no one is telling you “no” in that spot below.


This Blank Space is Infinite. This Blank Space is your Potential.



So, what’s your potential? What’s your talent? What are you going to do all you can do to offer to the world and live the wild-crazy-meaningful life you’re meant to live?

Feel free to sing it out loud in the comments below and let your energy get contagious.

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