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The 10 Must-Do’s to Live an Inspired and Inspiring Life

I often wonder what is the key to living a truly wonderful life. You know, one that is full of inspiration, passion, amazement. One with a lust for living, but is also balanced and peaceful. I want to live a life that when everything is said and done and I’ve used up every last drop of life because I lived so damn much and so damn well there’s just nothing left.

There’s no magic handbook as to how to do this, but there are a few common-sense-yet-we-still-fail-to-follow ways to live an inspired and inspiring life. And that’s what we have here: 10 Bullet Points to Live It Right.

And you may says, “You can’t sum up how to live an inspired and inspiring life in 10 bullet points!” But remember, life really doesn’t have to be that complicated. It’s really quite simple…


Think about how scared you were when you tried something you now love for the first time? Aren’t you glad fear didn’t stop you? What if fear had kept you from moving abroad or moving on that project or making a move on that fine guy/girl you’re madly in love with today? We’re capable of doing remarkable things, but if we let fear guide is to the safer path instead of taking the exciting risks in life, well that would be just boring. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a fear that is scary, but rather one of excitement and eagerness. Fight for the things you believe you’re meant to do.


Despite what it may feel like some days, man is not inherently evil, the world is not out to get you or the people you love, and most importantly, everything actually WILL be okay. Hope is the thing that got Andy Dufresne out of Shawshank! It’s the thing that when everything seems to be crashing down on us, helps us to weather the storm. Hope for better days. Hope for a better world. Hope for a better you. Hope for a better tomorrow. And along with that hope, do everything you can to make it a reality.


Excess in life is about as unwanted as excess fat on your booty. Get rid of the things that do not matter: toxic friends, bad habits, stupid negative self talk, cluttering possessions, superficial materials., mind-numbing work. Just as you are what you eat, you are what you put into your life. Would you knowingly eat something fully aware it’d give you terrible food poising and a huge ass for the rest of your life? Hell No! Why should life be anything different?


Bite off more than you can chew and savor every flavor and moment of it. Stay up late. Get up early. Ask for help. Find a way. Make it happen. Do whatever it takes to do the great things that make you feel alive. Living like that isn’t easy, but it’s the only way to really live. And the hard work is worth it. Start a business, move abroad, learn to cook, volunteer every weekend, call old friends, do big favors, practice Spanish, learn guitar, start another project and then another project, go on spontaneous trips, and the list goes on. Chew off as much of life as you can!


Shit happens. That’s just how it is. People screw up, you screw up, situations get screwed up. Fix them. If you have time to whine and complain, you have time to fix and solve. And if it can’t be mended, accept it, learn from it, recognize it, and then walk away. But do not complain. Life isn’t meant to be taken so seriously that we whine about everything.


Enjoy the simplest of moments and simplest of pleasures. Relax. Take it in. FEEL. BE. It’s a fast-paced, wild world we live in, but stop your inner world as much as you can and sit back for a moment and think about where you are. And see, taste, smell, hear, touch every aspect of it. Breathe. It’s the THIS moment and the right NOW.


We’re so busy talking and adding to the noise that we forget two very important pieces of the puzzle: 1.) The sound of silence. It’s the silent gaps between words and conversations that the answers are found. It’s a conversation all on its own. 2.) The gift of listening. There are so many lessons to learn if we could only learn to listen to them. Not just to hear them, but to actually listen. Not to chime in with our excuses or our criticisms, but to simply listen and understand and comprehend. Talk less. Listen more.


Say who you are. Say what you feel. Say what you believe. We all have a message to share and a story to tell. Don’t be afraid to let people know it. People want to hear the stories of another’s passions and convictions and achievements and dreams. Be proud of you who you are, what you’re about and what you’re doing, and share it with the world. It is sure to inspire.


Hate is nothing but a burden. It’s a self-made cage. In fact, do away with the word hate entirely. Hate is what has led to many of our world’s conflicts and battles, it’s the open would that’s left after a relationship’s love has been lost, it’s the worst inner-voice talk you could think within yourself.  Learn to accept, learn to forgive, and learn to understand. Once you can do this, your free.


