When we were kids Thank You we were just getting introduced to what Thank You  may mean..

  • Our parents reminded us when we were 5 to say Thank You when our grandparents gave us that ridiculously random gift … like a painted coke bottle. (YES… this was me … my grandmother painted birds and flowers on EVERYTHING in her house!)
  • Our teachers taught us to say Thank You to our classmates when they lent us a pencil because for the 10th time in 2 weeks because you left yours at home.
  • Our babysitters taught us to say Thank You when they let us stay up 30 minutes past our bed time so we could finish that movie.

And then somewhere along the way we don’t need to be taught by someone. But rather, the world teaches us to be thankful for what we Have, rather than for just what people Give us.

  • We travel abroad and visit villages where children have no shoes, no food, no water.
  • We watch 75- year-old husbands and wives make their way through moving subway cars singing as they ask for change.
  • We witness children wearing rags sitting  in the middle of a crowded street market playing an instrument as their dad collects change.
  • We see that someone’s apartment down the street is the bed they set up in store’s opening corridor after close and before open.
  • We drive around otherwise nice town and see people with signs that read, “Laid Off. Will Work for Food.”

And somewhere along the way we start to realize what we have after we experience what others don’t have.

  • The opportunities we’ve had to travel or work or live a life of leisure. If you’re reading this right now you’re fortunate enough to have access to a computer and the internet. There are billions in this world who don’t.
  • The friends whom love us to death despite our faults. Whom we’ve sat around on a couch with doing absolutely nothing but talking and laughing and reminiscing.
  • Our families, which sure they may be crazy, but who would we be without them?
  • The people we’ve met whom support us, inspire us, and drive us to be better individuals and human beings.

And this list will go on forever.

So the question is, now that we’ve learned to be thankful and we’ve been humbled and we’ve seen the things that we have seen and have had the experiences we’ve lived that so many can’t have, how will you show your thanks for these things? And how will you inspire others to learn the power of gratitude? How will you make a difference in the lives of those whom have not received as much as you? How will you show others the contagious power of Gratitude for what you Give so that they can Have? How you will help people help themselves.

It doesn’t take much either. It just takes kindness, respect, and of course, gratitude.

And lastly, Thank You.

Thank you to everyone for being true who they are, for doing great work, for taking risks, and for making this world a more interesting, better, surprising, and positive place.

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