… are words to live by my friends.

Now, just imagine that every time you are presented with 2 options you use this quote, written by an unknown author who likely has quite a few interesting stories from the road, to decide.

When we’re making big decisions we tend to come to our final choice based on a set of rules formed by our values, past experiences both good and bad, and fear of the unknown.

But what if we used the this quote as the standard or words to live by when making these big decisions?


Mary Jane wants to:

Option A.) get a full time job working in New York city, live in a snazzy apartment in the Village, save up enough money to buy some nice things but also start investing in the stock market, and quite possibly get a dog she’ll name Rocky if she’s planning on staying put for awhile.

Option B.) move abroad for a year living and working in Costa Rica, learning Spanish, having a steamy affair with some guy named Jorge, and get a few pet lizards that live with her in her house.

Neither option is wrong. Both options have excellent perks, provide various but different opportunities, and in general, would be a good life.


However, if Mary Jane is going to live her life based on the saying, “You’ll never be old and wise if you weren’t young and crazy” than the choice is easy: She will choose Option B and THAT’S THAT.

It’s the riskier, crazier choice. It’s the choice that goes against the grain and the status quo. It’s the choice that holds more uncertainty.

It is also the choice that is rich with experience, challenge, and dynamic learning and growing.

Sure, in option A Mary Jane will grow, and she’ll learn, and she’ll experience. NYC is a crazy place full of adventure! But Option A does not hold true to the one regulation we hold ourselves to when making decisions…


Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily have to be in terms of work domestic vs. international travel!

This is ANY decision.

  • It could be that you’re torn between staying in Texas or packing up everything and moving to NYC on a whim.
  • It could that you’re torn between asking out that hot guy/girl at work with the amazing butt and smile… or simply shying away (oh and personality too)
  • It could be that you’re torn between finally making the money and time investment to start that business project or saving that money for a CD at the bank and more time to watch TV.
  • It could be that you’re torn between pursuing the career you thought you wanted and got your masters in, but when all is said and done you’d like to see what it’s like to become a professional baker!

And so, I challenge you, if you’re on a quest to seek wisdom and growth, to hop off the fence, and ask yourself which of the two options let’s you live your life by the standard that:

“You’ll never be old and wise if you weren’t young and crazy”

Here’s to both you and I seeking the wisdom, growth and crazy experiences we should always be actively pursuing.

PS – Gracias to YTravelBlog for posting this on their Quote of the Day on Facebook + Muchisima Gracias to my fellow real life & virtual travel and life addicted friends like Shannon & Kristin @ All Of Us Revolution and Kaley @ Kaley Daily for reminding myself and others that we have a choice between both options! (WORLD EXPLORATION ALWAYS BEING THE BEST OF COURSE 😉 )

So, what crazy adventures and decisions have you made that granted you the wisdom you possess today? How about the ones you’re making now for tomorrow?

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