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On The Shoulders of Giants

This page is an ongoing list. Everything we share in life can create ripple effects for everyone whose path we cross. To create an example of that point, these are the ripple effects of others on The Mad To Live. 

The quote, “Wisdom unshared shrinks our world. Wisdom shared expands our existence.” comes from my friend Paul StJohn, who I know only through social media. He’s been one of my biggest cheerleaders in life. And he also gifted me that sentence.

The concept of Comfort Zone Challenges (I call them Experiments) came from Philip Drolet. I took a personal growth course he offered, and it changed my life. He’s also responsible for giving me a framework to incorporate the skill of Focusing in my life, and taught me how to rewire my brain to see Discipline as a GOOD thing. He wrote a comfort zone challenge into each week of the course. It was through that I realized the power of experiential learning, and felt my brain rewiring itself.

The Eye Gaze CZE exists because of a community led practice called T-Group. This is an authentic relating group I used to go to in Boulder, Colorado. You break off into groups of 4-6, and for 45 minutes you get as present as possible with one another and speak from what you’re feeling in the moment. I used to be scared shitless to go, I felt so vulnerable. This group was my first teacher in letting myself be seen and experiencing seeing others. It was was in a T-Group that someone for the first time began staring into my eyes. It was completely nonthreatening and nonforceful, but welcoming and inquisitive. At first, I made goofy faces and tried to shield away. And when his gaze didn’t waver, I said “screw it” and followed his lead. I’m not fully sure what happened there, but I realized I’d found something special in the act of staring into someone’s eyes. It feels SO GOOD.

Microadventures would not exist in my life if it weren’t for creative adventurer, brilliant writer, and my personal hero Alastair Humphreys. He’s rowed across the Atlantic, he’s trekked a river across India, and he’s inspired the hell out of me. I was completely lost, stuck, and restless when I discovered the concept of a microadventure through his blog. A few weeks later I did my first one walking 50 miles along the coastline of the Atlantic.

The Charlie Chaplin Great Dictator quote was shared with me by an ex-boyfriend named Tony. We had a terrible breakup. But like all relationships in life, there are ripple effects, and despite a bad end there’s always good that once was there between two people. He’s the one who played the song Iron Sky by Paolo Nutini for me, which has the speech from The Great Dictator mixed into it. The song is so powerful, and it clicked in me, hearing it blast loudly as we painted the walls of the apartment we shared together.