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We are all capable of making a profound and positive difference in making this world a better more enjoyable place for others combining our passions, resources, skills, and network as a force for change and for good.

The Don’t Just Watch Projects are self-organized “awareness bombs” rooted in planting seeds of realization, hard-facts, universal truths, and modern day stories, in the minds of others. Each one of us has a skill-set, network, resources, community behind us. Whatever it is you stand for, believe in, care for, want to protect, want to send out – that’s what you can base your Don’t Just Watch Project around. The most important thing is that A.) You do it, and B.) You share it.

I want to see as many of these made as possible. Imagine if we could compile from all over the globe, from all walks of life, homemade, grassroots “awareness bomb” videos. To curate something like this not only would be so revealing to the fact that many of us are fighting for the same things around the world, share the same universal values, and support each other. That what we’re doing here.

The goal is to curate 150 home-made PSAs (public service announcements) to represent 150 causes, missions, universal truths in this world. There are no rules other than your PSA should act as an Awareness Bomb. You want to make people consider an alternative, consider a different way of seeing something. You simply want to plant a seed in their head.

Your PSA could be an interview, a short film, an animation, or even just you talking on the real, completely candid to your camera.

Try to limit them to no longer than 6 minutes.

Have questions? Need ideas? Don’t know where to start? Email Me using the form at the bottom of the page. I’ll help you get started.

In an effort to support this, and I plan on increasing this scholarship as much as I can and to seek compelling sponsors as well, I’ve created the DJWP Annual Scholarship. You can either use this to purchase the equipment needed for your PSA or other DJWP initiative, or you can find a way to use it as some kind of example in your project. For instance, if you were going to try to live off of a dollar a day for 3 months in Guatemala, it could go towards your flight and that budget.

There’s an application to apply that will ask you about what you have in mind. A group of trusted advisors will be the ones to choose the winner because I know I won’t be able to!

Thank you for participating, thank you for going for this.

Every Last One Of Has A Tool, A Resource, A Friend, A Community, A Will To Stand For Something And Show It.

How To Create A DJWP + Ideas To Get You Started

There are projects that with minimal time and effort produce huge results, create ripple effects, and remind others that we can all do something. Create a video around it, 1-3 minutes, demonstrating what it is you did, why you did it, how you did it, and how and why others can do it too. Whatever you can do to spread the love, spread the respect, spread the awareness, and to document it, and share that documentation.

Ideas To Get You Started

  • Creating a street art mural to represent a local issue in your community.
  • Doing a Free Hugs campaign.
  • Creating a Public Service Announcement.
  • Filming a public service announcement to raise awareness with your iphone
  • Standing on a street corner with a sign that reads “You Are Beautiful” or “You Are Enough” or “You Got This, Whatever It Is”.
  • Organizing a demonstration in your town to reveal an issue people prefer to turn a blind eye to.
  • Posting 100 instagram photos in 100 days to represent a cause you support
  • Hiding notes of inspiration and love around your community for others to stumble upon.
  • Editing a compelling video montage together to visually showcase the reality of a certain situation.
  • Embarking on a challenging adventure to raise awareness for a cause.
  • If you own a restaurant or a food truck, hosting a fundraiser.
  • Creating a community film-festival focused on a specific value in need of attention.
  • Buy up billboards on the highway and put words of wisdom, inspiration, and love on them.

How To Officially Participate

Imagine Dozens, Hundreds, Thousands of DJWP Circulating The Globe. We Can Use Social Media To Connect, Collaborate, and Create Change.

Add To The Ripple Effect:

There are really no rules to this. Whatever it is you stand for, believe in, care for, want to protect, want to send out – that’s what you can base your Don’t Just Watch Project around. The most important thing is that A.) You do it, and B.) You share it.

The intention is showcase that we all are capable of creating our own grassroots efforts that make a difference in our local communities, and as they are shared, globally.

It’s very important that people understand that when they unite to defend a cause, change is possible. It’s also important that people understand that when you share these efforts, it creates awareness, mindfulness, and acceptance around the rest of the world. We will begin to see that we are all connected by our intrinsic values to love, protect, support, care, and protect. The world doesn’t have to be a scary place. In fact, the world can be a very beautiful, light, and positive place. These projects remind us that there are those out there with a heart, that will speak up for you and for themselves, and that will fight for what is right.

So ask yourself, what’s a unique way that you and only you, based off of your interests, resources, community, network, profession, can showcase that we can do more than just sit and watch the world happen around us.

Recent Don’t Just Watch Projects

Below are a collection of Don’t Just Watch Projects over the last few years. These were completed before the concept of Don’t Just Watch Projects was totally fleshed out. The nonprofit is still being formed, and a separate website will eventually made to showcase everyone’s contribution.


For one reason or another, people don’t look at throwing cigarette butts outside of their car windows as littering. One afternoon, I was biking around my old stoping grounds, the beach town of Saint Augustine Beach FL, when I noticed they were all over the shoulder of the road I was riding on. I thought it would be an interesting experiment to see how many myself and a friend of mine could pick up in 1 hour over 1 mile stretch of road.

Below is a time-lapse video of us lining up and counting the cigarettes one-by-one. Watch the video to find out how many.



In collaboration with EpicExperience.org, DJWP organized 25 professional adventurers & outdoor industry bloggers to fund a week-long outdoor adventure camp for cancer survivors. Each adventurer completed 1 human-powered microadventure over the course of 31 days to raise $10,000. Some summited three mountains over 14,000 feet in altitude in one day, some walked straight through from sunrise to sunset, and some kayaked an island in Iceland.


Proceeds of this microadventure went towards DonorsChoose.org, purchasing trumpets for a highschool band, cameras for an urban planning class, and a computer for an english class. Again, thank you to all those who contributed to this cause. You make the world go round.

Fifty Miles in two days along the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. I completed this Microadventure along Florida’s coastline, known for its wide stretches of under-developed shoreline. The freeing feeling of sand beneath your toes, the sound of ocean waves taking the weight off your shoulders one crash at a time, and the infinite stretch of beauty extending out into the horizon beyond the sea were the backdrop to this microadventure. I had recently come back to the US after spending a year living in China, and my return had left me feeling restless with my time and confused about what to do next in my life. I took this long walk as a remedy for that confusion.


Collaboration with BEYONDGear’s founder Asa Firestone. We set out to get 1 million tweets of hashtag #adventure4good during their crowdfunding campaign to fund a climbing wall in the favela’s of Rio de Janeiro.


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