The first time I meditated I hated it. “So…am I just supposed to sit here and focus on my breathe?” What? That made absolutely no sense to me.

And now I absolutely love it, and it is has been one of my guiding lights.

Whether you’ve never meditated before, you’re just getting into it, or you’re on your way to becoming a bodhisattva, I welcome you to check out the following guided meditations with a sense of curiosity.

I will not say much about what they mean to me in order to leave them to your interpretation, though I’d love to hear in the comments if any of them spoke to you. Furthermore, please share in the comments the URLs to any of your favorite meditation tracks, along with a description of it and any other notes you’d like to share. Not only would I love to check them out, but I’m sure others would as well.

Perhaps this page can become a library of meditation recommendations for one another.


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"What you seek is seeking you."

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