Love one another and you will be happy. It is as simple as that. Yes, loving with all your heart opens you up to hurt, but it fully worth it. This is going to sound really corny, but love is what makes the world go round! And it doesn’t have to by mushy-gushy stuff. It’s the simple act of caring, be it your showing it to your best friend, your lover, or a stranger on the street. And the great thing about love is its contagious. We all deserve to get love, we all deserve to receive love. Love. It’s what makes the world go round.

And that’s it. Fear Less. Hope More. Eat Less. Chew More. Whine Less. Breathe More. Talk Less. Say More. Hate Less. Love More.


How Do You Inspire And Get Inspired? What would you add?
Which of these do you do best or need the most work on? What bullet-points would you tack on there? Share your stories and insights in the comments! I reply to each comment with love and thought and nothing is cooler than the discussion that get’s going from you guys, so don’t forget to Subscribe to the Comments!

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  • The fear less is definitely my biggest challenge. I don’t say YES enough; my first instinct is to say no. But the times that I have said YES without over thinking it, those have been some of the most exciting times in my life!

    • I totally relate to what you’re saying! YES is one of the greatest words out there! And I def. do not say it enough either.
      Over-thinking things and getting stuck in my head used to be something I was a professional at. But I’ve started training myself to just shut the f*ck up and go with it. 🙂
      Cheers to many more YESes this year as you complete your 101 things!
      – Laur

  • carole

    love, love, love this post!

    • Hey carol!
      Well I’m glad to see you’re already good on the loving more part! 😛

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  • This post couldn’t have been better put. So applicable to everyday life and future goals. I love it. #1 for everyone should be whine less. Positive thinking always drives good things.


    • Hey Samantha!
      You should check out the book “A Complaint Free World” – It is awesome! Its a challenge to go 31 days without complaining. I’ve tried it so many times, but sadly I have not passed! And you know what, Thank you for reminding me to try again!!! 🙂

  • Absolutely LOVE this. I just had a fabulous day and now I am even more inspired! Thanks so much, adding this to my bookmarks tab marked, “Inspiration” 🙂

    • Hey Grace!
      Well I am extremely happy to hear that I was able to add even more fabulous to your fabulous day! 🙂
      – LAUR

  • Lauren,
    I *love* keepin’ it simple….and these are GREAT!!

    Reminds me of the tagline I have on my Skype account: “Bark less, wag more” ~ from a bumper sticker.

    If we followed these 10 things, just think how much more amazing life would be!! I’m in – let’s live that inspired and inspiring life!!!

    • Hey Lance!
      “Bark less. Wag More” <— I love that! That's great!
      Life really doesn't have to be so complicated and complex! Sometimes we just need a few simple guidelines and inspiration is just around the corner 🙂

  • Nancy

    Hey Lauren,
    Loved your inspiring thoughts. They are all common sense and something we can and should keep in mind all the time. Well done!

    • Hey Nancy!
      Thanks so much! 🙂 Funny how its the most common sense things that we often can’t seem to grasp!

  • These are some great tips Lauren – however, I have to say #4 sticks out as one that I can definitely improve upon.

    My wife often tells me to “slow down!” when I’m eating – LOL!

    I actually just want to get it out of the way to fill the void so to speak so I can get back to work! I could definitely learn how to “savor every flavor and moment of it,” as you put it so well…

    You always get me thinking about things that matter – thank you : )

    • Hey Mark!
      Haha I totally relate! Well, I’m not a very fast eater, but I’m actually a bit of a workaholic (I’m proud of this though) and I get so wrapped up in what I’m doing that I am just so go go go. So, I suppose we both need to work on the “breathe more” part and savor those little moments in between!
      At least we’re both in a boat where work is usually so much fun! 🙂

      Glad to hear I got you thinking today Mark! 🙂
      – Laur

  • Jen

    Wow, I seriously LOVE this post!

