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The Status Quo Against Choosing The Weirder Path

Has anyone ever looked at you like or told you that you’re just a little bit weird?

I can’t tell you how many decisions I’ve made in my life in which many of the so-called non-weird people around me have looked at me like I’m a crazy, weird lunatic.

But is it really so bad to see and do things in a different light compared to the rest of the regular world? I’m not so sure about that…


Just like there is endless miscommunication with language barriers when roaming foreign countries, I think there’s a little miscommunication when it comes to understanding some of our own English language as well!

If you look the word “weird” up in the thesaurus you’ll find most of its synonyms are words that we should be proud to have in our repertoire of characteristics:

Awe-inspiring, Curious, Eccentric, Unique, Exceptional, Deviating, Extraordinary, Fantastic, Unorthodox, Uncommon, Atypical, Wild, Crazy

Want to know what the antonyms of weird are?

Normal, Standard, Usual, Customary, Regular

I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather be the former over the latter. I think being weird is sexy. It’s exciting, adventurous, and it makes life interesting. If no one in this wild world was weird, everything would be normal, and that’s just boring.


I guess my whole life I’ve always been a little weird. I started off young as a tomboy wearing nothing but baseball caps and plaid shirts. On the weekends you’d find me building the most awesome tree house in my backyard and playing in the mud with the boys. You would not find me prancing around in a Cinderella dress playing with Barbie. Not even close.

Nowadays I love cute dresses and wear lipstick when I go out, but back then, well, let’s just say my Uncle had to pay me $15 to put on a pink dress once!

And to this day I’m still weird.

Except now I’m just a weird girl in cute dresses who seems odd to the rest because I choose to live my life walking a different route than what most people would say is normal. I have these big plans to do these big things and there’s simply no other way for me.


So, what about you? If you think about it, it’s not too hard to stray off the path of what’s considered normal and standard.

Take world travel for instance. Let’s say it’s your dream to travel the world, write about your experiences, and support yourself through whatever other passions you have. (Hey what do you know?! That’s one of the dreams I’m on a mission to turn into a reality as well! 😉 )

Now imagine walking up to a group of five people and telling them that this is what you’re doing. How do you think they’ll react? Of course they’ll be impressed and WOWed, but it’s quite certain at least one of them will find your idea a bit strange and off-beat.

Don’t you want something more stable? Are you sure you can take care of yourself? Is that really the most responsible way to live your life? And what’s so special about experiencing other cultures and countries anyway? Aren’t you being a little unrealistic? Maybe that would be better as a hobby rather than a profession?

Not everyone is going to understand why you’d want to trailblaze, or choose a less stable route, or do something that’s not so normal compared to the rest of the normal world.

And that’s fine. This kind of path is not for everyone. But if it is for you, then be damn sure not to wander back over to that paved trail because a few boring chaps think you look a little weird paving your own somewhere else. We write our own stories and its up to us to define the plot, not anyone else.


Back in my tomboy days I will admit that maybe I was a little weird for not being into all the girly stuff. I’ll also admit that some of the kids in my class thought I was a little weird too. I brought Hammers and Nails and G.I. Joe to show-and-tell for goodness sake!

But you know what? I look back on those times and I smile. Maybe those old days of being a bit of an odd ball taught me that it’s cool to be different and it’s possible to be unique or eccentric or a little crazy and come out ahead and on top.

As one of history’s trailblazers John Eliot once told us, “History shows us that the people who end up changing the world – the great political, social, scientific, technological, artistic, even sports revolutionaries – are always nuts, until they are right, and then they are geniuses.”

So, when it comes to your dreams, your interests, your journeys, the way you dress, the way you view life, the risks you take, the changes you create, the projects you start – let them be as weird and crazy as they can be. Because in the end, normal and standard may be more safe, but weird, wild and crazy are a hell of a lot more fun, and a whole lot less boring.

And one last thing. While it may seem like you’re the only one sometimes, look around, because there are plenty of other crazy, sexy, cool, weird people paving their own trails that would love to cheer you on. Me being one of them.

Here’s to being Weird. 🙂

Has anyone ever told you that you’re a little weird? What unpaved path are you creating today? Do you ever wish you could just be okay with the “standard”?

