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The Only Book You’ll Ever Need to start a Passionately Curious and Successful Business

First up, I’m excited to tell you that in this post you’ll be getting Chapter 1 FREE of Renaissance Business, perfect for all you mad to live and do people out there with a knack for entrepreneurship. You’ll also find a video interview on here with the author of it, who is one of the most inspiring and creative bloggers and entrepreneurs out there in my professional opinion! 😉

What if I told you that you could only pick ONE INTEREST? If wild life photography is your thing, then forget about also being an activist for saving the Honey Bees, forget about that side blog you write about all your DIY projects, forget about all your other skills, curiosities, passions, expertise, and potential this and that. YOU CAN ONLY DO ONE THING!!

Well that would be the biggest crock of BS wouldn’t it? Being able to do that is as unlikely as George Kastanza ever growing his hair back! Or Larry David.

THE QUESTION IS: How do we combine all of our interests, passions, and talents – old, new, and ones we don’t even know are coming our way – and turn them into a business that allows us to explore even more interests, passions, and talents.

Well my friends, I am ridiculously happy to tell you that the wonderful, badass, passionately curious chick who writes Puttylike.com, Emilie Wapnick, has found THE CURE!

Yesterday she launched her first eBook package called Renaisance Business, and I must say that as someone who is currently rocking their own Renaissance Biz, this girl knows EXACTLY, and I mean exactly, what she’s talking about.

FIRST – She’s giving away CHAPTER ONE FREE to the Mad to Live community! Download Chapter 1 here!

Below you will find my video-esque interview with her. I got a bit inspired by all her talk on finding unique was to intertwine passions and curiosities so I decided to take her up on some of her lessons in the spirit of things.

I wanted to

a.)    Start doing more interviews with good people doing BIG and amazing things.

b.)    Learn to use Camtasia – a video editing, screen casting, audio editing program for the interviews.

c.)     Learn to use Prezi – which is basically like Power Point but hopped up on peyote

By learning B and C I was able to make this interview more than just audio, but something fun to watch. I’ll be able to use Camtasia for upcoming video projects and for creating screen casts of web design tutorials to help bloggers and online entrepreneurs. Prezi is just awesome and you should check it out.

In the 11 minute interview Emilie gives us a special sneak peak at the process she goes through with her multipod students by telling us:
a.) Why picking 1 Niche is a blatant lie told by all the not-so passionately curious web “gurus”
b.) What a multipotentialite is and why being one is perfect for starting a business
c.) The fundamental process of starting with a scattered list of passions and then finding the over-arching theme that will be your business.
d.) How a Renaissance Business works: CONTENT & FORM
e.) The purpose of starting a Renaissance Business and why it can be one of the greatest adventures and successful endeavors you could embark on

So, if all this sounds up your alley… you know… the whole do the things that make you MAD TO LIVE and then find a way to get paid to do them by being a creative self starter, then you may want to check it Emilie’s book and her blog!

Here’s the link to her book: Renaissance Business

(Note – that’s an affiliate link, which will be going to my motorcycle ride across America / volunteer in Africa come February (more on this soon I hope!!!).

Lastly, let me tell you that starting a Renaissance is much easier than you think! Sometimes the fear of taking the leap to do it or just getting overwhelmed with all the this and that can make it seem like such a far away goal. IT IS NOT.

Last year when I started my renaissance business I didn’t have Emilie’s blog or this new book to guide me through it, but I wish I had. (I spent way too much time in the “Who the F*ck Am I” state… she goes over how to get over that drama!) I’ve seen a lot of success and some failure along the way of the process of doing this. But if there is one thing I do know it’s that it truly is possible to get your passionately curious, want-to-do-it-all, entrepreneurial, passion project, and exploration addict self to create a successful business doing what you love and working with people you love.

GOOD LUCK and HAPPY CREATING YOUR Renaissance Business to travel the world, live out your passion, and do all the things that make you a MAD ONE!

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