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The 10 LAWS You Must Never Break In Order To Avoid Changing The World

Between ourselves and the rest of the world there are a lot of voices out there telling us we can’t do BIG, wild, crazy meaningful things with our lives. But when we look at the naysayer’s point of view everything comes into perspective, and we realize that well, to put this lightly, they’re full of sh*t.


If you want to make sure the world stays the same, you’re never forced to challenge yourself or take risks, and the rules and status quo never change then simply follow these 10 Breakable Laws:

1.) The Law of Rules: Follow all rules in life for they are not meant to be broken. Imagine the catastrophe that could happen should you bend or even break them. You might change things!

2.) The Law of Careers: The only way to achieve success is to stop thinking you can actually turn your passion into your career. Find a job and do what your boss tells you to. Let’s get serious here.

3.) The Law of Travel: Never, ever go off the beaten path. A travel lifestyle is useless and unproductive. What will you do with all your pictures and memories anyway? Stay in the safety of your comfort zone. Citizen of the World? Please.

4.) The Law of Why: Never, and I mean never, ask WHY. Stick with what the status quo tells you. Asking WHY forces us to think and question. And if we do that, we might mess things up.

5.) The Law of Authority: You have no right to fight authority. Why would you want to start a revolution anyway? That could cause an uprising of too many people trying to do something too big.

6.) The Law of Fear: You’re scared for a reason, and that reason is there is a tiny chance you might fail. Don’t take that little, tiny chance! Who cares if you’ll learn from the failure.

7.) The Law of Hope: This world is going to shit anyway. Hope… that’s a false word. Don’t be naive. An act of kindness from every person on this planet wouldn’t do a thing. You actually think your one act will inspire another, and then another, and then another?

8.) The Law of People: Don’t do too many favors or get too connected. That whole people come into and out of your life for a reason is bullshit. It’s not like the people in your life have helped to make you who you are today.

9.) The Law of Stories: You want to live your life like it’s an amazing story to tell? But think of all the things you might look back on and regret doing! You’ll regret that more than the things you never did and leaps of faith you never took.

10.) The Law of Being You: Don’t believe in or be yourself. That means you’ll have to take risks. That means people will judge you. You should really try to be more like everybody else.


This “typical” top 10 list is for every mad to live person out there on a mission to write their own story and live a life of inspiration on their own terms. You guys are the ones out there changing the world, inspiring every person that enters into your life, and paving the way for others to do the same. Without you, this wild world we live in would be far less wild and far less amazing.

So every time someone or even yourself tells you that you can’t do it, read this list and remind yourself that you damn well can. You’re going to break all 10 of these Laws. Because that’s just what we do: we change things, we ask why, we write our own stories, we explore the world, we break the rules, we inspire, we live our lives the way we’re meant to. There’s just no other way for us.

Which of these Laws are you most inspired to break, and why? What other laws would you add to this list?

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Life gets pretty f*cking nuts sometimes, doesn't it? Every day I wake up more to myself and more to this world. This website is an expression of that.

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I also aim to keep this website rooted and grounded, referring to topics that are effecting us in the here and now, such as fighting against the oppression of women worldwide, pealing away layers of social conditioning greedy capitalists are using to turn us into consumers, and navigating this insane technological revolution before the AI take over. I can geek out on consciousness up in space all day, but life happens here on the ground and this is the time we were born into.

This website is about integrating into our full human experience, aligning with ourselves and with each other, shedding skins and transcending into the unfolding layers of ourselves.

My wish for you, and for myself, is to unfold and evolve into our highest selves. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. We need not sell our souls to the status quo.

I'm on the journey too. I write this blog to speak to others who are waking up, or who desire to wake up. Because we can't do this alone.

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  • Yea! Great post Laur! Nice swift kick in the morning. 🙂

    I am most inclined to break the laws of careers and being you. I would also add the Law of Experts: that we should defer to these supposed “experts” on everything, from health to career advice, instead of ever listening to ourselves. After all, they have accreditation right? And we do not.

    • Hey Emilie!
      The Law of Experts: I LOVE THAT! And so so true! This is something I’ve been pondering on a lot lately, and you just laid down the icing on the cake 🙂
      It’s like in college we’re taught that our professors know everything and to never question their answers. Yet we sit there and they read a text book off to us. It’s rare you’ll get a truly interactive and challenging course. When you do its amazing! But it’s rare today.
      And if we challenge our professors to change the way they teach they’ll tell us, I am an expert that is why I am a teacher, you don’t know anything abut this. But they’re wrong. They are so wrong.

  • Jen

    I love this so much!

    There’s a few people I know who actually do follow these ‘rules’, and sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in it and feel guilty for not abiding by them, but I’m proud to say that I have broken all of these ‘rules’, and will continue to do so! 😀

    Another AWESOME post! 🙂

    • Hey Jen!

