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They Say The Grass Is Always Greener On The Other Side

As the saying goes, “The Grass is Always Greener in the other side”.

But, why does it always appear that way? What causes this perception?

From the other side of the street it always seems like our neighbor’s grass is a little greener. From our neighbor’s side it always seems like our grass is always perfectly cut and never out of place.

And we’re all always searching for this certain shade of green on the side we’re standing on and comparing it to the other shades of green that surround us. There’s always something about ourselves, our career, our friendships, our accomplishments, our failures, our past, our future, our present – and the list goes on – where the shades of green don’t seem to match up or they’re too faded or bright or dark or light.

It’s easy to feel like your shade is always a little off when you see things like that.

But remember – when it comes to who we are, what we do, what we’ve done, and what we will do – we’re the ones holding the box of crayons and choosing the colors and filling in the gaps and designing the spaces.

We color both sides of that grass – We draw the lines that separate the two sides with our own hand.

The grass is not greener on the other side. We just draw it that way.

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  • carole

    sometimes brown grass turns out to be the best kind

    • Hey Carole!
      Right on. Whatever shade of grass it is, we can always color it differently with time a little bit a time and a little bit of action.

  • Vessy

    Its the same with how we think other people are better then we are, its cause we see the whole picture about us, about our life – all the ups and downs, but we only see the good parts about other people lives.

    • Hey Vessy!
      Absolutely. And I think that can also be said if one feels other people are better than us – maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, but we don’t really know because we don’t know THEM. Someone can come off like an asshole, but really they’re just having a bad day while someone can come off like a saint but really they’re an asshole. And then we’ve got everything in between.

      It’s all about how we pick and choose the color of the situations around us and within us.

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  • MaRk BoNsIGnOrE

    Even though the grass we are standing in is brown, it only takes a small effort to turn it into a field of green.

  • Camean

    Hey, Lauren! What’s up! How is your work these days? It is so boring that I can’t log in my twitter and facebook account. I bought a new Canon 500D last week, it’s my first SLR Camera~ BTW, My cousin has just admitted by Columbia University.

    • Hey Camean! How’s it going?!?! Yo bought a DSLR Camera?! That is AWESOME!!!!! I love mine so much I can’t wait to see your pictures!
      And I hope that one day soon you can access Twitter and Facebook and YouTube from China!
      Congrats to your cousin that is so wonderful! WOW 🙂
      How have you been?! I miss talking about the internet and social media and life with you!!!!!
      Love Lauren

  • Hey Laur, love this short-n-sweet post!
    The lawn at my house is full of wildflowers…I never understood people who want a perfect, weed-free lawn. And when I think of life that way, it’s easier to contain my “flaws” and be glad they’re part of what makes me uniquely who I am.

  • Saeed

    well said Amazing Laur