We live in a melting pot of a world, and because of that it can at times feel like no one in your given zip code understands what the hell you’re talking about or who you are. People come and go and there are endless views and to do’s that at times it can feel like a whirlwind.

A big part of who I am revolves around this little gem of a blog you’re reading right now. 😉 But sometimes its hard to meet people “IRL” who are also into the blogging community. Hell, sometimes it’s hard to meet people that are dedicated to living with passion!

Blogging? …What’s an RSS? “Twitter?  …What the hell is Tweet? Location independence? …You mean you live in your car? Traveling? …Never got into it.  Entrepreneurship? …Too difficult. The lifestyle design of a Digital Nomad? …As in you stray from technology?”

Six months ago I packed up my things in my apartment that had a view of the Empire State Building and sat beside a city of millions and headed to a small beach town of thousands so I could live two blocks from the edge of the Atlantic. And while my location independence was able to bring me here, it has also made it a bit more difficult to spend time with follow bloggers, internet entrepreneurs, travelers, etc …with like-minded people in our “industry”, if you will.


And so that’s why myself and the man with the plan Sal Greco over at Surfer Lifestyle Design have decided to take matters into our own hands and organize the first ever Coastal Bloggers Round-Up! – A Beach Master-Mind Event. I am so pumped!!! (PS – Are you in the area?! If you are, keep reading for more info!!!)


I have to say that is especially important to me because as you may have read in my last post Your 85 Year-Old Smile Lines I’ve been making some pretty damn big changes lately. My life has been a whole lot of closing doors and opening new ones lately. This revolves around everything from my love life (wouldn’t you like to know! ;-P hehe), to a few upcoming websites I’ll be launching, to talks of doing a food & wine tour of Europe for a few months, to volunteering as a mentor for high school kids, to organizing a local TED talk event, to launching Wild World Creative, and a whole lot more.

This event represents a big part of my taking action to really grow as a blogger, entrepreneur, and savvy business women.  It’s an opportunity to build on relationships with fellow bloggers that are dedicated to living their lives in some amazing ways that revolve around their passions and talents. It’s going to be a weekend jam-packed with learning, sharing, and ridiculous amounts of fun.


Hey, if you’re in the area you HAVE TO COME! It’s this weekend on the 5th & 6th of August and anyone in the area who is proud to be part of the community of blogging in general is welcome to come!!! If you are interested and want more info you can shoot me an email here!


You can check out the schedule right here on Sal’s Blog, but let me give you a heads up!


BLOGGERS ON THE BEACH” (8am – 2pm) : Creating the all time most badass beach posse ever – Beautiful Blogging Babes. We’ll be spending the day relaxing in the sun and waves while chatting about how awesome it is to be a blogger and how to be even better at it.

INTERNET MARKETING HAPPY HOUR” (4pm – 6:30pm) : Food + Drink + Bloggers = The Ultimate Cocktail of Goodness. This event will likely start out as a formal networking hour of sorts and then likely turn into a “Dude I love your blog let’s grab another beer!”.

NIGHT SHARK FISHING” (7pm – late) : Being that a lot of us bloggers are adventurists as well, we’ve planned a little adventure for the evening. Night Shark Fishing!


BLOGGER BREAKFAST” (10am – whenever) : We’ll start the day with some Banana Pancakes and then who knows!


As I’m getting more and more excited for this event I keep thinking about just how important and inspiring it is to spend time with people that share your passions, interests, and goals. So, in the spirit of this upcoming weekend, this post’s Mad To Do Call To Action is to do the same in your town! It doesn’t need to be a big, huge, wedding-reception sized event or anything like that, but just something fun! Plan a TweetUp/MeetUp in your area and get to know some of your fellow bloggers that live in a few hour radius of you.

Start by simply putting out a Tweet asking if anyone is interested in doing it! From there, it’ll surely start to snowball. I mean, come on – I’m going shark fishing with fellow bloggers… how awesome is that! So, go plan something! 🙂

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