I want to live a life so extraordinary, and ridiculous and jam-packed with BEING that by the time I’m 105 I’ll still be doing microadventures in my walker, narrating blog posts on The Mad to Live to my grandchildren, and  starting businesses like an adventure travel agency for “super” senior citizens.

I don’t want to stop to living until the die I physically can’t live anymore!

Why are we the way we are?

But why is this? People ask me quite often why I’m so damn motivated. Most can’t believe I’m 25 years old and I’ve done some of the cool things I’ve done. (Though, I can still be quite immature, believe me, I’m still learning!)

I recently read a fantastic piece written by Venssa Runs -an amazing woman living a nomadic life on her own terms out of a van – titled Seeking Dispersers: A Call to Embrace a Wild Life. In it, she asked 5 very important question that I couldn’t resist writing down in my notebooks:

The 5 Burning Questions


What makes for a well lived life?  


What makes for a good death?  


Why does it seem like the best among us leave far too soon?  


What is it that made these men who they were?  


And what drove them to do the things they did?  

Breaking It Down

I posted these 5 questions on The Mad to Live’s facebook wall and one of my favorite readers, Paul St. John (who, by the way, writes a blog called Not Lost Just Weird all about embracing being different) commented, “What makes a good death? Having lived all the life out of living!”

… And that’s it, really.

The last two questions mention, “who they were” – a state of being, and the “things they did” – a state of doing.

… That’s what it comes down to.

A very inspiring woman and traveler, Britt Reints, who writes a a personal development blog that’s more than just fluff but inspires so much action and change called In Pursuit of Happiness, wrote in her twitter profile, “When I die, I hope they say: she had the guts to be happy.”

… Amen sista!!!

A Final Word

Just because we can break this down into  5 simple questions doesn’t mean the process of answering them in our own lives is easy. I’ve got an article coming to you soon all about my struggles and battles getting the courage to answer these questions.

Asking these these questions promise reflection upon the choices we’ve made so far, and whether or not we truly feel we have been making a well-lived life.

The picture above reads, “If you don’t live for something, you’ll die for nothing.

And for a lot of us, there is that very deep, permanent, fixed place in our bodies that says that we must do something with our lives, that we must be significant in making this world a better place, and we must create, and do, and be, and see, and explore, and experience, and evoke, and inspire.

It is simply within us and how we are.

Some people, they sit on couches. And then there are the men and women driven to do the amazing things they do.

Cheers to that.

And cheers to being rock n’ rollin’ old ladies and men decades from now still living a life well lived!!!!

[special_font size=”25″ unit=”px” ]LEAVE A COMMENT[/special_font] (I LOVE hearing from you guys and reply to all comments.) What are your thoughts on these questions both in terms of people in general, as well as in your own personal life? And what do you plan to be doing when you’re 105?!
[special_font size=”25″ unit=”px” ]- Lauren Rains[/special_font]

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