Tonight, I’d like to talk to you a bit about the famous sprinting track event… streaking.

“Wait, what?”

…Well, its the first thing that came to my mind. I don’t know why. But I’m going to go with it.

Have you ever been streaking? If not, I suggest you put it on your list of things to do this week. There is something liberating about running around and letting it all hang out, hair blowing in the wind, your dangly bits bouncing all around, arms flailing out from side to side, and a big-ass grin on your face. Really, it is quite nice, make sure you get it done.

Loosing My Streaking Virginity – My Personal Experience

I remember the first time I let it all hang out. It was during the summer break of my Sophomore year of college at Virginia Tech. Matt (one of my very very best friends who I love to death because he’s just a funny little gay man ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I of course couldn’t find anything to do in our hometown, Randolph, New Jersey and so resorted to our own stupidity to make a bonfire at the fire pit in Brundage Park and cook up a few hotdogs and hamburgers from Acme and a bottle of…Cream Soda.

First of all, there is nothing better than being outside on a hot, summer night, drinking a few cold ones with your friends and lighting a fire to protect you from any minor cold breezes (just in case you’re like me and you seem to be chronically cold!). Very little can make me happier than moments like these on summer nights…

And so, somewhere between passing the bottle back and forth, one of us got the great idea to go streaking. Maybe it was all the cream soda. Maybe it was seeing that empty lacrosse field 10 feet away. Maybe it was we just needed a good laugh. And so, we made our way over the lacrosse field where we mapped out our run. We’d stand on the right and left side of the field, run towards the goal post at the other end, circle it twice, and make our way back to our original spots. And. so, on the count of three, we ran…

And it was great.

I remember cracking up the entire sprint down that field. I recall that at first I attempted to hold my girls together but after awhile you just say F-it and have to let it all hang out. Just thinking about it right now makes me smile. (That was a great night wasn’t it Matt?…the stuff we pulled at Brundage Park. )

We Need To Learn to Love Our Beautiful, Sexy Bodies

Why is it that streaking is so liberating? And how come so many of us are too shy to actually do it? I mean, what’s the big deal?

We see our beautiful, sexy, naked bodies everyday in the mirror. Maybe some of us think we’re too mature to go for a naked run. Or maybe you think you’re too old to do something so stupid.

But, just for a brief moment, consider the following: 15 Reasons for a Naked Midnight Jog. If you find yourself in at least one of the following categories, then you are part of the population that needs to throw you’re clothes off and go for a midnight jog this week:

15 Reasons To Go On a Naked Midnight Run:

1.) You’re stressed out, overqualified but still can’t find a job because the damn economy, and just need to have a little fun.

2.) You enjoy running.

3.) You’re feeling old and boring and you just need a little excitement in your life.

4.) You’re trying to accomplish some sort of goal and can’t seem to focus. This would be an excellent way to take a break.

5.) You like being naked.

6.) You’re experiencing a quarter or mid-life crisis and you have got to relax and realize that if you enjoy the simple moments in life (like the 60 seconds you will run around your backyard naked) that everything will be okay.

7.) You have a sense of humor.

8.) You’re in the mood to get arrested should you choose to streak in daylight in a crowded, public area like a little league baseball game. (That’s just wrong)

9.) You and your friends are getting together tonight for a few drinks and a few laughs and you want this night to go down as one for the books.

10.) You’ve already been streaking and agree that it was so fun that you feel you should go ahead and do it again. Why not, right?

11.) You never turn down a dare. And I just Dared you. (This is me, Daring you)

12.) You’re twenty years-old, on college break, are bored in your hometown, and need something fun to do.

13.) You really want to see your best friend naked. (Although the rules say no peeking!)

14.) You’re a laid back person who’s down for whatever and enjoys a good laugh.

15.) You feel like smiling and laughing uncontrollably.

And so my friends, take a moment to consider the above words before you throw out the idea. I know its a bit random, but I’m standing firmly on this one. I think there is a certain “zen” to running around naked like a crazy person. And you’ll only understand it if you try. So, call up your best friend friend, get a few brews, and go for that midnight jog. Feel free to leave any comments about your experience running around like a crazy naked person to convince others or at least give us a laugh!

…Oh and wearing your underwear doesn’t count!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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