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LIFE EQUATIONS: The Only Answer You’ll Ever Need to Life’s Wild Questions

Let’s be serious here… people who think they know it all are especially annoying to those of us who do… ;-P As I normally do during both my spare time and any form of transportation while traveling, I begin to ponder all sorts of bits and pieces of the meaning of life. (Something tells me you enjoy a similar routine!)

This past weekend as I road-tripped up to the beautiful and surprisingly quite progressive city of Savannah, Georgia from my little beach town in St. Augustine FL, I began thinking about that little thing we call “the answers to life’s questions.” There are a lot of people out there that think they have the answers to everything. And just like all the noise out there in the blogosphere can get a little confusing and daunting, so can all these answers that are so-called RIGHT! Check it out…

  • How many “The World Is About to End!” days have we had in the past 5 years?!
  • How many vegans or meat eaters are more healthy because of what they do/don’t eat and how many have unhealthy symptoms because of what they do/don’t eat?
  • How many people know why Republicans know best, how many people know why Democrats know best, and how many people know why they should just run the damn country themselves?
  • How many travelers have been to the same foreign country and have completely opposite opinions vs. how many have had completely similar opinions?
  • How many times have you gotten advice you’re so glad you didn’t take vs. the times you’ve gotten advice that you wish more than anything you took?
  • How many Blogging Authorities say to write 3 times a week on the dot and how many say to write whenever inspiration comes?
  • How many songs out there do you think are AMAZING, CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT, LYRICAL/MUSICAL GENIUS that others thing are absolute borrrinnggggg?
  • How many people out there have treated you unfairly or rudely when they barely even know you?! (Dimwitts… You’re freaking awesome .. and quite sexy too … a good friend of mine told me ‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”)


Are you ready for it?!?!?! Because I promise that once I tell you this you’ll begin to revaluate everything and probably wind up on some sort of awesome mental and border-crossing journey to take in every last bit of information and insight you can get your hands and mind on. Well that sounds awesome doesn’t it? THE ANSWER: It is not about knowing the one & only answer!!!! Life Is About Exploring ALL THE ANSWERS!!!Of course, there are some things that are clearly black and white (i.e. Game of Thrones is an awesome show, Travelers are the sexiest kinds of people, James Franco is beautiful… you know… things like that ;-P)


I recently got into a semi-big argument with a good friend of mine about the process of which marijuana becomes more legalized. What my view is and his view is doesn’t really matter at all, but rather the way we reacted to each other’s views … as if we were BOTH WRONG!!!! The thing is… neither of us are wrong! It doesn’t matter if you’re a pot-loving hippie with an affinity for trees or if you’re an anti-marijuana straight-edge who is weary of the whole thing… Both views have something to offer! Both people have had different experiences to get them there! And Both solutions and opinions have pros & cons. The Answer is Compromise. The Answer is Understanding. The Answer is Exploring Options. The Questions are not Yes or No or Right or wrong, but rather infinitely How and Why and When and Who.The same thing goes for the times I thought that anyone without an entrepreneurial spirit or interest in travel was plain wrong. (Who did I think I was?) The same goes for when I thought a culture should do things this way because my culture does it that way. (That’s arrogance right there!) The same goes for when I thought that boys from Italy were the cutest ones in the world… until I went to Brazil! (What can I say?! :-P)

Is anything similar coming to your mind??? hmm? hmm? hmm? (You wouldn’t be human if not!)


Next time you get in an argument or you feel you’re 110% right or you think that you’ve got it all figured out, take a step back and just listen for a change!! Play devil’s advocate with your own self. Look for the benefit of the doubt. Be as fascinated with someone’s “ridiculous, how-can-this-person-even-think-this?!?!, stupid” opinion and find some truth in it! Because let me tell you something… the moment you stop thinking you’ve got all the answers is the moment life starts to get a hell of a lot more interesting and exciting… it’s the moment you’re life becomes a quest and adventure for unlimited badass experiences and insights and stops becoming a boring battle with a whole lot of negativity and frustration in it. That is all for today my fellow Mad Ones. Get out there, kick some ass, and take some names! Until next time! – Lauren

About Lauren Rains

Life gets pretty f*cking nuts sometimes, doesn't it? Every day I wake up more to myself and more to this world. This website is an expression of that.

Space Travelers is multi-layered exploration of our existence here on this rock we call Earth. We're going to talk about the matrix, UFOs, and astral travel, and explore our awakening into the divine masculine and feminine. We'll discover our bodies both the physical and subtle body. We'll contemplate the sacredness of mother earth and the concept of who/what the hell made this place in the first place?

I also aim to keep this website rooted and grounded, referring to topics that are effecting us in the here and now, such as fighting against the oppression of women worldwide, pealing away layers of social conditioning greedy capitalists are using to turn us into consumers, and navigating this insane technological revolution before the AI take over. I can geek out on consciousness up in space all day, but life happens here on the ground and this is the time we were born into.

This website is about integrating into our full human experience, aligning with ourselves and with each other, shedding skins and transcending into the unfolding layers of ourselves.

My wish for you, and for myself, is to unfold and evolve into our highest selves. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We need not sell our souls to the status quo.

I'm on the journey too. I write this blog to speak to others who are waking up, or who desire to wake up. Because we can't do this alone.

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  • Great thoughts for a Monday morning Lauren 🙂

    • Q Tal Ayngelina!?
      I’m glad I could start your Monday and week off right! 🙂
      Cheers to bumping into some interesting, dangerous, and fun life questions this week!
      – Laur

  • I think we all need this reminder. I know that the past several months of traveling and meeting so many different people has made me realize that I actually know very little. I have learned so much. And I am much more open to other ideas and opinions. A reminder helps me stay that way too 🙂

    • Hey Stephanie!
      I can totally relate! The year I spent living in China and traveling SEA taught me so much about not just how the world works, but also myself. It’s amazing what exploring uncharted territory, questions you never thought to ask, and answers you never thought to consider can do!
      Thanks for reading Steph!
      – Laur 🙂

  • Great post Laur! Yep i agree usually when having different opinions to someone, you just confirm to yourself even more that you are more right coz they think differently. Now like you, im trying to just understand why they have that viewpoint and when you realise their experiences make them think that way – it all makes sense lol!
    Have a great week.

  • Your post reminds me of a time I was in a bar and this guy was spewing forth his conservative viewpoints fervently and had a few guys adamantly arguing opposite viewpoints- I was just sitting back watching the whole thing unfold. As he got up to leave towards the end of the debate, he said,”Ha, ha, I’m a Democrat!” and walked off.
    Sometimes there’s value in just being an observer.