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Microadventure Brainstorm: Stand Up Paddleboard Across 26 mile Lake Dillion, CO USA

lake-dillon-reservoirI’m excited to announce I have another #microadventure turning it’s wheels in my head. For those of you who are part of the Microadventure community (and if you’re not I urge you to join!) and for those who love the sport of Stand Up Paddleboarding, I think you’ll get a kick out this.


There’s a lake in Summit County, Colorado (this is where famous ski resorts like Vail and Breckenridge can be found). It’s maximum length is 26 miles long. Of course, it only makes logical sense to SUP across it, right?! Right.

SUPing has been one of my favorite sports since my early twenties. There’s something about going the distance by paddle, standing tall, looking outward before you, as you watch the world slowly drift by you.

Being I’m spending a large part of the spring and summer in Colorado working on a few other projects in the pipeline, I of course have to bring a few of these microadventures into my own backyard. That’s what got me into microadventure in the first place: I had just moved back to the US after a year away in China in 2010 and my wanderlust starting to get bad – real bad. I needed to move. I needed to go. I need to get the hell out of Dodge. Microadventures satisfy that craving. They’re visions quests. They’re mentally and physically exhausting and stimulating and empowering. They make you test yourself and push yourself. And they allow for time to slow down so that at least every now and then in this crazy, busy, hustle-bustle world we live in we can get present and take the world in every now and again.

I’ll of course be documenting and sharing the adventure with camera and film.

Would love to hear any of you upcoming microadventure ideas, including those that might involve Stand up Paddleboarding.




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  • Georg Krewenka

    Thanks for the idea. I will try that at Neusiedlersee in Austria as well.

    • Hey Georg! Did you end up doing the Neusiedlersee in Austria or any other microadventures? I would love to / HAVE to hear about it! :o)

  • Hi Lauren!

    Thanks for the reminder. lol
    No actually I didn’t manage to save some time to do it till now.
    So much interesting stuff going on.
    But I will and wanna go for it!
    I’ll keep you posted!