      Hell yea Jen! My favorite kind of people are rule breaks! I’ve been breaking rules for most of my life, and this list just gives us another 10 to continue to bend and break 🙂
      Thanks Jen!

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  • Here’s another:
    The Law of Things: Material possessions are the only thing that will make you happy. And you won’t find that happiness until you own a 2 benzes, 100 shoes, matching linens, and an attic full of crap. Don’t spend your hard earned money on experiences. Buy THINGS!

  • To quote Shawshank Redemption: “Get busy livin’ or get busy dying”.
    I read an article this week in the WSJ, which I disagreed with some of the underlying themes, but was intriguing nonetheless that raised the question “Where have all the good men gone?” However, it presumed that “good” meant, having a good job, marriage, and kids and stated that many people in their twenties are living an “extended adolescence. I guess that still makes me a kid, which I’m completely ok with. I’ll still play video and walk around in just gym shorts all day. My point is this, STOP living the life or following the paths that society recommends. Sure, people will question, give weird looks, and yada, yada. However, I’d much rather just get by in life doing what brings me alive, then live this life that looks “pretty”, but yet is miserable.

    Such a fun read Lo. High five!

    • Hey Spencer!
      Awesome awesome comment! And I couldn’t agree with you more. I hope to always be a kid at heart. Yea I want to grow and learn but I always want to look at life more as something fun rather than a job of expected responsibilities.
      I get a lot of weird looks from people when I tell them how I am and how I plan to live my life. They just don’t get it really. Some thing I’m being irresponsible. Some think I just need to grow up. Some think that I’m freaking crazy.
      And then there’s people like you and I that actually get it and realize that just because society tells us it isn’t quite normal, doesn’t mean it’s wrong.
      I made a promise to myself a long time ago that I’d never do anything I didn’t want to do just because people around me would think it would be weird or wrong if I didn’t. The whole look “pretty” but be miserable is one of my biggest fears and greatest motivators.
      Keep being a GOOD MAN Spencer. 🙂

      • This just made my day Lo! I actually posted that article on FB and have gotten like 15 comments and one of the main themes from comments is the fact that people are using “old definitions”. While many of our parents may have been doing that norm 20-30 years ago, doesn’t mean it’s “the way” and that going a completely different way is either right or wrong.
        Excited to see how your decisions and own journey take you. I have no plans of growing up anytime soon myself :).

  • Kim

    This is fantastic. I really love the list. I’m preaching much of the same thing over on my own blog. I think we’re on to something 😉

    • Hey Kim! Oh I definitely think we’re onto something here 🙂 Is there any other way? I think not!

  • Hi Lauren,

    There’s a great big world out there just waiting to be discovered by people who have a desire to see it.

    Saying you do is all together different that taking actions that will open doors that will otherwise remain closed.

    Only actions — moving outside of your comfort zone, navigating uncharted territory and having new experiences can open your eyes to really see the vastness of opportunity, hope and fulfillment that is available to you.

    Inspiring post here : )

    • Hey Mark!

      Ah yes, the great big world – I can’t wait to see more of it. I’m so glad my addition for new experiences and exploring the world start early. I couldn’t imagine life without this longing 🙂
      I will say that I get pretty scared when i step out of my most comfortable comfort zones, but it’s always fully worth it in the end 🙂
      Thanks Mark!
      – Laur

  • You pretty much hit every law that I strive to break every day. The consequences… doing bad ass things.

    Here is a couple more that come to mind:

    The law of PATH: Follow only one path even if you loose interest… you can’t be a quitter.

    The law of QUITTING: You should never quit anything. If you suck at it or lost all passion… do it anyways.

    • Hey Nick!
      Oooh I like your style 🙂 What’s life if we aren’t bending some kind of rule each and every day? I for some reason decided when I was young it was cool to break rules, except then it got my in trouble. It was more over petty rules against authority. Now I break the rules of status quo and it’s working out much better for me. No more getting grounded! haha 😛
      Cheers to breaking rules!
      – Laur 🙂

  • Great list! This is something I run into all the time with friends that think my style of life is just strange. Maybe I should forward this along to them!

  • Hey Lauren,
    Crazy clever post, I like it.
    Rules to (not) live by to make us (not) blend in so we live a (not) boring life.
    Thanks for reminding me to break the laws of rule, fear and why .

    • Hey David!
      haha thanks for the kind words 🙂 And any time you ever need a reminder you just let me know and I’ll smack some sense back into you. I’ll rely on you for the same thing as well! 🙂
      – Laur

  • Hey Lauren,

    Great post. I think my least favorite word in the English language is “career.” I was always pushed to attend “career fairs” in college, but it always put a very bad taste in my mouth and I stubbornly refused to go. I think part of my move to Thailand has been kind of a rebellion against what was expected of me as a college graduate. So I’m definitely with you on breaking these rules. Looking forward to future posts!