    I guess once you cut through all the crap that we confuse ourselves with, this is the truth that you are left with.

    Thank you for writing this! 😀 So AWESOME!

    • Hey Jen!
      Awesome! I’m so glad that this post rocked your day 🙂 And yea, cutting the crap..sometimes that’s the best thing we could ever do! Life is not as complicated and as crazy as we make it out to be 🙂 Being a good and awesome person isn’t all that hard in the end!

  • There’s another one that should be in the list somewhere….Listen more 🙂

    • Ah but of course. I couldn’t agree more 🙂
      I knew I forget something! That’s a definite! Make it the 10 Must-Do’s to Live an Inspired and Inspiring Life. Plus ONE More! 🙂

  • Like always great damn post. Why are you NOT a motivational speaker traveling cross country to have people move off our tushies and do something with our lives??? I am going to keep quite how many of those I am guilty of doing because it is embarrassing. I am guilty of so many of those, but I am working on getting better at them.

    • Hey Jaime!
      hahha you crack me up man. And hell yea you’re guilty of doing a lot of these! You’re guilty of doing the MORE’s – more chewing, more hoping, more loving, more lookin good in the nighborhooding. Yea we all get caught up in the other shit, but give yourself more credit! You’re about to travel around the f*cking world! If that’s not chewing more and living more than I don’t know what is! 🙂

  • Thank you for this most excellent blog post! This is my first visit to your blog and I know I will be back. That was such a good read and inspiring writing is what’s happening here. My mid-life crisis is currently on bullet #1 so this has come at a great time. For someone who used to travel the world alone with little fear, I now find myself attached to inanimate objects that hold me down.

    • Hey Anne!

      Thank you so much for the kind words! 🙂 I really appreciate that and I can’t wait to have you back around here again! I’ll tell ya, I think throughout our lives we stray from each of these bullets at various fazes. Fear though can be the most difficult one! And that’s definitely true for me.
      It’s crazy how our life goes through these phases and suddenly the one we’re in now is a polar opposite from one we were in possibly not even that long ago? But at least we have what we know we are at our root. We can always always always get back to that! 🙂
      I hope to see you traveling the world again soon form one travel addict to another 🙂
      Thanks Anne! And Happy Travels!
      – LAUR 🙂

  • Hi Lauren,

    Awesome tips! I personally have to do more of #1. I still have a lot of fear and guilt holding me down to carry out #4. 🙂

    There’s just sooo many things we need to consider to live out a life full of passion and happiness. It’s great being able to see them all up, simplified, in one place. Helps us think back on what we need to improve on or decrease in order to live the kind of life we want. Thank you for putting this up Lauren!

    Tariq and Shaheera

    • Hey T & S!

      SO TRUE that a lot of these are so reliant on one another. I personally need to do more of #6 by doing less of #1! I get so wrapped up in my thoughts somtimes I forget to enjoy the moment! I forget where I am and what I’m doing and what it feels like to be me being me.

      And that’s why its so great to simplify all this. Because yea these 10 bullet points have books upon books written about each one extensively, but in the end, it’s really pretty simple. It’s really not that hard. 🙂

  • Jossie

    Hey, great post! Indeed inspiring. Like everyone, I have lots I’d like to improve on, but I think every time I make a list of them I forget the most important thing for me. Which is to be the most authentic Self, whatever that might mean to each. Sometimes we try hard to do things better and the result is that we become overwhelmed with self-improving techniques. Once we become authentic, then all the pieces will fall naturally. One of my favorite books is “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” where he explains how self improvement books don’t work unless we start with personal victories, and it naturally progresses into social victories.

    • “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” is also one of my favorite books! I love how he talks about discovering what our values are first as well. Because when it comes down to us its our root that inspires the rest, ya know? It’s our values that inspire what our small wins should be and which ones we should focus on.

