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Our Invisible Universe vs. Our Visible Society

There’s so much happening all around us, yet our human eyes can’t se them. Only 5% of the universe is observable matter. That means that as humans, we can’t see 95% of what is happening around us.

Let’s pause for a moment…. What The Fuck?

Electrons and protons are avoiding each other. The earth is spinning round-and-round. Gravity is holding us down. Stars are blowing up in outer space. The waves of light and sound are buzzing about. Atoms are the building blocks of every single thing on this earth. Then there’s Dark Matter, which is about 80% of the Universe. We’re breathing in and out invisible air on repeat. [1]

This is all magic happening right in front of us. Why are all these things occurring?

Isn’t it peculiar that are we made of 75% water and isn’t it insane how that directly correlates with the water on this earth that keeps us alive and evaporates into an invisible gas and then falls back down from clouds as rain made of hydrogen up in the sky?

Isn’t it fascinating that the human touch can feel so powerful and we go insane without it, physics says we can never actually touch anything [2].

Isn’t it fucking incredible that plants and bacteria are able to produce glucose and oxygen from carbon dioxide and water, using only light as a source of energy. Think about that. Every time you are looking at a plant, what you can’t see is the cells of their lives absorbing sunlight so it can grow.

Isn’t it mothafucking nuts that we are made up of stardust and that there are as many grains of sand on this earth as there are stars out their flying in space.

And how about the fact that the universe is constantly expanding? Or that the sun is one huge ball of fire, and that there are actually two stars in our galaxy that are millions of times larger than the sun itself.

Isn’t it nuts that we live on a big circular rock that is floating in some giant black abyss alongside a bunch other circular rocks made up of all kinds of crazy elements with their own atmospheres and moons and gravitational forces?

How rad is that?! How difficult is that to believe? That’s all happening… RIGHT NOW!!!!

Yet we can’t see it.



As you know, I like to relate what’s happening out in the real physical world, to the insane, confusing, exciting, and mystical world of being a human being in the 21st century.

Here’s the deal – In the current society we live in, we lack having a connection with the magic of the universe. One that we feel in our hearts and souls. I know that sounds corny, but hey, give me a break you know you wanna be one with your heart and soul and you know you’re curious if your soul lives on after your body dies and you know that nothing feels as good as having a full heart and feeling it beat in excitement or in love.

Basically, as human beings, we’re tempted to believe only what we see. We’re also really good at judging what we see, and labeling what we see, and then associating feelings and emotions and reactions to the words we’ve chosen to name things with.

If you and I were part of a tribe of starving jungle nomads hunting down a panther to feed our village, these abilities would be very, very useful. However, since you’re reading this blog post on a screen plugged into a wall that’s being powered by a bunch of crazy shit flying through chords that eventually connect to a bunch of others chords in something we called the GRID (just another invisible thing happening that we can’t see thanks to science and magic), I know that you’re not in a position where you must hunt panthers to survive. But maybe you’re in a jungle nomad tribe…

Because our view of the world is rooted significantly in only what our very lacking human eyes can see, we have a difficult time believing in anything that doesn’t express full certainty. And from that, one agreement is built on top of another agreement until we we’ve lost sight of it all.

This means we have a hard time believing in our “selfs”.

We have a hard time excepting that everything on this earth, including you and I, is a bunch of energy moving about together and clashing and merging.

We have a hard time respecting this earth, because we can’t see the beauty of what makes the entire thing up is the same exact thing that makes us up.

We have a hard time detaching from the social constructs of society, which are perhaps the most dangerous invisible forces on this earth.

We can’t distinguish that all human beings are equal because we’ve labeled one another based on the color or our skin or the country we come from and then we treat each other as so.

We can’t accept that the borders between our nations are man-made and not real.

Think about how much our judgement of these invisible things have created so much violence and war and hatred on this planet. Think about how much we’ve let our invisible borders distinguish which human beings must spend their lives surviving within borders of terrorism, starvation, and other atrocities.

I know that’s intense. I wish I could always keep it light on here, but this is the world we live in. Iits important to acknowledge that.


Think about this.

Think about how magical the universe is, and about how you are made up of the same stuff of it.


We spend so much time and energy associating with all these lackluster, bullshit, heavy, terrible, devastating invisible things that man has agreed on for its society, when we could be experimenting with the magical things we can’t see that are nothing but beautiful and support life and want humans to thrive and be part of the very earth they came from.

Which invisible thing would you rather let guide your life?








[1] https://lonerwolf.com/things-we-cant-see/

[2] https://futurism.com/why-you-can-never-actually-touch-anything/


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