Has your life ever been stuck in limbo? The word limbo comes from that Latin word limbus, also known as “the edge of Hell”. Yup, Limbo is about as far away from paradise and rainbows and unicorns as you can be.

Believe me, I’ve been there. I’ve put my feet up in there and accepted that maybe I simply don’t know how to get out of it. I left it only to return to it. I accepted a reality deciding that it was out of my hands to change it.

Fortunately, I slapped myself in the face a few times and got the hell on out of there, but it wasn’t easy.

And I’ll tell you why…

Number 1. We Have No Idea Who We Are and Do Not Want To Know

When my life was residing in limbo a big part of why I was there was because I didn’t want to admit certain things about myself. My main problem was I didn’t understand why I seemed to not want to take the path most of the people around me were taking.

I didn’t understand why I couldn’t buckle down and choose one thing to specialize in, why my interest and passions rotate dramatically, and why I can’t seem to sit still in one place for too long.

I didn’t want to admit that this is the way I was, and therefore I took steps to go an alternate route filled with the security and stability that we’re expected to want.

We stay stuck in limbo because we don’t want to admit who we are. We don’t want to find out what we’re meant to do because we’re afraid we might fail at it.

And because of that, we stay seated, waiting in line, hoping a sign will come or something will be handed to us on a silver platter that will miraculously make the void make sense.

Trust me, that silver platter only comes if you serve it to yourself.

Number 2. We Are Lazy

I don’t care if you’ve tried and tried and tried and somehow something happens and that got in your way. You know what that’s called? It’s called an excuse, and they don’t work in this world.

For instance, oving to another country to fulfill that need for adventure, culture, and change can seem like a huge task. It’s easy to imagine it would be hart to plan, hard to get there, hard to get settled, hard to make a life.

The key word there being Imagine!

Our imagination can be a wonderful thing, but it can also be our worst enemy. It will tell us that doing this or doing that will require so much work that “maybe it isn’t even worth it, it probably won’t even work out. Besides, I’m semi-comfortable here in limbo.”

People get stuck in limbo because they’re too lazy to take a risk or a leap of faith. They become relaxed in their comfort zone, and ultimately don’t put in the effort to step out of it.

Remember. If you’re stuck in limbo you’re stuck in life. You’re going Nowhere to Nowhere. Laziness keeps us there.

Number 3. We Are Scared

CHANGE: It can be the most amazing and inspiring thing in one’s life if they learn to embrace it rather than fear it.

For me, change has always been a vital part of my life. Be it small things like the need to rearrange my room every other month or big things like the need to live in and explore new places every few months. I love change. It keeps me inspired.

But I’ve been quite scared of it in the past. The great unknown can be a scary place, and that uncertainly can keep you tucked hiding away in your safe little casa in Limbo.

A lot can happy out there in this wild world. You can get hurt, beaten down, pushed, and shoved. You could step foot out of Limbo and fall a thousand feet into failure. It’s called the worst possible outcome, and we pay way to much attention to it.

When you step out of limbo you can also learn what it’s like to kick ass, make moves, take names, be the bomb.com. You can learn what it’s like to be veraciously alive, positively inspired, and of course, mad to live.

Don’t mistake the fear. Let yourself be scared with excitement, rather than scared with fear.


When I was stuck in limbo I was not the same wild, crazy, inspiration seeking person I am at my root and core. I was stuck inside my head, overanalyzing every aspect of my life, and contemplating only the worst what-if situations.

So here’s the trick to getting out:

1.) Stop beating around the bush. Explore every crevice of the things that make you feel alive, and let yourself find out who you are.

2.) Get your ass off the Limbo Lazy Boy. Drop the shoulda, coulda, woulda bullshit. GO DO IT.

3.) Believe in yourself. Be brave. Give yourself the credit you deserve. We’re all meant to do amazing, big, inspiring things. Remember that’s what life is all about every time leaving limbo starts to get a little scary.

Just like I do not plan to ever go back to the $2/night hostel in Kuala Lumpur that reminded me of the set of a SAW movie, I will never go back to Limbo.

We all deserve to live in a place with inspiring experiences, people, and surroundings as we continue on our journeys.

Have You Ever Been Stuck In Limbo?
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