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The Elephant In Your Way: A Perspective On Dropping Your Old Ways

There comes a certain point(s) in your life when you get so damn fed up with the way you’ve been doing things, and you just can’t have it anymore. It’s really that simple. You hit a wall, then you pound your fists and head and arms and feet into it over and over and over again convinced this is the way, until it finally hits you that you’re literally killing yourself trying these same old ways. That’s when you put your fists down, take a look at the damage, accept there’s a wall there, and make the only choice you have left: change directions – change your ways.

Another way of looking at it is there’s a giant elephant in your path. There it is, just chillen out right there in what is meant to be your way, eating grass, and minding its own business. It’s fine just where it is. You’re pushing it trying to get it to move, and frankly, it can’t even be bothered with you. You feel incredibly determined to make this elephant move, but it is no use. All you have to do is walk around the elephant and continue on your way, and say goodbye to the elephant. On top of this harsh but simple reality, it’s hard to say goodbye to the elephant, even though you know its in your way. You’re used to leaning on it, even if that lean has become a disgruntled and unreciprocating push.
That’s what this is: It’s saying goodbye to something you’ve become attached to, that you’re used to, so you can carry onward with what it is you’re here to do and need to do. You can’t bring the elephant (your old ways) with you. You’ve got to leave it behind.
And frankly, it will be fine without you, and so will you without it.

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