Project Description

“Give me a moment I am preparing to drawback to scream louder than a train overhead below a railroad bridge” ― John E. Wordslinger

““They tell me to be quiet / When I’d rather cause a riot / And have everyone screaming / Out their eccentric meaning.” ― E&G

What Do You Sound Like – What Does It Feel Like – 

Who Are You – When You Scream At The Top Of Your Lungs Into The Great Abyss?

The Roar Challenge

The Root Of The Roar Challenge

How many of us have really *heard* ourselves? We live in a world where it’s expected to stay quiet, to not interrupt, to not startle. “Raise your hand first and then you can share.” Screw that. Within all of us is incredible power and an incredible voice. Also within us are emotions and feelings that have become dormant. Find yourself a beautiful view, and let it f*cking out. YES. 

Your Guidelines

  • Pick a start point, and walk – in any which direction – from sunrise to sunset. 
    • Your start point could be your front door, a trailhead, a dirt road, a sandy beach, a city block.
    • Your path can be anything from a circumference, to a straight line, to a zig zag.

Share It – Add To The Ripple Effect

From photos to videos to a blog post, share your experience. Let your friends see what you are doing and why, for you never know what seed you might plant in someone’s mind due to your own authentic actions. Some will think you’re crazy (let them) and others will say to you, “Wow… you are incredible.” “I feel like I need to do this too, thank you for sharing this.”.

Post photos on instagram with the hashtags to make it simple for us to follow one another and connect. 

Brownie points for those who take a video of their scream and share it. Spread those vibes. We need them. 

#M2LIVECZE #M2LIVEroar #TheMadOnes #findyourvoice #experienceyourvoice


Conversations About The Roar

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