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Notes on a Moleskin

Originally written on pieces of scrap paper or in my phone’s notes app when an insight hits. Say “I” if you also have a brain constantly considering LIFE. 😉

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Find yourself some solid friends and a partner (if you want one) that help to amplify all the ways you wish to grow, and who validate, love, and support who you are at your CORE (even the out-of-left-field parts of you that the world has tried to tell you is weird and to keep to yourself – trust me those are the things that *your people* will love about you the most).

If you do this, no matter what circumstances occur in your life, you’ll never falter all the way to the ground. They’ll have your back before you can do that (If you let them, that is. If you don’t be certain you will meet the ground.). And you’ll have their backs too. And when you share each other’s successes you won’t believe how good it feels to celebrate knowing this.

That’s one of the simplest laws of life. This is one of the best lessons I’ve learned during this past decade of ups and downs in my life.


How do you get to be with your emotions, truly embrace your emotions, under your own terms, in a way that is peaceful, calming, and revealing? How can we let ourselves enjoy the human experience of emotions, without being subject to the influence of the whims of our emotions? We all have the ability to master our states. This means, we can turn on different sides of ourselves that suit what we’re experiencing or what we’re focusing on in the present moment. We do not need to numb ourselves, slowly jading ourselves until we no longer have to feel. But rather, by learning to communicate with our emotions as we feel them, and being able to decide how and when we will feel through them, we become a master of self. And at that point, you’ll realize that your ability to feel is a virtue. It is your greatest gift, and you’ve learned how to compliment you no matter the circumstance, rather than conflict and contrast with you. 


That sense of freedom and release you feel when you remove something from your life that was bringing you down, holding you back, stunting your growth: That amazing feeling is not caused because you unloaded that weight, but rather, it’s caused because of the fact that you just opened the gate to a new possibility, one that you didn’t had access to before. Now, anything can happen, and now, it gets to be up to you how it goes.


Human beings tend to hold on tightly to how they define themselves or how they’ve let others define them. What would happen if we were to ask ourselves if these traits, assumptions, habits, mindsets (that we so boldly and confidently and  yet *blindly* claim represent us) are actually worth holding onto? Why would one want to hold onto these if in reality it slows them down, starves them, hurts them, hurts others, stops them in their tracks, leaves them feeling empty, leaves them in limbo? Answer me this: What do we get out of holding onto these? I’ll tell you… we get permission not to change, permission not to face failure, permission not to see what we’re truly capable of.


Try to find something in life that doesn’t have some kind of opposite that doesn’t ultimately compliment its other half in a way that allows them both to actualize towards everything they could be. Think left/right brain, yin/yang, masculine/feminine, dark/light. The real magic is what is revealed in unbelievable and extraordinary ways when they come together.


There is a way of being in which one is filled with a fire and passion so strong it’s as if there’s another being living within them. It guides them as their muse, it breeds creation, it ignites within them. It is as if these people can’t contain themselves.


The pain of loss knows no boundaries. It doesn’t matter who your God is, or even if you have a God. It does matter how how much money or possessions you do or do not have. It doesn’t matter your country of origin or how your government works.  Loss is Loss. Pain is Pain. We have all had to or if we are lucky to live long enough ourselves, will one day will have to say goodbye to something or someone before we were ready to. We are not all that different from one another. We must take care of one another.


There’s a freedom that comes from spending a chunk of time in places where you know not a single soul and not a single soul knows you. You need not answer to anyone. You need not be defined by anyone. You need not even be defined as you have been defining yourself.

And while this does not necessarily mean one should run away from the parts of themselves, it can certainly give you a few hints in finding some clarity in that which has not been serving you, and that which has been missing.


Why would you not want to feel fear? Fear ultimately feels good. It’s a feeling that tells you that you’re doing something that matters to you, and that you’re not merely existing on the sidelines of the human experience. 

Fear does not need to be interpreted as a sign of weakness, but rather can be the most blatant sign of strength. Go where your fear is. You’re sure to grow.


The most successful entrepreneurs and creatives have rituals they stick with each and every day, through thick and thin.

The most fulfilled individuals have a dedication to self-awareness and are growth-oriented. They know themselves, and believe/listen to their guts.

The most mind-opening and thought-leading individuals have left their hometowns and often home countries for the unknown. They journey. They leave their comfort zones.

The most loving people love themselves in such a way that they do not have to rely on the love of others. The other piece to this is, they allow themselves to give and receive love without expectation.