You Can Do It, Woman!!!” Someone screamed from their balcony.

Yes I Can!” I yelled back as I rounded the corner, face bright red, gasping for air, looking like I was going to keel over, listening to Bach Cello Suit 1 to mentally calm my heart rate.

My first 5K was happening, and the finish line was 30 seconds away. Would I make it?


There are some things in life we simply stated, suck at. Some of us suck at learning a foreign language, some of us suck at quoting movies, some of us suck at French kissing, and the list goes on.

Me, I’ve never been much of a runner. Back when I was an awkward middle school girl with festively colored braces I found out running was not my strong suite. My dream of running marathons around the globe all came crashing down in gym class when a friend pointed out laughing hysterically that my one leg flings far out to the right at every stride, making me look, well, like an idiot!  AS SEEN HERE…

I'm a Sexy Runner! SEE!

Well guess what? After 22 years of running like some sort of demented wild monkey, amusing all those stuck running behind me, kicking all those running beside me, and dry-heaving after 5 minutes, I have finally corrected my stride and I just ran my first 5K this weekend!

And I have to say, it was one of the coolest experiences of my life.


Running this 5K taught me a lot about taming the perfectionist in me. I realized that I don’t have to be the perfect runner or athlete. I don’t have to be like that beautiful man with nice pecks running with bare feet that lapped me 5 minutes into the run! All we have to be is good enough for us – to try our best. And then, once we hit one milestone, we reach a little higher, and then a little more higher, and just keep going with this.

IT’S KIND OF LIKE… trying to learn a new foreign language. Do you try to learn every word and grammar rule at once? No! Not unless you’re an Irish Polygot of course! You lay down the foundation first. You learn 100 words and how to use the present and past tense. Then, as time goes on, you dive in deeper with crazy tenses that don’t exist in English like the Spanish imperfecto and subjuntivo. ( It technically could still be happening so its subjunctive…wtf – I still have trouble with these! aye yai yai)


The other great thing about my first 5K experience was just the feeling of  “We ALL can do this.” Each person in that race was running for their own reason, be it to test themselves physically or mentally, to prove to themselves they could complete a challenge, to try something new, to feel like they could win, to change their state of mind.

But it didn’t matter what our personal reasons were for running it. All that mattered was that we were in it together, and we were all going to cross that finish line. You could feel the energy, the motivation, the focus and drive in the air.

IT’S KIND OF LIKE…going to a coffee shop to work on something your passionate about, and everyone sitting around you is working just as hard on whatever it is they are passionate about. There’s something about everyone else being there with you that lets you stay form daylight to daybreak and well past that. Suddenly, it’s 10 o’clock PM, the place is about to close in 30 minutes, and everyone is still there chugging along to get what their so focused on doing done. And they do. And so do you.  And you all walk out of there knowing you crossed that finish line, and you were in it together till the end.

That’s what the 5K was like. We were all just working hard to achieve a goal, and we all crossed that finish line knowing we worked our asses off to make it happen. We deserved that feeling of achievement.


It’s not about whether you suck or not. It’s about trying and learning and experiencing. I ran that 5K because I wanted experience that feeling of wanting to give up and then not letting myself do it.

And hey, other than accidentally throwing my 1/2 full cup of water on the volunteer holding the trash, everything went GREAT!

Even you bad kissers out there can learn how to tame that uncontrollable tongue! At least harness the power of that thing, and go learn to roll your “r”s when you speak Spanish and control your spitting when you speak French!

The truth is, and I know this is going to sound cliché, but I’m a sucker for corny lines so I don’t even care… You can do anything, and I mean anything, you put your mind to.

So, my question for you today is, what thing that you thought you sucked at yesterday, are you going to start kicking ass on today?

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