I reply to every comment with love and thought, and nothing is cooler than the discussions that gets going after these posts, so don’t forget to share your stories and insights, and Subscribe to the Comments!

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  • That’s funny because just last weekend I put on my Cinderella dress and played Barbie with my other weirdo friends 🙂

    Like most other self centered narcissist, I consider myself to be top of the food chain compared to the people that surround me. I need no permission, no structure, no guidelines for my performance. Everyone who doesn’t understand that is entitled, but at the same time at a lower level. I feel that people who can’t understand the idea of being unique, cannot reflect upon themselves, and therefore cannot see how boring they are. It’s kind of easy to be at the top of the food chain when everyone else is just very boring.

    Great post. Nice flannel.

    • Hey Jonathan!
      haha ooo you in a Cinderella dress. SEXY!

      “Like most other self centered narcissts” – haha you crack me up man. I love your confidence though and you make a hell of a good point there with phrasing it as “top of the food chain.”
      I also find struggle when I get stuck in a conversation with someone that doesn’t see the magnificence of being weird or unique. For whatever reason it scares them and maybe that goes deeper and who knows, this post could inspire someone to channel their weird self a bit more. But for the people out there that actually think it’s actually WEIRD to be WEIRD, I never know what to say to them. Not because they’re boring, but because there’s no connection there. And it’s a shame, ya know?

      And I wonder, what in life, as people grow up and develop their values and ideals, makes them decide that being weird and unique is not a favorable trait? What makes them begin to look down upon those that choose the less common, less well-paved path? And how can one go about changing their state to see that being unique and weird is far better than being standard?

      I still look great in flannel by the way 😉

      • You might look good in flannel, but if this was a footy pajama war, there’d be no contest.

  • “Don’t you want something more stable? Are you sure you can take care of yourself? Is that really the most responsible way to live your life? And what’s so special about experiencing other cultures and countries anyway? Aren’t you being a little unrealistic? Maybe that would be better as a hobby rather than a profession?”

    Bloody hell! I read your article, and I agreed with everything as usual. But this ‘quote’ just kicked me out of myself for a few minutes. I’ve heard these sentences so often. And every time I see that other people have the same experiences I am so unbelievably grateful that they share it with others.

    With this article you showed me – like only a few before – that I’m not alone. I don’t think I am. But reading about it makes it easier to believe.

    Thank you, Lauren!

    • Hey Robin!
      You know what? To be honest with you, if it weren’t for knowing people like you and the other limit-stretchers and crazy-doers, I don’t always know if I’d have the balls to do the same. I mean, I believe I’d get there and I’d make it happen, but truly knowing there are others out there on a mission to defy the odds and pave their own paths with their own out-of-this-world, unique journey, well, it’s inspiring, ya know? And it’s a lot easy to get from A to B and then to Z and start on another A again when you’re inspired.

      I’m glad to see we’re both feeling like we’re not alone on our crazy adventures 🙂

      • As long as we all keep inspiring each other, I’m sure we can make it. As I said. It’s great to know that you’re not alone. Great to have you on my side 🙂

  • Man, great stuff Lauren, seriously. Love the thing about language and how we understand each other. I read a lot of Ludwig Wittgenstein and he talks a lot about language. He talks about how we operate in different “language game” and how it’s impossible for different groups of people to really “get” each other. Not just different countries/cultures, but even things like professions, interests, and so on.

    • Hey Spencer!
      Yea as far as language goes it really is fascinating. Even when you think about 2 different languages: English and Chinese for instance. Two people could be describing the same exact thing in their respected languages, but because the vocabulary is different, the history of the words, the meaning behind them, the words added to them, the variations in which we can say them – it almost changes the perspective on everything, ya know?
      And as far as professions, interests, etc it’s just as fascinating to consider the same concept. I’d love to read up more on that actually. I’m definitely going to take a greater look at the work of Ludwig Wittgenstein. 🙂

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  • I’ve always been a bit quirky. A friend thought they were offending me by saying I was eccentric, I bought him a beer and said “That’s one of the best compliments someone could give me”
    (The other top compliments have been “You’re a 3-D person” and “You’d make an excellent medieval warrior/general (from a girl! I almost fell in love.)”)

    it’s funny that the words Standard and Normal are almost compliments nowadays. If something becomes standardized it has become accepted. It works on the basis of Social proof: If everyone’s doing it then I avoid the risk of being judged for doing it as well.
    Well, that didn’t work too well for me. I took ballet in high school rather than playing football. I did theater, read novels and philosophy, fell in love with poets. I was odd and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

    Oddity takes off in business too. At some point people recognize oddity and say “hey, that fella might be onto something.”

