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Excerpt from the Poem The River

The River by Scott Robertson: Thoughts on a Destination Unkown

Today I’d like to share with you guys a beautiful poem called The River by Scott Robertson. This poem isn’t just about nature and the outdoors and all that it can do for us when we spend time among it, but also about life, and trusting in it.

For me, personally, when my head is clouded or I’m faced with a difficult decision, I take to the outdoors. I embark on an all-day hike or paddle or skate, and I don’t come back until I’ve worked out what it is that seems to be plaguing my mind.

When I came across Robertson’s poem, the lines that stuck out to me most were “The water carries me on, To a destination unknown, Yet I am peaceful in mind, As I know everything I need, The river will bring to me, When the time is right”

When we’re traveling, be it exploring the the world, or metaphorically speaking in life, this mentality is the one that will truly take you to the far and wide places you’re meant to go.

And so, without further ado, I present to you, The River by Scott Robertson:

I sit in an old wooden chair under an old street lamp
With its dimly glowing light
Illuminating the scenes before me
It glows like a thousand firebugs floating above my head

The sound of water roars by
The night sky twinkles above my head
Sounds of birds chirp in my ear
A peaceful clarity fills my soul
As if the water is washing all my stress away

Closing my eyes I see myself
Floating down a peaceful river
In a bright red canoe
The oars are floating some where behind me
Long forgotten as the stream
Does the work to propel me forward
I am at mercy of its flow
As if I am a train and the stream my tracks

Along the banks I see people waving at me
The river takes me to them
We chat and enjoy a nice meal together
Then the river carries me away
I growl as I am not ready to move on
But I have to trust that the river knows best

The water carries me on
To a destination unknown
Yet I am peaceful in mind
As I know everything I need
The river will bring to me
When the time is right

I open my eyes and find
I am still sitting in the old wooden chair
With the old street lamp glowing above my head
After a long content sigh
I sit back enjoying nature’s show before me

Written by Scott Robertson Nov 15 20

Photography Credit: Sunset Kayak by Incidental Creativity

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