Would it be cliché if I said right now is all there is?

Lately, I’ve been bumping into people left and right who’ve been taking to heart this so-called cliché. It’s as if there is this switch that turns on in these people, and suddenly, they are off doing more things with their days and weeks and months and years than I can count 100 times on my ten fingers.

For some people, taking to heart this cliché comes as natural as the ocean’s tide moving inward and outward day after day – that’s just how they move, how they function, how they keep their evolution constant and ever-growing.

I wonder, what is it about these individuals that this switch seems to always be turned on?
Did they ever used to be lazy or complacent? And if so, what was the catalyst for their change?
Or did they grow up in a family with this “you can do anything” way of life and since the age of 3 they were off swimming across lakes without the help of their fathers?
Or did it happen bit-by-bit, change-by-change, and suddenly they found themselves making a name for themselves?

Where does perseverance and will come from?
Why are some people not as fast to discover their passions as others?
How come some of us are perfectly content with what others might call a complacent routine?

The important part, however, about this switch is not that there’s a more favorable reason as to why and how this switch turns on in people, but just that, simply, it turns on in the first place. Because just like the world would stop if the tides stopped moving in and out, so would it if we as individuals stopped putting ourselves to use.

Flipping My Switch Back On

I sit here in a room lit by a fire at my Mom’s house in norther New Jersey, enjoying the comforts of what “home” is. I’m staring down at my hands, still slightly stained with the “sunset-in-the-city” yellow I’d been painting the camper van cabinets with.

In a few weeks when the final coats of paint are coated on and the wooden purgo floor replaces the shag carpeting, we’ll be taking this 19-foot freedom mobile (we are still yet to name her!), saying goodbye to the comforts of a home cemented into the ground and embarking on a 6 month journey across America.

At this moment, all I can think about is the “right nows” I’m going to be living in a soon-to-be-present-moment when we begin this trip. I’m filled with excitement and anticipiation – a feeling I’ve come to realize during this past year of rocky roads in my own personal life, that is far too easily forgotten about if we let the bullshit that’s inevitable in life jade us. (I repeat – don’t let the bullshit jade you!)

This is not just an extended vacation spent listening to the stories of the old folks as we play bridge at the RV parks. I’ve turned on about 1,000 switches for this adventure.

There’s a switch for learning to live simply without all the material possessions that tempt me.

There’s a switch for the micro-adventures I have planned  to push myself physically and mentally as an explorer like kayaking across Lake Tahoe and a weekend-skate trip to nothingness through the Badlands of South Dakota.

There’s a switch for meeting amazing individuals along the road from old friends, to strangers, to of course, friends of The Mad to Live.

There’s a switch for truly running my business I’m absolutely in love with, Outdoor Minded Mag, in the most location-independent manner I can think of that still allows for Wifi.

There’s a switch to simply grow within, understand myself and the world more, and embrace those “right now” moments to remember what it’s like to truly feel ALIVE.

I’m not sure when or how that switch got turned on in me. And I can hardly believe that I let myself get so lost on those rocky roads this year that I forgot about the adventure of navigating their yellow lines in the first place. I forgot about that switch in me. I forgot the free-spirited, hard-working chick who is always looking to discover new places in this world and in herself. I forgot what it meant to be Mad to Live!

Where Do You Stand?

So, what about you? Is your switch turned on? Are you doing everything you can, fully aware the cliché that all we have is right now couldn’t be further from the dead-on truth.

Because, really, truly, sincerely – (and, just for effect, imagine me saying this to you over some hot coffee in the living room with the fireplace lit and we’re having one of those conversations about the meaning of life and telling stories from our lives

[these are my favorite conversations] )

The right now …It’s ours for the taking.

~ ~ ~


I don’t write this just to talk to myself! What are your thoughts on the switch and on the “right now cliché”?
And most importantly, what are you doing with the two of them?

Thanks for reading, and live Madly! – Lauren

Road Trip Through America

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