If our lives were a coloring book, would you color in the lines?

Would you color in each section and space perfectly? Would the Cinderella cutouts be shaded in her fitting pink pastels alongside her knight in shining, silver armor?

Would every background be shaded with blue skies and white fluffy clouds and singing birds flying high above the rich, green trees?

Would the binding of the coloring book itself be held together as strong and sturdy as it was the day you first got it? Would you always keep it in a safe, neat place on top of a sturdy book shelf where no one else could get to it?


Would you tear the pre-designed pages out and replace them with your own? Would you draw your own creatures and princesses and friends and knights in shining armor? Would you draw monsters and trouble and chaos? Would you shade the pages not just with beautiful, peaceful pastels, but also with darker, more intense, and bolder colors? Would you create scenes that traverse foreign lands, that confront strangers, that evoke curiosity and wonder?  Would your characters defeat bad guys, chase after their dreams, and run head first into adventure?

Would the binding of the book itself be torn and taped back together again over and over so you could keep drawing out your story? And would you leave the book out where other people can see it, for better or for worse?

If you ask me, screwing the lines sounds a whole lot more wondrous and exciting than the fairytale version.

Color Outside The Lines.
Take a chance…


How do you color outside of the lines? Why do you do it? What are you drawing?

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