    Love the post, Lauren, Thanks for the link-lovin’

    • Hey Dan!
      “3-D person” – haha I love that. Well if you’re that kind of guy + eccentric + a medieval warrior than you’ve definitely made it into my book of most badass people 🙂
      And as far as being an oddity goes, and getting back to your post about stories – its the stories from others that minimize the magnificence of being an oddity and epitomize the standard of being normal that I prefer to reject. I don’t watch sports much, but I always root for the underdog because they’re the ones that are going to pull out something unique with a lot of heart to win.

      And in business, I think it’s the oddities that come up with the best out-of-the-box, eccentric, fun, quirky ideas. After centuries of trade, we’ve seen all the normal standards. Now we get to be the ones to set new ones 🙂

  • carole

    i think a lot of it comes down to how much security someone needs to feel comfortable. some people need more security surrounding them to feel on stable ground. others, like you and Robin, feel secure even when you don’t know what’s around the corner. you’re less uncomfortable living with the unknown than your more “stable, responsible” friends. that’s a gift you get to enjoy as you travel around the world.

    • Hey Carole!
      Yea I definitely agree. Some people need a lot more security than others and that’s totally fine. To be honest, sometimes I wish I could just accept the standard and be part of it and have that security. It would sure be a hell of a lot easier. But as you know, when I do that, I start to talk about how I feel like my soul is slowly burning up into nothing inside haha.

  • You’re weird and that’s why I love ya.

    I hope your tree house building skills haven’t diminished at all because you might need a place to house all us weirdos. There seems to be a lot of us kickin’ around.

    Cheers to being weird!

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  • Jen

    Awesome. Just AWESOME! I am so grateful for social media for introducing me to all the other weirdos out there in the world! 😀

    Man, I can totally relate to absolutely everything you say. Playing in the mud with the boys, building tree houses, wearing nothing but baseball caps, baggy pants & my brother’s old sweaters. Even today I buy guys sweaters or tshirts because I never like much of the ‘normal’ girls’ clothes.

    And you are so right, being such a weirdo back then taught me how important it is to follow your heart and pave your own path, rather than follow everyone else.

    That’s why I’m now living in China, spending my time smiling at strangers, learning Mandarin, writing, creating art, and discovering amazing women like you every day! I wouldn’t choose any other path over the one I am constantly creating for myself 🙂

    Stay awesome!

    Jen 🙂

    • Hey Jen!
      Ah you’re in China?! Awesome! I just got back a couple months ago after living in Beijing for a year!! Which city are you on? Have you been to Yunnan province yet? So beautiful there. Blue skies unlike Beijing! haha

      And as for growing up a bit of a “weirdo” I wouldn’t have it any other way. That tree house was awesome and it came in handy when I was in highshool and my friends and I wanted to sneak some beers! haha. 😛

      Anyway,I love your way of life! You rock girl! There needs to be more female world nomads inspiring other ladies to get out and do the same just like you. 🙂
      You stay awesome too Jen!!!
      Thanks for your comment it made me smile. 🙂

  • This is something I’ve encountered my whole life. Mostly from high school chums and they are the ones that continue to call me weird or strange when we meet back up. But, now that I’m an adult, I was able to choose friends that are more like me and we celebrate our “otherness.” I think too much about what others think of me so it’s been a conscious effort to ignore the naysayers in my life that feel my choices are weird or don’t fit with what’s expected. Luckily, my parents have never thought of me as odd-they just let me be me!

