Before we get to chatting, scroll down to the bottom of this post to watch the two minute video.  It’s an amazing video, and it is what inspired me to write this.

That short video created by renowned speaker Yossi Ghinsberg  is just one of those things you see where afterwards you can’t help but feel elevated and inclined to take big strides to really do something different with your life. You’re forced to reflect on its meaning. You can’t help but ponder its message in relation to your own life.

I love stuff like that. It’s this stuff that reminds us not to ever let our lives become, well, Boxy- to make sure we don’t get stuck living, being, acting, thinking inside of  the box permanently.

Why not reflect on this whole talk of a Life In A Box? Let’s think about this for a moment. Let’s see where the message of this Life-Out-Of-The-Box video goes in relation to our own lives.

I’ll start.


To be honest with you, even though I’ve been traveling for the majority of my adult life and “living outside of the box” to the best of my ability, there are a few other areas in which I stayed nicely put in my comfortable little box.

About a month ago I walked away from this box. And you know why? Because there is nothing worse than being stuck in a box when all it’s doing is floating in limbo and you’re right there stuck floating inside of it.

My box was filled with a lot of things I was holding onto that I didn’t want to let go of. It held things that had changed that I didn’t want to admit had changed- including myself. It held places and people and habits that weren’t me anymore. A lot of it, well, it was really just ME needing to go wherever it was I needed to go, and to stop being so scared of doing it.

And so I walked out of that box to find out who I was again and to realize where it was I wanted to go. How’d I walk out? Well, I made a lot of changes and I took some big steps.

When I got back from China, there was some adjusting and a lot of thinking. When that was over, I changed where I was, moving from my hometown in NJ and onto a new adventure living where it’s warm next to the beach. I broke away from a three year relationship with someone I still love, but I knew we needed to go our separate ways. I started working on the things I loved and that brought me to life. I began connecting with and reaching out to people that share my passions. I started living MY LIFE on my own terms. I crushed that box.


The way I interpreted “Life Outside The Box” from this 2 minute video really came down to Ghinsberg’s final few words. He explained, “When you realize you are the planet, you are not living in a box anymore. Life becomes very big. Your personal story comes into perspective….Remember where you are, and who you are.”

You see, I think this last line is the best way to not get stuck living our lives in a box. You have to remember where you are and who you are. To me, the boxy life happens when you loose sight of that very thing and you stop fighting to get it back.


Where are you right now? Some of you are reading this from a hostel in a little internet cafe in Ecuador, others are up in New Jersey staying warm inside, and others are at work taking a break from the grind. Are you sitting next to someone you love or someone you loathe? Are you in a place that brings you to life and allows you to truly, deeply FEEL. Are your plans for the day, week, month, year the kind that you’ve dreamed of?


Who are you? This all comes down to what your values are and how much you make it a priority to get in touch with them. Maybe its freedom and adventure, maybe its family and friends, maybe it’s making your footprint on this world, maybe it’s spending time with the love of your life, maybe it’s using your creativity to start or run your projects and businesses. Whatever it is, are you the person you know you’re meant to be?


Ghinsberg told us to “Go to nature. Sleep under the night sky.”

I’d like to take this a step further and add, “Go where you know you’re meant to go.”

To me, that’s really what living life outside of the box is about. Life inside the box is doing what you think everyone expects and wants you to do. It’s settling for less than you know you’re capable of and you deserve. Life outside of the box, simply stated, is being who you truly are and going where you are meant to go.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on Life In A Box in the comments! What are your opinions, your stories, your experiences? How have you broken free from the Life In The Box?

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