Between ourselves and the rest of the world there are a lot of voices out there telling us we can’t do BIG, wild, crazy meaningful things with our lives. But when we look at the naysayer’s point of view everything comes into perspective, and we realize that well, to put this lightly, they’re full of sh*t.


If you want to make sure the world stays the same, you’re never forced to challenge yourself or take risks, and the rules and status quo never change then simply follow these 10 Breakable Laws:

1.) The Law of Rules: Follow all rules in life for they are not meant to be broken. Imagine the catastrophe that could happen should you bend or even break them. You might change things!

2.) The Law of Careers: The only way to achieve success is to stop thinking you can actually turn your passion into your career. Find a job and do what your boss tells you to. Let’s get serious here.

3.) The Law of Travel: Never, ever go off the beaten path. A travel lifestyle is useless and unproductive. What will you do with all your pictures and memories anyway? Stay in the safety of your comfort zone. Citizen of the World? Please.

4.) The Law of Why: Never, and I mean never, ask WHY. Stick with what the status quo tells you. Asking WHY forces us to think and question. And if we do that, we might mess things up.

5.) The Law of Authority: You have no right to fight authority. Why would you want to start a revolution anyway? That could cause an uprising of too many people trying to do something too big.

6.) The Law of Fear: You’re scared for a reason, and that reason is there is a tiny chance you might fail. Don’t take that little, tiny chance! Who cares if you’ll learn from the failure.

7.) The Law of Hope: This world is going to shit anyway. Hope… that’s a false word. Don’t be naive. An act of kindness from every person on this planet wouldn’t do a thing. You actually think your one act will inspire another, and then another, and then another?

8.) The Law of People: Don’t do too many favors or get too connected. That whole people come into and out of your life for a reason is bullshit. It’s not like the people in your life have helped to make you who you are today.

9.) The Law of Stories: You want to live your life like it’s an amazing story to tell? But think of all the things you might look back on and regret doing! You’ll regret that more than the things you never did and leaps of faith you never took.

10.) The Law of Being You: Don’t believe in or be yourself. That means you’ll have to take risks. That means people will judge you. You should really try to be more like everybody else.


This “typical” top 10 list is for every mad to live person out there on a mission to write their own story and live a life of inspiration on their own terms. You guys are the ones out there changing the world, inspiring every person that enters into your life, and paving the way for others to do the same. Without you, this wild world we live in would be far less wild and far less amazing.

So every time someone or even yourself tells you that you can’t do it, read this list and remind yourself that you damn well can. You’re going to break all 10 of these Laws. Because that’s just what we do: we change things, we ask why, we write our own stories, we explore the world, we break the rules, we inspire, we live our lives the way we’re meant to. There’s just no other way for us.

Which of these Laws are you most inspired to break, and why? What other laws would you add to this list?

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