    • Hey Jessica!
      One of the greatest things I’ve been realizing lately is the power of surrounding yourself with people that match our so-called “weirdness”. I used to spend a lot of time worrying what others thought about me, but I’ve been learning a.) Not to give a flying f*ck haha and b.) that while it’s good to be around people that challenge your beliefs and points of views, there’s a difference between challening for the sake of understanding and discussion and challenging for the sake of judgement. And I’ve realized that I don’t HAVE to spend time with these kinds of people. I can spend time with MY people 🙂

      Thanks for sharing Jessica! Cheers to being awesomely ‘weird’!
      – LAUR

  • I love this post & your blog! As a fellow weirdo I appreciate hearing your stories & am glad to hear your triumphs. It’s so true that if you just look around you can find a community of fellows who are just like you, which is even more encouragement to continue pushing the envelope! Thanks for the great post!

    • Hey Kit!
      haha awesome! 🙂 I gotta say, there’s not much more empowering than finding a group of people that encourage you to push the envelope in your own, unique way! 🙂
      Thank you so much for the kind words and the lovely comment! Cheers to being awesome, kickass weirdos! 😉
      – Laur

      • Absolutely! I don’t know if I’d have the guts to be a digital nomad if it weren’t for all the other awesome long-ter, & location independent travelers who I’ve connected with over the last couple years. And cheers to Amy below for doing something so awesome with her family! I hope to do that someday..

  • Amy

    Most of the people in my small town life don’t understand our families lifestyle. When I tell people we are packing up the kids to slow-travel through Asia I am usually met with blank stares. Even our Travel Doctor looked at us quizzically and said “Wow! You are brave!” And really, we are not that brave, we just want more in our lives than a mortgage and school and a 9-5 job that drains your soul. I think if it wasn’t for the power of social media I wouldn’t find any support for our chosen lifestyle outside of my amazing parents! I love reading about other people who buck the norms and live their dreams. Bravo to you and your weirdness!

    • Wow Amy I relate so so so so much to what you’ve said here! And you are amazing parents!!!! My best friend’s parents growing up traveled all over the world with him and he’s fluent in 4 languages now and is just the most amazing person I know! I hope to do the same with my kids when I’m older!
      It is so awesome that you took that leap of faith and you went after what you want. The other day someone sent me a comment that said, “I’m sorry but most of us just can’t travel the world” and I was just heartbroken to hear his mindframe.
      Never do anything that drains your soul and I am so happy to connect with you b/c you truly are Mad To LIVE!!!! hehe

      – Laur 🙂
      PS – I lived in Beijing, China for a full year and just recently got back if you have any questions AT ALL!!!! 🙂

  • My favorite example of this is Jennifer Grey.

    Remember her? “Baby”, from Dirty Dancing? Jeanie from Ferris Beuller? After 1987, the entire world has forgotten about her. Most people are surprised to learn that she’s still a working actress, and she’s even made appearances on several popular TV shows… I’ve had people say “No way, I’ve seen every episode of Friends, Jennifer Grey was never on Friends.”

    So what happened? Why is she acting more than she ever did before, and yet somehow slipping out of our attention? The tragic answer is…. she got a nose job. Jennifer Grey used to have a unique face that could be immediately recognized in a crowd on 1000s. Now, she just looks like everyone else. And so… we’ve all forgotten her.

    Yeah, sometimes it takes a little more strength to be weird, or different, but that’s what makes us special. Your difference is your superpower. No one would read a comic book about Superman if he wasn’t different.

    • Randy This is one of the BEST examples I have ever read in my entire life! You are so dead on and I love you for sharing this! It was that damn nose job and then she just looked like every pretty actress out there. Beauty is also in the eye of the beholder and if only she could have remembered that.
      It is the stuff that makes is “weird” or different that makes us who we are. Who wants to be a static blog like the masses in a giant crowd? I want to be the big nosed girl with everything I do 🙂 lol

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  • Hey Laur. What is your current stance on getting married and having children? I’m one of those weird people who travels the world, spends months in China and eastern europe and was just completely free but I recently got engaged and now I’m finding it a little bit more difficult to do all of these things the way that I used to and if we decide to have kids then that would really make it even more of a challenge. Maybe this is a good idea for your next blog post?

  • That’s weird. I just read a post on Elephant Journal via my twitter feed about being weird from Dr. Seuss, literally right after I had clicked your post on my feed! I feel it’s fitting to your article:

    “We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”

    Love life and celebrate being weird.