    – Paul

    • Hey Paul!
      haha you rock Paul. I was the same way! I remember the 1st career fair I went to. I was so not looking forward to it I showed up in the middle of it b/c I decided to go to a bar and have a few Blue Moons with friends beforehand instead. I just didn’t want to go. I felt I was interviewing to sign my life away haha. I want to make my own career. No disprespect to the hardworking people at the career fairs, but its just not my path either.
      And I think more people need to learn and believe that it doesn’t have to be their path!
      Keep rocking and keep traveling Paul!!!
      – Laur

  • I love your list and couldn’t agree with you more. My 20’s were all about living that life – and my path is still one of my own making, but I find myself raising a daughter with the confidence to dance her won dance in a community that is about parents teaching their kids to be just like everyone else… and to learn to multi task and stress out/burn out early.

    Like the statement above, old ideas… and yet people cling to them and fight very hard to deny how things have changed and to bring back a way of life that likely didn’t exist as they believe anyway.

    Great post!

    • Hey EXCEPTION!
      That’s a really interesting example. It’s interesting that many of us would rather fall into the “average” category and be accepted than fall into the “not-so-average” category and be looked at strangely. And I think it’s absolutely important to teach our kids that it’s much more important to be who they really are in all their uniqueness, than to feel pressured to blend in. Keep being an awesome parent 🙂
      – Laur

  • Hi Lauren. I just found you via Tess’s The Bold Life, and I’m so glad I did. First, we share a name (my full name is Andrea Rains Waggener–I chose “Rains” as my new last name after divorce from my first husband).

    Second, I love your “rules” and can attest to the fact that they’ll keep you comfortably stuck if you follow them. Did that for too long in my “old life” as an attorney. I’d also add the Rule of How–if I don’t know how something can get done, I won’t even try to do it. You have to have the “hows” figured out before you EVER jump into something. 😉

    • Hey Ande!

      Wow that is really cool! Why did you choose Rains? I love my last name actually 🙂
      I love your Law of How – that is perfect and SO TRUE. The thing we all forget is that we all start at level ONE. Even the experts, the “gurus”, the geniuses started at level 1. We all rise to the top, we don’t start there. We can learn any damn “how” we want to learn!

      Thanks for your wonderful comment Ande,
      Laur 🙂

  • Lauren,
    And this is exactly how the world is going to become a better place! The old way doesn’t work anymore. Too many would rather stay in the familiar even though it doesn’t work instead of forging a new path.

  • Hi Lauren!

    Awesome post and plenty of awesome additions by your readers as well! 🙂

    We’re definitely trying to break the Law of Career and our personal favourite, The Law Of Being You. Despite all the disapproving comments and glares, our hearts are pushing us towards a different direction. Oh, and we also agree with the Law of Path Nick suggested. Who’s to say we only have to follow a single path? We’re able to balance different roles at the same time and there’s just so many things God has strewn across the earth for us to take and pursue. Why should we settle on one approach or one goal and why should we stick to one if we don’t like it?

    Thanks again for this kick-ass post Lauren!

    Tariq and Shaheera

    • Hey T & S!
      I know I have absolutely LOVED the other Laws people have chimed it. It’s been awesome 🙂

      And you are so right! Why should we settle on just one approach?! We can go whatever path we wish! We can change it, we can turn around, we can take a detour, we can stop and enjoy the view 🙂 We can choose whatever path we’d like 🙂

      Thanks T &S for being so inspiring to me!

  • Great post Lauren. I agree with Nick that I try and break these every day. Sure it might be daunting, sometimes get me into trouble, or even to some extent silly, but I can say that I’m living. I’m not stuck in some rut for which society has planned for me. No effin’ way. I get the same reaction from some people when I explain how I do things, they just don’t get it and think i’m crazy. Well maybe I am a little, but I like it 😉 Cheers!

    • Hey Peter!
      hahaha Peter you are awesome! Being crazy is the best way we can be and that is all there is to it 🙂 Besides, doing things our own way rather than how society has planned it out for us may just inspire others to do the same. 🙂
      Cheers to being crazy and not having it any other way 😉

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  • cathlyn


    that is exactly what i needed to read right now. i cannot freaking wait to see you in a week!!!



  • Wonderful! I’ve been breaking these laws for many years. Having a great time because of it.

  • Kim

    Really great post Laur. I’m glad to say that after years of following those rules I’m finally breaking them 🙂

    • Kim, all I can say to you is the ever so corny but it just belongs here response of… YOU GO GIRL haha 😛
      Keep breaking them girl and I will too! 🙂
      – Laur

  • uh…. hell yes. i love it. f status quo. it just isnt fun. and it just isn’t livin.

    great post… again!

    • haha Hey Dane! Hell yea… screw that damn status quo.. LAMMMMEEEE LOL 😛