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The Sacred Life Balance When Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

There’s a sacred proverb that goes, “When in life you bite off more than you can chew, Stop Chewing for a moment, and Walk around Naked in your living room.

Okay not really. I obviously just made that up!  And no, I don’t have an obsession with being naked even though I did write about it further when I encouraged you to enjoy the Zen of a Naked Midnight Jog. (Have you done yours yet?!)


I woke up this morning to Alanis Morissette’s You Learn (great song), automatically putting me in a good mood. And I decided I’d take the day off from being so GTD. Here’s why…

You see, there must be a balance between when you’re doing the A.) biting and chewing – also known as taking big leaps, working your ass off, and making things happen you never thought you could do before – and the B.) Walking Around Naked – also known as giving your mind and body a little break to change your Go-Go-Go state and just have some spontaneous, care-free, let –it-all-hangout fun.

Personally, I struggle so much with turning off the Go-Go-Go state of mind once I start chewing. Sleeping– forget about it! I’m too busy trying to organize ideas and take mental notes. Conversations – haha – don’t even try to talk to me if I’m working on my stuff. Social Life – sadly I’d rather stay at home and play around in the blogosphere than make it for happy hour. Food – I forget to eat unless someone puts a plate in front of me and reminds me!

Does this ever sound like you? If so – well, at least now we know we’re not alone!

This isn’t of course the best habit for us! So, let’s take a quick look at how we can balance this out a bit!


If you’re in the habit of biting off more than you can chew, then hell yea! Don’t stop believin’ baby.

But when it starts taking over your life a little too much, simply force yourself to allow a full day, or even just a few hours of turning off  your mind and doing something random.

For instance, lately I could sense I’d been chewing too much. My mind was becoming flooded with information and I was getting overwhelmed. So, I said F-it – I’m going to take the day off dammit. I spent the day by 1st jumping into a freezing cold pool to smack myself in the face (this was painful but refreshing!) then I had a couple of cold beers, then I went on a bike ride, followed by taking the dogs to the beach, and finally watched a mindless but cute chick flick.

Now I’m ready to start chewing again!

Some days you just need to turn your mind off for a little bit and enjoy some valuable wasted time.


If, on the other hand, you’ve been a little too lackadaisical with your big plans and big ideas, then get your ass in gear dammit!

When this happens your mind gets comfortable with not having to deal with challenges and testing itself.  It becomes like a pot head and it keeps telling you to just, “Chilllll out and relax man.”

So put on some clothes, stop letting your  mind smoke that ish, take a bite out of one of your big plans, and get to work baby!


And finally, as the song goes that helped to inspire this post, You Live and You Learn.  So, while you’re in the process of doing BIG things and biting off more than you can Chew or enjoying life’s spontaneous  and random moments while you walk around naked in your living room, do not forget to enjoy the ride as you’re on it!

You might also consider getting your heart trampled on and sticking your foot in your mouth. 😉 (song reference for those of you who didn’t grow up in the 90’s!)

What activities do you like to do to turn off your mind a bit?

What are you working on lately that’s biting off more than you can chew?

Is it just me, or is walking around naked in  your living room kind of refreshing?

The Sims Pic I So Did Not Take Image Credit!

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  • Oh dear yes, I know exactly what you mean!
    I keep working all day long and hardly ever eat, even if I feel the hunger…
    It’s even more frustrating that my mum told me today that nobody in my family thinks I’m working on the really important things… Well, what can I say. i need a part time job, but I will definitely not give up my own business because other people have problems believing in my goals!
    Off topic, sorry ^^°

    But yes, i keep working all day long too. Although yesterday was one of my relax days. At least during the day. After hanging out with friends and having Thai food I started writing and promoting again…
    I don’t have my relax days often lately, but I know how important they are…

    • Hey Robin!
      First – I relate with you on this all the way! And in a way it goes back to the post on your blog I commented on your blog the other day – some people just won’t understand your perspective or goals or reason. Even if they want the best for you too! I’m in a similar situation in which I simply HAVE TO WORK ON THOSE IMPORTANT THINGS – and a lot of people don’t understand, but you just have to do it ya know! Because if you don’t you feel void, ya konw?

      Second – Thai food…NICE 🙂 It’s amazing how you can literally spend 24/7 writing, promoting, reading and repeat. And while it is fun and it is thought-provoking and using your mind, every once in awhile, we all just need a day off to enjoy some Thai food with friends. As for me, I’m enjoying a cold beer right now! 🙂

      KEEP AT IT!!!!!!! Here’s to the success of your own business! 🙂

  • Regarding happy hour, you haven’t been to happy hour with me yet ;). It’s funny because despite my lifestyle, I found myself burned out and I did the only thing I could think of. I wrote a blog post about it, hehe. Ironic huh. I still haven’t published the post because I feel like it’s not done and there’s still more left to say about the burn out I’ve been feeling lately. I’d say it’s mainly due to the fact that surf has gone flat around here. But I also know we’ve been working like mad on projects. Like I said earlier in the week, I’m loving the new blog :). I actually spent an hour reading through your bucket list and found it to be quite inspiring and entertaining. Hopefully some of your plans will include a visit out to Cali and we’ll have to get in a few days in the water.

    • Hey Srini!
      haha when I get out to Cali, Happy Hour + Surf Time – It’s a GO! And as far as burnout goes, I suppose (besides surfing of course) that anything that’s consuming your mind and time, no matter how enjoyable it is, can eventually lead to burnout. It’s kind of like that blog post I wrote for your Flightster contest on how to not let your travel style become monotonous. It’s hard to imagine it can ever happen! Gotta keep mixing it up!
      Thanks for checking out the blog! I had a blast making it. My Bucket List is a work in progress! I have so much more to add to it too haha 🙂

  • carole

    since when did the Sims become r-rated? guess they wanted to expand their audience.
    i agree with you, it’s important to walk around naked in your living room every once in a while (well, or whatever) cause if you just go go go you’ll be moving too fast to appreciate what you can see along the way.
    your brain needs more than just sleep time to recharge. that being said, your motivation and enthusiasm are inspiring, keep it up, and keep reminding us to be there too.

  • hey Carol!
    Thank you for the kind word 🙂 it inspires me to know I’m inspiring you!
    Sometimes we just need to stop and smell the flowers every once in awhile ya know?!
    Oh and I know!… the aims can get pretty crazy! I used to be addicted to it but moreso bc I liked trying to get my sims to the highest level of their jobs and have relationships with all their neighbors haha.

  • Sadia

    Hey dont knock the herb!!! hahah

    I always find I get more done when im flooded with things to do… I may stress but at the end of the nights when I reflect back at the accomplishments I acheived …. it feels damnnn good

    I have found on several occasions I would let a bit to much stress build up in my head and all of a sudden a Migraine hit. They would disprupt my whole day but it really was just my body telling me to slow down.

    • Hey Dia!
      Hell yea it feels damn good. I sometimes am and sometimes am not like that. If I have too much to do, sometimes I shut down and just flat out ignore it! Not very responsible of me heh.

      It’s amazing what the body will do to tell you to slow down. Life in the fast lane is great, but if you’re trying to speed while there’s already a traffic jam, sometimes you just have to put on the breaks or you’ll end up with a fender bender. – a little metaphor for ya haha.