      Oh and as for the list making of things to improve on – I do the same thing. I used to make lists all the time but would get frustrated because I felt i was always listing and never doing. So, I actually stopped making lists one day haha. I mean, I can’t help it sometimes, but we just have to go with it 🙂

  • Jossie

    Oh, and I would add “SMILE MORE” to that list 🙂 It’s free and can really brighten up a day, even our own!

    I do like your list, hope that wasn’t lost in my rant above…

    • “SMILE MORE” – totally agreed 🙂

  • Hey Laur,

    I would have to say from what I’ve learned on my journey so far, that “Fear Less” is probably the most important thing anyone can do.
    We find so many ways to invite Fear into our heads which in turn rules our lives and stops us from doing what we want.
    The best day of my life was when I had a talk with myself and explained to my alter ego, that no matter what fearful scenario she was to put in my way, I was still going to do what I want to do and deal with the consequences. 10 years later, the consequences have been nothing but beneficial culminating with a dream life in Greece and many more adventures to go with a husband, spaniel and 2 cats… 😀

    Love the way you put this post together, showcases your many talents as a writer.
    Keep on motivating us all Lauren.


    • Hey Jessika!
      I love the way you put it! ‘The day I had a talk with myself’. Sometimes we just need to sit down and tell ourselves, this is how its going to be! 🙂 And I will say that I absolutely love your dream life, or should I say reality. I’ll definitely be making my way over to Greece! I want to see some sights and go visit some awesome people at this juice bar called Fresco! 😉
      Thanks so much for the kind words! It really means a lot to me 🙂
      – LAUR

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  • Hey Laur! I love the “LESS” + “MORE” format you put this in! Kind of like, screw less is more or more is more, just think critically about the less’s and more’s!

    Would love to talk at length about how to inspire each of these in turn in the world. Of course, this post is already nudging us in the right direction 🙂

    • Hey Tessa!
      We definitely need to connect more! I’ve loved your blog and I’ve read some awesome comments from you on other’s blogs like Collin’s at TBL! I’ll get in touch witih you! 🙂
      Thanks so much for the kind words too! I based this post off of a quote actually so I can’t take ALL the credit haha. 😛
      – LAUR

  • Lauren, this post is amazing! I don’t know how I managed to only find it right now. But, seriously… bloody good stuff right here. (I’m not British, and I have no idea why I just used the word “bloody”… it just seemed appropriate!)

    I think I most need to work on the “Fear Less” bullet point, and just go for the things that I want in life.

    Thanks so much for this! You rock.

    • Hey Amanda!
      hahha I like to use British slang all the time. I sometimes will break out into British accent or say “That’s total blimey!”
      I read A Long Way Down by Nick Hornbie (Great book btw) and I think that’s what did it for me lol.

      Anyway, I’m with you on that one! “Fear Less” is big for all of us! But hey even based on what you said in the Traveling Philosopher’s Roundtable, you’re already awesome at taking those plunges 🙂

  • Rajaram

    Nice post, moreover very pleasant for the mind. I took a print and stuck on my desk. Thanks.

    • Hey Rajaram!
      Well I hope that this post finds you on your desk when you most need it! 🙂

  • Kim

    10 great ways to live like crazy. I love them all. Thanks for the thoughtful post.

    • Crazy is the only way to live 🙂 Not being crazy is just too boring!

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  • Absolutely LOVE this post! It’s so important to remember these things. I love that you included fear less – because being fearless is something so vital. It doesn’t necessarily mean to have no fears, but pursuing life confidently and actively despite the fears. Keep up the fantastic writing! xo

  • So glad I stumbled on your post! I’m feeling a bit down the past few days after receiving some bad news… Guess I have to hope more and whine less so that I can get myself back on track. Keep it up!

  • I super love this post. Sometimes people should really remember what’s important–not material things, not the small stuff that gets forgotten the next day, not the things that weigh us down. Sharing this in my FB page!

    • Hey Aleah!
      You said it girl. I try to reread this post every now and then just to keep myself in check about really, truly matters most!
      Cheers to living an inspired & inspiring life!
      – Laur 🙂