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When You Got Rhythm You Hate

What thoughts do you carry with you as you go about your day?

Think about it like this …if you were to log your thoughts, say, every 10 minutes from the moment you rise to the moment you lay your head to rest again, what patterns would you find in your thoughts, reflections and musings?

Would you find complaints and long sighs about the less favorable circumstances throughout?
Are there any moments you stopped to smell the roses and actually took it all in? You actually payed attention to everything in your present moment?
How many thoughts are filled with self-doubt and giving yourself shit?
When you’re minded of past times, do you feel regret that they’ve passed or do you feel happy that they happened?

Are your thoughts backed by hope and confidence, or are they engulfed in fear and worry?
Do you find yourself thinking about the worst in people, or the best in people?
How many times a day to you feel grateful?
How many times a day do you give love and accept love?
Is there laughter and humor throughout your day, or is it intense and serious?
Are your thoughts filled with anger? boredom? peace? happiness? gratitude? resentment? uninspired?

The thoughts you carry with you create the rhythm of your life. And just so you know, in case you forgot because we all do this sometimes …you’re the one that controls the rhythm.

CTA: Here’s an idea. For the rest of the day, log your thoughts every 10 minutes in a notebook. Write one or two sentences about how you’re feeling in that given moment, until you end up with 6 thoughts per hour. You’d be surprised just what you find.

For instance, I once decided to take the “Complaint Free” challenge, which you can join over in the Mad Life Challenges. The complaint free challenge consists of going 21 days without complaining. You track your complaints with a purple bracelet, and every time you complain about something you switch wrists. The idea is to go 21 days without switching the bracelet.
And let me tell you …for someone who claims themselves to be a positive person who keeps a positive outlook, I couldn’t believe when the complains would find their way in there. And that’s just what I said out loud!
I actually still wear the bracelet as a simple reminder to look at the bright side of life.

At the end of the day, go back to your thought log and see what you honestly, truly think about throughout the day. Look for the patterns. Find out where you can improve.

If you have rhythm you hate, find a way to let go of it. Embrace your circumstances for what they are, even the ones filled with regret, the ones you can’t change, the ones that haunt you. Think about them, but don’t let them shadow over everything else.

And the last bit of wisdom I’d like to give you is this: the fastest and the best way to create a rhythm you love, is to give love.

Think about it.

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